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what is it?

Today is Friday!

I get off work in less than 30 minutes, and I’m free for the afternoon! I need to decide what to do. I am for sure driving to our old place to hopefully pick up my shes that were wrongly delivered there. After that…anything I want! I am going to get lunch, play with the dog, probably play some Rock Band 2 and possibly work in the yard. After Brian gets home from work, we’re heading to the lake for the night. Don’t worry. We’ll be back Saturday evening for sure.

Sheena is awesome for teaching Sunday School this weekend! Toot toot to her.

How could I forget?!?!?! The Manchester Orchestra concert is Sunday night! Be there or be super lame!

GOOD THING: can’t stress this enough: FRIDAY!
BAD THING: nothing unless being sleepy counts

link fixed

I don’t know why the link didn’t work before, but it should be find-able now. You really should take the test! Here is the link again so you have it in two places:
might take it again sometime to see if I can beat my own score, but honestly, it hurts my eyes after the first two columns out of four. I kind of half-assed it the first time after I finished half of it, and I doubt I could try any harder next time.

take this test!

It can be found in this blog post:

It tests your eyes and how they detect different hues. The lower your score, the better. I got a 7!

The bad thing is it depends somewhat on the quality of your computer monitor, so it’s a little flawed, but what the heck. My score was really good, so I’ll take it! Let me know what you get!

GOOD THING: brought a decent lunch from home today
BAD THING: didn’t sleep that great again last night

holiday weekend

Our long weekend was good! I started it off early by getting some errands done Friday before Brian got home from work. I also planted some free plants in a hanging basket for the front porch! That will look much better than the dead ones from a few months back. I haven’t bothered with it since they’re so high that most people can’t see them anyway.

We went down to the lake. I thought we were coming home Saturday evening, but I was wrong! Brian kept wanting to stay really bad, so I decided to let him have fun and hope the weather got better each day. It kind of did; we did eventually get to wakeboard, and we went out in the boat several times. Some other things that happened were: Choxie jumped in the water all by herself and swam after Brian in the kayak! Choxie puked up a brick of goose poop she’d eaten! We visited with some family friends that dropped by the house! I got to wakeboard for the first time with my new board and bindings! They were awesome and so much better! I went basically 4 days without fixing my hair and without makeup! I got to sleep around 12 hours each night! I got Captain D’s for dinner one night and rented Twilight (yeah, yeah – we were curious, and the options were limited)! I can’t think of anything else, but it was fun. The weather was kind of crappy, and I felt dirty the whole time because of mud and stuff, but that’s okay.

After we came home, I took a shower in my own house and put on makeup so I’d feel more normal, then we went to Longhorn for dinner and ate for free with my giftcard I won last week! After that, we went to Game Stop to buy Rock Band 2!

Work today kind of stinks because I’m not ready to start using my brain again, but it’s fun to see everyone, of course.

Tonight, we’re going to the dollar theater with Casey & Sheena. We haven’t seen them in like 3 months!

GOOD THING: Tomorrow will be Wednesday already!
BAD THING: stomach still feels weird after a few days, but it’s getting better

hurry up!

I am sitting at work, and the time is passing so slowly! I just have another hour and 15 minutes or so, so maybe, juuustttt maybe, it won’t be so bad. I was actually pretty busy earlier, so I thought that would help the time fly by, but I was wrong.

Last night, Choxie threw up a huge glob of sunflower seeds! It was kind of gross. Don’t worry – she ate it all again.

HOLY CRAP – I just got a piece of the wasabi flavoring from my yummy almonds stuck on the side of my tongue way back in the back, and it almost choked me! My eyes watered instantly. The almonds aren’t hot, but I guess there are places in your mouth that are really sensitive to spicy stuff or something.

I’ve decided I really want to get Rock Band 2, so maybe we will have it sometime soon.

GOOD THING: anything I want for lunch today!
BAD THING: rainy weekend again 😦

If you’re looking for something to do Saturday during this holiday weekend, there’s apparently something going on at the Virginia Samford Theater/park called Broadway, Bluegrass & BBQ, and the tickets are just $10. That could be fun. What’s not to love about bluegrass and BBQ? I really want some Moe’s, now.

i win!

I won a $25 gift card today that is usable at four different restaurants. One of those is Longhorn, which is one of my very faves!!!

Today, all of the support staff at work went to a workshop. We do this every year. It’s usually pretty fun and nice to be away for the day, and the fact that they give away tons of door prizes doesn’t hurt!

