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not much

I don’t feel like saying much, but I’ll write a little something.

Today was Buzz’s last day at work, which is really sad. He’s so awesome in lots of ways. No one will be able to replace him! We had a tea today for his going away party, and it was really good. We had tons of food, and Jan came to visit! I miss her so much, too, so it was a great time with friends.

Work has slowed down after the crazy Monday of this week, so that is nice.

This weekend is going to be great! My friend Kaitlin is coming to visit us, and she’s staying 2 nights. We will have lots of fun! Choxie will also be so excited. She loves her.

Tonight at church dinner, I had tons of fun (as always) playing and feeding Baker, which is Jeanne’s little boy. He ate really well tonight! Somehow, I can get him to eat his dinner. We turned it into a counting game tonight, and he loved eating his peas one at a time while I counted them. He told me how many he wanted to eat, and then I counted as he did it. He’s 2. He was pretty funny tonight, too. He’s currently my favorite little kid.

GOOD THING: My pies turned out great!
BAD THING: Choxie is a little rambunctious tonight.

brian is awesome

Brian is awesome! I have lots of reasons, but the very latest one is that he secretly set an event and alarm on my phone tonight, so it went off, and I had to go see what reminder I’d left for myself. I expected it to be something I did to remind me to prepare for selling t-shirts at church tomorrow, but instead, it just said “You are cute” on the screen. hehe

We just got back from the lake this evening, and we had a ton of fun! Choxie especially had an awesome time playing outside. She played with us, mostly herself, and then some with Durwood, a cousin that lives next door. She also got ran out of their yard by the tiniest dog several times named “Smidget” to emphasize her size. She doesn’t play around with people in the yards she’s claimed on that road (since that one isn’t even hers). It’s hilarious to see Choxie intimidated by her.

Anyway, the adults had fun, too. The fun included a little TV, Brian taking some photos, me reading a new book, and both of us enjoying the nice weather. We also canoed for a long time today and saw lots of things like different birds (including an almost attack of me by a turkey vulture), funny squirrels, sick fish 😦 , and too much trash in the water, which I picked lots out of the water. You wouldn’t believe what all you can find floating in the back of some off-the-path slews on the lake. It’s sad! I picked up 4 containers full of bottles and stuff, but I’m going to make sure I do that every time I go down there if I can.

I’m pumped about church tomorrow, mostly because of our mission trip meeting and our special service, and I’m also nervous about selling the Walk shirts because I’m afraid no one realizes it’s going on again this year. We haven’t advertised as much because we almost did too much last year, and we figure the people who will participate will participate. Anyway, I don’t have the sweet booth setup that I had last time (mostly because we didn’t ask for it), so Brian and I will make do with an easel holding our smaller sign and us wearing our shirts as the examples. Hopefully we will see at least a few! I sold one during the work week this past week, so we don’t have to worry about a bust.

I feel really good these days! I wonder if that is mostly due to the vitamins I’ve been taking every day for over a month. Surely that would be enough to perk someone up. I have always been really terrible at taking a daily vitamin, but I’ve been good this time. I’ve also been good at keeping on my running schedule! It’s fun to run with Brian, and it’s fun to succeed. I seriously doubted that I could even run the first step of our process, and I was certain I would have trouble with the second, but I’m already several steps in, and I haven’t had trouble yet! Tomorrow, we’ll run almost 85% of our time, which is much more than I thought I’d ever do. Toot! I can’t wait until I can run the whole time. If I ever can say “I just ran 3 miles” or whatever distance it’d be for us to run 30 minutes, I would be super proud. I know lots of people can do it, but I never though I would. I’ll be excited!

I am sending a special shout-out to Misty since she still reads the blog! I’m glad she enjoyed the blog on panties haha. Maybe I should start taking blog topic requests. If you have one, let me know! I’ll blog about anything you want to hear! Maybe.

GOOD THING: feel great
BAD THING: uncalled-for anxiety about selling shirts tomorrow – no idea why

very interesting

I thought you guys might find this interesting. It’s too late for this year, not that any of us would be willing to do it, but it’s an interesting read, to say the least. I haven’t read it all yet, but so far, it’s intriguing.

love love love

this picture
this band

band of horses

i love their beards and their tattoos and their music and they style in photos. all their band photos (that i’ve seen) are cool.

for the ladies

There has been a request for me to blog about the new panties I bought to use for running. Here are the 2 items tested this week:

Without thinking about it too much, I’d say the boy shorts win. I had zero wedgies and never felt any material wad up, which is what normally happens a bit and is why I decided to look for something specifically for when I run. The ones that are shaped like regular panties were fine, too, but I still caught myself pulling at them a couple of times. That could’ve been 1) habit or 2) because of the pants I was wearing, but I think if they worked, then they’d work in any clothing situation. I still wouldn’t say the regular ones were bad, because they are made of a material that is really thin and made to breathe well, so I’d still go with them over regular cotton panties. Plus, they have really small seams, so they’d probably be good with dress pants or something that you wanted to combat panty lines. I bought 2 pair of the regular shaped ones and one pair of the boy shorts. I should’ve done the opposite, but who cares?

