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kill them

I hate spiders! Spiders suck! I’d rather deal with the excess of bugs.

haircut woes

I am such a moron. Apparently, I have a haircut scheduled for Friday at 4, which I cannot do since I will be at the lake. It is on my calendar and in my planner for Wednesday at 4. How did I mess that up so bad? The girl that cuts my hair is pregnant and on a limited work schedule, so appointments are sparse these days, so there is no telling when I can get my hair cut. ūüė¶ I will just have to wait and let them call me back, but at least I told them I will do any appointment they can give me no matter what day or time. Hopefully something will come up soon!

GOOD THING: I don’t feel as pressured now to get things done today as far as vacation preparation goes.
BAD THING: really hate making people reschedule me and becoming a hassle for others


Psych! This post has nothing do to with Fresca even though I like the drink.

Today is Monday of a 3 day work week for me! The same goes for Brian. We are going down to the lake Wednesday evening so we can have a long weekend and a break from work. Plus, I’m sure Brian will enjoy some good lake time where he doesn’t feel rushed (by me) to hurry and get home by a certain time or anything like that. We will just spend some time hanging out and doing whatever we feel like! I think we will probably go out in the boat lots to wakeboard, maybe wakeskate (not me), fish, watch movies, read a new book or two (me), listen to music, swim, tan/burn, eat, play with the dog and get her in the water, canoe, kayak, and watch TV. Those are my predictions; I may have to revisit them to see what all comes true! It’s like making achievable wishes! We will not have the internet down there nor decent cell phone reception, so we very well could be somewhat separated from technology for a while other than satellite TV.

I have surprisingly almost knocked out a big task at work that I wanted to get done this week, and it’s only Monday!

I also got to listen to my friend Mallary on the radio today – her first radio tour stop ever! She performed 2 songs live, and she did an awesome job. They also played her first single even thought it won’t come out until July 27 I believe…? Anyway, it was a great interview/performance on the air, and I’m very happy for her. She’s on her way to Atlanta right now to do the same at a station there, and there are many more to come! She’s gonna be big time – so big.

We had a great weekend! We stayed in town even though we had planned on visiting my parents because my dad was on a bike trip to FL and didn’t come back until 2 days after he thought he would. Instead, we went to eat at two restaurants we’ve never been to before, went to the movies, bought me some new exercise clothes (that were too small come to find out, but I’d already washed and dried them), cleaned up the basement a lot, washed tons of clothes, hung out with the Pattons and exercised some. We probably did more, but I can’t remember. It was fun!

I am wearing a skirt today that I have had since high school. I think it is between 10-14 years old, and everyone I pass is telling me how much they like it. Awesome! It is a wrap skirt, so that is why it still fits since I used to wear zeros back then. I was a stick. I like the way I am now better even though I sometimes want to lose 10 pounds. Even if I did that, I would still weight 20 more pounds than back then! I was always in the 90s until after college started. Ick!

I’m rambling, yes.

We haven’t seen Dan & Carrie in ages, so we’re getting together for dinner tonight at Moe’s BBQ, which is always awesome. I have to admit that I’m not exactly in the mood for it today, but¬†I may feel different¬†by 6:30 this evening.¬†We’re going to try and exercise and shower before we go – we’ll see if that happens.

I have no idea what I’m talking about anymore in this blog post, so I’m going to cut it short.

GOOD THING: Monday is almost over, and I just have 2 days left of work this week!
BAD THING: the idea of walking the dog today at 4:00 in this heat


This is Choxie running as hard as she can in circles around our yard. She’s crazy!

She looks like a greyhound!

old friends

We had a weekend of old friends! Saturday, Brian and I went to the lake to get some wakeboarding time in and hang with his sister since she’s moving to Missouri on July 1. The day was good, and we left to get home in time to hang with Amy & Jennifer. We haven’t seen them in forever! I caught them outside the church one night a month ago, and we chatted for 30 minutes – where we decided we definitely need to start hanging out again. So we did! It was fun. We played Rock Band pretty much all night because they love Guitar Hero, but they haven’t played Rock Band much. We also rented Role Models, but we played games too long to start a movie afterwards. We’ll just have to catch it later when they come over again!

Another good thing that happened on Saturday was Brian’s friend Craig calling and wanting to hang out. Our Saturday was pretty booked up, but we made plans to go to the lake with Craig on Sunday. We normally don’t skip church for the lake unless it’s a long weekend/vacation kind of deal, but hang time with Craig is worth it since we see him normally once a year if we’re lucky. Yesterday was a bonus! He is Brian’s oldest friend¬†(from daycare/preschool at Trinity) and was the best man in our wedding. We had tons o’ fun that day.

Brian and I are super worn out from it all, though. I think I need another day off this week just to rest! The heat, the wakeboarding, the swimming, the hard laughing and getting up early are ingredients for a sleepy Monday at work, but it’s all good. My throat is also sore and scratchy from talking so much and yelling over the boat noise and that kind of thing.

I also finally found a denim skirt! Brian needed some new shoes, so we got those, then went down the road to Old Navy to see if they still had some tank tops I wanted. They did! I ended up getting 4 different colors, which is exciting by itself, but then, I found out they had denim skirts like I’ve been wanting, and they were on sale for $15! Yayyyyy I am wearing my new skirt and one of the tank tops today to work.

I cannot leave out the fact that we ALSO had fun last week with other friends (Casey and Sheena). Don’t feel left out! We had TV night as always on Thursday, then we hung out at their house Friday night for some TV and movies – Shaun of the Dead – always funny. I had seen it all multiple times, except I realized while I was watching it that I’ve never actually seen the ending. I had no idea about anything that happened after his mom was bitten, so I still learned something new from it!

GOOD THING: full fun weekend!
BAD THING: nothing bad enough to complain about

best chat lines ever

I was chatting with Misty on Facebook tonight, and here is what she sent me about her day: (I’ve¬†explained some¬†things in brackets, and yes, some are obvious)

today i was shooting pics of the ga¬†[Georgia)¬†all star team’s football practice they play tenn each year and it was at sehs [Southeast High School]

well there was this weird autistic-acting kid walking around he had a guitar

a cheap white guitar with duct tape on it

and he had most definitely been eating cheesey poofs

he had it all over his face and hands

and he kept telling me and the reporter that he had peed in the bushes

so i’m thinking he prob had cheesey poof dust on other parts of his body too

“peed in the bushes, i peed in the bushes”

bill’s retro world

At, you can look at some old stuff (obviously). My boss sent it to us today. I haven’t looked at it all, but the advertisements are pretty good. Check them out! It’s crazy to see some things advertisers used back then. It won’t take long – look at them! Who ever thought about mixing Fresca with vodka? I have now – thanks to a retro ad!

GOOD THING: work day is winding down fast enough
BAD THING: ate way too much lunch