Lots of things happened today that were really annoying to me, but I will not rant about them on here in detail. I already griped to Sheena about the food situations, so I’ll spare her especially. I will just say: I woke up very late but made it on time (first!), got screwed out of breakfast, the lunch was super unhealthy, and someone’s phone was making dying beeps from 8 AM-4PM. SO ANNOYING. The good part is that I got home before Brian still! I assumed it’d be closer to 5 before I got home. It was 4:11!

I think I’m going to have eggs and sausage for dinner! Brian is gone playing tennis with Casey right now, and I am unsure if I can wait on him or not. We’ll see! I am currently passing time by watching Wheel of Fortune and chatting with Sheena online. haha! I just gasped out loud at the TV because one girl came so close to the $1 million slot but got the Bankrupt!

I took Choxie for her longest walk with me ever today! It wasn’t very long, but it was better than nothing! It’s really a matter of me being able to make it, not her.

Choxie just dragged in a dead azalea bush from outside! She loves plants. She helps me pull weeds up, and she also likes to eat my houseplants and plants outside, too. Oooohhhh…she just made a big mess with broken sticks and dirt, but as long as I have a vaccum cleaner, I don’t mind. It’s much better than her eating my rug.

Brian’s here early! Gotta go!

GOOD THING: figured out something for dinner!
BAD THING: still gotta go to work the rest of the week!

hometown news

Look what just happened in my hometown!


GOOD THING: Captain D’s tonight for me! I found out they have macaroni and cheese!
BAD THING: work tomorrow

frying in the AM

fried eggs = good, fried hair = bad

This morning was pretty good. I actually woke up on time, which is rare these days. Awesome! Choxie was great because she slept until I woke up, which is awesome, too! I got some clothes on, straightened my hair and started on my makeup. I heard a noise outside, so I figured Dan was out there because he was coming today to get some azalea bushes we’re giving him! It was him, so I went outside to talk to him and let him know I was still at home. Choxie played with him, and she also took his Sharpie and ran all around the yard and our neighbors’ yard excited about her new found toy. I finally caught her, and we went to the backyard to put her up for the day, and there was one more plant in the back he wanted. Anyway, I told him I was about to leave, so I went inside and realized some of my hair was already curling back up. I decided to go back over that one section, and as soon as the flat iron hit my hair, it sizzled!!!! It sounded terrible, and I barely even put it on there. It didn’t stay very long. Then, I noticed how the bathroom smelled like an electrical fire/issue. I unplugged the flat iron as fast as I could. I sniffed the outlet, and it smelled wrong, so I was pretty much just hoping there wasn’t a fire in the wall. The flat iron itself also smelled. I waited a few minutes and smelled everywhere again, and that is when I felt better because the outlet didn’t smell anymore – just the flat iron, so I was pretty confident that my house wouldn’t burn down. That would be TERRIBLE! The second worse thing after that is that I was expecting that whole section of my hair to break off, leaving me with 1 inch of hair there. So far, that hair feels like sticks and is all weird, but it’s pretty strong still. I’ve tugged at some of it all day, and it doesn’t readily break, so that’s good. I think there is hope. Tonight, I’m going to use some deep conditioning stuff on it, and I’m getting my hair cut tomorrow, so I will tell her about what happened and see if she thinks she needs to do anything to it. I won’t let her straighten it there, though, for sure! I will have to steer clear from that area for a longgg time.

That might not be that interesting, but that was my morning. The good part is that I’m pretty sure my house is still standing, and Dan & Carrie got 7 free azalea bushes from us! I might be getting some lilies from them in the future. That makes me feel funny to be an adult with my own house and yard and swapping plants with friends. haha! It’s fun.

Last night, Brian and I met Dan & Carrie and Jamie & Alec for Mexican like old times! It was really fun. Alec is hilarious, and we told lots of stories. They’re moving to Huntsville very soon, so that was probably the last time we will ever meet them at Sabor Latino for dinner!

Today at work, we’ve told tons and tons of ghost stories. Lots of people around here have their own experiences or have close friends with experiences, so those are very believable! I trust all these people to not be crazy or make this stuff up. Kristi and I are especially excited about all the stories. She’s my ghost buddy at work! Sheena’s my ghost buddy outside of work! too bad Sheena couldn’t have been here today.

Tonight is TV night, and it will be great! It’s the season finale of lots of shows, which is sad, but they should be good at least. Brittany promised (Scout’s honor) that she is coming tonight with Ryan, so she better do it, or else! We haven’t seen her in so long. We’ll have fun! Maybe we can play a game or something after the shows are over.

