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that dog

That’s what I refer to Choxie as when she’s being bad. Lately, she keeps sneaking outside with things that are for Cora! It’s always either a burp cloth or the bulb syringe for her boogies. I then have to go chase her around the yard to get them back – especially the boogie bulb. I just made that up.

Anyway, today, she got one of the nicer burp cloths we have, went outside, and I could NOT get it from her. I decided to just let her have it. She was having SO MUCH FUN bucking around like a little horse shaking it all over the place. I couldn’t bear to stop her. Plus, Brian and I decided we didn’t like that type as much as we thought we did. Choxie prevails!

That dog has also been a fly killing machine around the house, which is awesome. However, the reason there are flies in the house at all is because THAT DOG wants to go in and out so much, I just leave the back door cracked open when the weather agrees. Plus, I can hear birds chirping that way, so that’s nice. I rarely ever have a TV on in this house anymore during the day. I’m loving some silence and natural sounds.

GOOD THING: Cora is having a happy day.
BAD THING: I’m waiting around to see what work things about my newly proposed schedule. Pray for me! 

tv shows

Guess what show I love? LONG ISLAND MEDIUM! I know it looks ridiculous, but I really do like the lady, and the things she does on the show are impressive. It made me cry today! I think they’re airing last season since a new one starts tonight, and I caught one I’d never seen before. A woman lost her baby after she lived 2 or 3 days after being born 3 months early. I can’t even imagine! I teared up on the couch. Either way, don’t knock the show until you give it a shot!


Here’s another recap for you.

Saturday: I woke up after Cora slept 8 hours!!!!!! Brian then made me eggs and toast for breakfast, and that was yummy. After a while, I went running in the nice weather (and pollen) for the first time in many months. I only went about 1 mile and had to walk 2 times, but that is okay because my back between my shoulder blades were burning like crazy from the swinging motion of my arms. My legs could’ve done a little more, but I’ll try again soon! Brian stayed home and made faces at Cora while I went out (he said). That’s how we play these days mostly. Anyway, after that, I showered before we went to dinner at Lovoy’s with Brian’s parents and sister. While there, the family’s favorite waitress wanted to get a picture with Cora since she hadn’t met her yet. She’s been serving the family since Brian was little, and she knows what we all want to order before we say anything. After dinner, we stopped by CVS to rent a movie, then the group continued to our house to visit a while. After his parents left, his sister stayed to play with Cora and watch Your Highness with us. I ended up bathing Cora (my choice, of course) during the last part, so I missed the best stuff judging by their laughs, but that’s not a big deal. I also washed diapers during the movie. It was a pretty good day!

The best part – Cora slept 8 hours Friday night, and she slept 8 hours and 15 minutes Saturday night and only woke up when she did on Sunday morning because I was in there making noises in my closet! I needed her to get up, though, because she needed breakfast before I went to church.


I always used to sort of hate taking a shower just because of the work it created for me afterward with my crazy hair. Of course, there’s always been the exception of enjoying them when I actually felt really dirty from sweating or something; that’s a different story. These days, I love showering! I actually tend to want to take 2 a day (which I don’t) just because it’s alone time, and the hot water is my form of massage and relaxation. Anyway, I’m kind of glad for not dreading a shower these days! I’m sure you are, too! To be clear, that doesn’t mean I didn’t used to shower. I just didn’t look forward to it before. It doesn’t hurt that my hair is so short that it doesn’t require nearly as much work.

PS – Don’t Google “showering” unless you want lots of pictures of naked people.


*title stolen from Sheena’s life motto!*

I am actually NOT working for the weekend since I don’t work these days, but the weekends still roll around! This weekend, my parents came to visit from Saturday morning until Sunday after church. They love visiting Cora, and it’s nice that they’ll come down here to do so. We went to Moe’s BBQ for dinner and met Brian’s parents there. That is a great place to go eat with Cora! It’s not crowded, it’s laid back, and it’s loud enough in there to drown her out if she cries. Plus, they have good music (usually). Sunday was church, and my parents went with us. It was just the 2nd time we’ve been since Cora was born. Apparently, she farted really loud a couple of times during the special singer’s song! haha