The best part is that they were all on the clearance rack for less than $10 a piece, and they were supposed to be $19.99. I opted for ugly skin colored ones from the clearance rack over pretty black ones at regular price. Who plans on looking hot after running, anyway?

Here is the one thing I have to say about the boy shorts, which were, again, my favorite. The legs came down farther than I thought they would (I hadn’t seen them online beforehand – just on the hanger), and the actual leg holes were kind of small. The were tight on my leg, so if you have larger legs, then I’d definitely go up a size – especially if you’re inbetween 2 sizes. I didn’t know if I should buy smalls or mediums, so I went with smalls since the point was no wadding up, and the legs are tight. But, that is how they’re supposed to be, so whatever.

The best thing I puchased that day, however, was some Russell (brand) pants. I can’t find a picture of them online. I now have 2 pair of their pants, both very different, and I totally love them both. I also have one of their shirts for staying cool or whatever. They are definitely my favorite brand of clothing for exercising. It doesn’t hurt that it’s all affordable.

Well, that is enough for boring blogging.

GOOD THING: I didn’t die today during my run.
BAD THING: still hungry after a can of soup for dinner


It is SNOWINGGGGGGGGGG. I am still mad about them taking our 2-4 inches down to 1-2, but whatever. Maybe this time, we’ll at least get to play in it! I am going to go home in one hour and get Choxie outside in it. We might freeze after getting soaked with no proper snow gear, but so what! We can then go snuggle up and take a warm nap together. Sweet! 🙂

I should eat chili and grilled cheese for lunch. MMMMM!

another giveaway

This time, it’s at, and they’re giving away some awesome stuff, too! The first thing on the list is Soap Nuts, which I’ve wanted to buy for a few months now. FYI Sheena, one thing on the list is a Diva Cup. That’s right.

giveaway time

There is a giveaway going on at, which is a side site of that I really do love to read about lots of different topics. It’s where I learned about homemade shampoo and deodorant and lots of other things. If you’re interested in winning lots of good gifts, go there and enter yourself!


Today is Thursday, doy, and that means today is great! Work has slowed down. It’s also the day at work that we have girls’ Bible study, so that’s new and different. Also, I have gone running twice with Brian this week, and I feel good about it. I want to go ahead and move to the next step, but he’s making me do this step at least once more before we double our running time. Booo. Tonight is TV night! AND THAT IS AWESOME!

I am about to register to win some stuff on this one blog I read (at some point today or tomorrow), and part of the requirement is to blog about the contest, so get ready for a few blogs like that. I think it will be 4 or 5, and they’ll be short. I hope I can win lots of stuff! It didn’t look like many had registered yet, so maybe I will. Fingers crossed!

BAD THING: need to go to the grocery store

whoa nelly

Today was super busy at work! It was the first day of sign-ups for the Spring Lil’ Lambs Consignment Sale, which means my phone rang off the HOOK – and that is not off the hook hehe.

I don’t have a clue how many phone calls I made today, but what I do know is that I was on my phone all day long with no breaks except for lunch, and we currently have 118 sellers on the list. Most sellers get on the list after a minimum of 2 phone calls, and many of them create 3 phone calls. They call me and leave a message, I call them back to schedule and miss them so I have to leave a message, then they call me back and leave a message with their answers. I think tomorrow, we’ll meet our max number of sellers, so I won’t have many more days on the phone. I’ll still have some work to do, but I will be able to do other things at the same time. The best part is that my day went by really quickly!

Tonight, we had salmon, pasta and green peas for dinner. It was so yummy! We deserved it because we went running after work with the dog! Brian wants me to start running with him. Since he hasn’t been running nearly as much as he did before the holidays, he’s kind of starting over with the whole walk some, run some schedule, so I am going to do it with him. Today was really easy because we ran for a minute, then walked two minutes over and over until we got home. I think we were out for like 30 minutes, so that wasn’t a big deal. It’s pretty fun to run as a family unit!

That monkey on Family Guy weirds me out sometimes.

Church was good Sunday! We met to talk about the upcoming mission trips, and Dave’s sermon was really good in my opinion. I knew the story about when Jesus made the disciples “fishers of men,” but Dave pointed out that particular story was a good example of how God works his way into our lives. It was pretty sweet.

Today, I dusted as soon as I got home from work because I am so tired of seeing our TV stand so dusty. I have no idea how everything gets dusty so fast. I also cleaned all the kitchen counters tonight after dinner because I was extra grossed out after making fish. I swept the whole house this weekend, and I am always shocked at how much dirt and dust hide around every room. Now, if someone would come clean the rest of the house! I need about 2 more closets and a bathroom cleaning fairy.

I also scored over $200 worth of work clothes Sunday for $67! I got 2 new pair of dress pants, a cashmere cardigan/sweater and 2 sleeveless dress shirts. I needed some work clothes – especially pants, so that was awesome. It will be my Valentine’s Day present from Brian, probs.

I can’t wait to go to Bolivia!

GOOD THING: got a lot done today
BAD THING: need something for dessert…