I think we will go this afternoon and get Choxie a new crate and collar! She’s growing so much that she needs new things! On the subject of Choxie, she has been an angel this week after being so bad Saturday and Monday. We pretty much know that we need to give her exercise one way or another every day, or she will start acting up. I don’t blame her. It’d have to be so awful just sitting around all the time! Thank goodness the weather has been better this week so she can play outside. I get cabin fever, too! Oh – however, she did finish off my favorite houseplant this morning by eating the last 3 leaves, but that’s okay. After she ate the first few, the plant looked too dumb anyway, so I kind of didn’t try to stop her THAT much. I hope she enjoyed it, because the whole plant is gone now!

Is anyone else excited about the upcoming Manchester Orchestra concert?!?!?! Woo hoo! It will be awesome.

GOOD THING: house didn’t burn down today
BAD THING: gotta clean after work and shop a little for dinner, drinks and dog items


I kind of forgot about blogging!

This past weekend, my parents came to visit! They came Saturday morning, and we took them on down to the lake. We had fun! Brian took us out for 2 boat rides. For the first ride, the boat was packed full! We had Brian, me, both my parents, both his parents and Choxie! Choxie loves boat rides now! She went from corner to corner to corner over and over again in the boat leaning way over to check everything out. She got all the way up on the side of the boat once and just sat there. My dad had to grab her off because the side of the boat is really slippery, the water was bumpy, and we were going like 40 miles an hour or something, she she didn’t need her first fall in experience to be at high speeds. She’d never get in the boat again! Anyway, Brian’s parents went home a little after that, and we went out for one more ride with just us and my parents. We took rides all the way up to the dam, which is way far away, and we took them by the pretty waterfall to check it out.

I think the little kids staying in daycare here have a visitor! I can hear them outside cheering and stuff, and I think there’s a policeman here visiting them. I can hear him talking to them with his loudspeaker and playing some little siren noises. Awww.

The weather is nasty again today! I’m so tired of rain. I feel bad for Choxie because she is in her crate today since it’s raining, and she’s too big for it. I think we will buy her a bigger one in a day or so. She can’t really sit up all the way in this one, and it’s hard for her to turn around inside. Maybe we can sell the smaller one, but we’ll probably just keep it.

I got some new shoes off Ebay! They are some Crocs, but not the nasty kind. They’re just like some my friend Kristi has at work, and hers are really cute, so hopefully, they’ll be cute for me, too. They’ll be good alternatives for flat brown shoes to wear to work, and they’ll be good for rainy days since they’re all plastic/rubber – whatever Crocs are. Now, I just have to wait on them to arrive! If they’re ugly, I might sell them to someone else on Ebay.

Brian has been doing a lot of work around the house lately. He bough us a new lawn mower and mowed the yard this week, replaced around 10 doorknobs to get rid of the ugly gold ones that didn’t match (we still have a few to do), and bought a new light fixture for our bathroom since half of it doesn’t work, but that job has proven itself difficult due to some stupid (previous) electrical work. He will have to work on it again because it couldn’t be figured out before bedtime last night. Also, we’ve cleaned up the back yard some, and Brian is going to work on our water garden soon. I’m probably leaving something out, but we’ve done some things lately! Brian’s a big help. He’s sweet.

I hurt my foot yesterday two times! That is after hurting the other one really bad over the weekend. Poor feet. I’ve kicked the crap out of a door, rolled my ankle and smashed the heck out of my toes until a chunk of skin came off. Ouch.

GOOD THING: fun lunch planned for today!
BAD THING: can’t decide if I should go to this thing tomorrow or not

crazy dreams

I am a person who remembers lots of dreams when I wake up. Lots of mine are scary and sad, but some are just weird. I know most people’s dreams are weird. I had one last night that didn’t fit my usual style, but I think it’s strange. After I tell you what it was, and it was really short and simple, I’m going to look it up online to see what the “meaning” is. I’m doing that just for kicks – I am not sure how I feel about those interpretations. I have seen some cases where they are 100% freaky close to matching what someone is currently going through and stuff, but sometimes, they’re just weird. Anyway, I basically dreamed that I have 7 fingers on each hand and 7 toes on each foot. When I looked at them, they looked normal, but when I counted, there were extra. I kept looking at them thinking ‘are there REALLY extra? because it doesn’t look weird to me’ but then I counted, and every time, there were 7. Then, someone told me about how they could be removed if they weren’t fully grown, and I noticed some of them were still smaller, so I had hope that I could have them removed to become normal again. Weird!

Okay, so I looked it up, and most things are about missing fingers instead of extra fingers, so who knows. But, it seems positive, so we’ll go with that.

Sheena’s done with this semester! Woo hoo! And Andy is graduating! And so is Brittany! Yay all around.

GOOD THING: Friday! I get off work in 1 hour!
BAD THING: nothing important