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up all night

That’s a good name for that sitcom since it’s about parents and their baby.

Cora’s always been a good sleeper (in my opinion). I’ve been told several times that around 4 or 5 months, the sleeping gets all crazy again. Well, 2 nights ago, I got up 2 times with her, which is odd. If she even gets up during the night, it’s just once. Well, last night, she woke up FOUR TIMES! I ignored her the last time, and she went back to sleep, but it still woke me up. She ate some the first 2 times, and she just went back to sleep after I put a pacifier in her mouth the third time.

The craziest part is this (2 things):
1. I am no more tired after getting up 4 times than I was after getting up 2 times with her the night before.
2. She is SO FREAKING CUTE AND SWEET in the mornings that I don’t even care how much I’ve been up. Now, if she’d woken up crying, it could have been different, but she was so adorable and smiley this morning. It was heaven! 🙂 

mother’s day

My first one!


Here’s my sweet sweet holding my face! I love it.

I had a good Mother’s Day. Brian made me brownies, got me really pretty flowers, and loaded up a digital picture frame with various photos featuring Cora. He also cooked me breakfast and let Cora watch him while he did. She likes to watch him cook! I also got a sweet card. We went to church together, too! After church, we picked up lunch from Taco Bell on the way home. We also had some good times playing at the house. One of the best gifts Cora gave me herself was a bath with no crying whatsoever! I tried something new with bath time, and she obviously approved. No more silly little baby hammock – we just want to sit up in the tub like a big girl! Score all around.


hemp mmm

Remember me telling you about the delicious hemp milk ice cream I bought and enjoyed? I’m still eating it! I just eat a few bites and put it back in the freezer, so it’s lasting forever and ever! I looked up the company, and they make a coconut lime flavor. I have to go find it!


Watch this! It’s a beautiful video. It won’t let me embed it, sorry.


Are you dying to know what the secret is to helping Cora go to sleep! Wait no longer! It is softly rubbing her head – especially around her ears. She is always rubbing her hand – never stopping – when she eats, and she holds her head when she sleeps. I finally put it together that maybe she’d like it if I did it, and it seems to work. It’s not instant, but you can instantly see the change in her when you start. Score one for mom!


Cora fights sleep harder than I can even imagine a baby fighting it! I figured out how to help her go to sleep when she won’t, though. I can’t believe it took me almost 4 months, but I figured out a trick for her! It’s worked 3 times since Sunday. Yes!