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My hairdryer stopped working correctly last night (stuck on the cool setting, which would NEVER get my hair dry), and with my hair, you cannot wait to fix that problem. We went to Kmart this evening to get a new one, so I also wrote down a list of other things for the house I want to buy soon (like in the next 2 weeks) to just see if I could knock any of that out. I couldn’t. I actually seem to find decent stuff at Kmart, so I blame Black Friday for selling all the stuff I want. I guess a Target run is in store soon! Here is what I need: queen sheets for the new guest room, a space heater for the same room, a medium sized trash can for Cora’s room, a wall clock for her room, lamps for both those rooms, possibly a bedside table for the guest room, and who knows what else. I want to get the guest room ready in the next 2 weeks so my parents can stay in it when they come to visit. I am out of town this weekend, so I will have a lot to do when I get back!

GOOD THING: found a hairdryer
BAD THING: so tired of TV these days – maybe that’s good 

shopping success

Here is how today has gone so far.

Work was slow and boring, but that is okay. While at work, I volunteered to buy half of our office’s Angel Tree gift (1 gift card of 2 asked for) since I had planned to go to Old Navy this afternoon.

I remembered (before I left work) that my debit card was not with me. That is a GREAT thing. I was able to run home, let the dog out to play, get my card, and then go shopping.

I headed down to the new mall stuff at Alabaster because I heard that Old Navy has maternity clothes, and I also wanted to go to a Bed Bath & Beyond, which is also there. I drove down and immediately noticed there’s also a Hibbett Sports, so I called work and volunteered to get that half of our Angel Tree gift, too. They were excited, and I felt helpful. 

In Old Navy, the “maternity section” is a tiny wall in the very back, far corner of the store. It’s basically bull crap. Everything I tried on sucked, so I left. Also, I forgot to buy the dang gift card. 

I walked to BB&B and successfully found all the bathroom rugs I wanted and also a new shower curtain liner that is mildew free. Yes!

I then walked to Books-A-Million to check out their baby books (the record kind, not to read them), but they were no good. I then got in my car to drive down to Hibbett, only to remember the Old Navy gift card I should’ve bought, so I went back to get that. Success!

I did drive down to Hibbett and get that card, too. Success! On the way in, I noticed there was a Target there, too, which was my other store option for the afternoon, so all in all, Alabaster was perfect.

Before Target, I got food at Chick-fil-A (also in the same mall area) finally at 2 because I wasn’t hungry at lunch time.

At Target, I managed to find some awesome sweat pants I can wear around instead of having to wear jeans or pajama pants. I also got a pretty cardigan/sweater thing and a much needed white maternity tank top like my black one I seriously wear all the time.

When I was done shopping at 2:30, it was perfect timing to get to the chiropractor in Homewood by the time it opened at 3!

I did so much this afternoon that was productive! I even swept the back patio of leaves (not sure why) when I got home and chatted with our neighbor.

I think we’re eating dinner with the Hollands tonight, so that will be good, too.

Yay for Fridays!


Here’s what we did today:
-We woke up.
-Brian made delicious biscuits (from scratch, of course)
-I worked some more on my baby registries online while we hung out at home.
-I did laundry.
-We went to his mom’s house to visit. Carrie stopped by to give me a ticket to get into a consignment sale early.
-We went to Levy’s to finally ask about getting Brian’s wedding ring resized. He needs an 8 instead of his original 10! They also cleaned up my rings so they sparkle bling bling style.
-I went to Kids Market, the consignment sale they have at Wildwood. That place is white trash central, and I will never go again. I wanted to wash my hands as soon as I left; it just felt that gross, and the shoppers were maniacs.
-We picked his mom up again and went to an early dinner at Kool Korner in Vestavia, which is a Cuban sandwich shop. It was pretty awesome, and everyone else there must have been for real Cubans – workers and diners. We all got a Cuban (versus just chicken or beef or whatever), and that is roasted pork with ham plus lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and jalapenos with swiss cheese. I never saw the first jalapeno, and we figured out they just use jalapeno seeds, which are the hot part. My mouth was on FIRE by the time I got to the second half of my sandwich. Brian’s mom got black bean soup, also, and Brian got a tamale. They also have plantain chips! They were good.
-After that, we sat at his mom’s house to let our food settle, and then we went to Brookwood Mall for dessert. I chose 2 cookies from GAC, and they got yogurt at YOLO.
-We went home to watch TV, work more on registries, shower and watch TV.

It’s been a good day!

GOOD THING: tried a new restaurant AND we’re on vacation!
BAD THING: forgot to order a gift for Brian in time to get it for our anniversary


I know I haven’t put much here in the last while, but I don’t have much to say.
This weekend was good. We went to Moe’s BBQ for dinner on Friday and hung out with Brian’s parents a little while after that while they babysat Brian’s cousin. Saturday, I woke up early and met Sheena at Pepper Place, where we sampled some yummy food and looked around. We also walked around Railroad Park and went to Sojourn’s, the fair trade store in town to do some looking around and shopping. That night, Brian took me to Longhorn, and it was delicious. We then went to the Pattons to watch some TV and such. There was also a snack/food run involved. Sunday, church was good. I can’t remember what else happened other than Brian’s sister getting into town Sunday right after we got back from lunch.

I am having major troubles finding a swimsuit this year, so I think I’m giving up.

GOOD THING: 1 hour of work left
BAD THING: 1 hour of work left


I remembered today that I have a blog! I never mean to go this long without posting.

This weekend, Brian and I took Chox and headed to the lake on Friday to spend the night. I finally finished a book I’ve been reading, and I already know which one I want to read next. I hope it’s awesome! I finally have a very short list of favorite authors, and it is: Barbara Kingsolver and Mark Childress. That’s it. I’m sure there are more people I’d love, too, but I haven’t found them yet.

Today was A Meal & A Deal at church, which is a fundraiser for the Youth Department, and I put 2 necklaces in for them to auction off. They both brought way more money than I sell them for, so I’m glad I could help! I was looking around at everything, and most things didn’t sell for double what the asking price was – but mine did! Most things didn’t even sell for the full retail value, but some went over just a little.

I went to Target tonight at 10, and that is a great time to go! Unfortunately, I didn’t find any clothes I wanted, but I did buy 1 pair of shoes and grabbed Brian some peanut M&Ms.

GOOD THING: Brian was super awesome and studied to teach Sunday School tomorrow instead of me! What a nice surprise!
BAD THING: Choxie is fishassing, and it’s sick. Why do dogs do that?!?!?!?!

party time

Tonight was my friend Julie’s 30th birthday party, and it was fun. The friend of hers that threw the party actually had something come up and couldn’t show at the last minute (legit story), so Julie called last night and asked me if I would meet her there early so she wouldn’t be at her own party by herself waiting on people to come. I was happy to! Actually, when we got there together, there were already 2 people waiting, so I don’t know what the big deal was. Either way, people came very soon after, and the rest of the night was fun times.

Brian didn’t get to go because he was at a wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner (for his cousin, Darrel). I just met him back at home! Tomorrow is busy; I have to go to a funeral at the same time that Brian has to be at the church for wedding pictures, so we’re on our own again. After that, I will join him at the wedding, then reception, and then Casey & Sheena’s house show. It should be fun! Also, my cousin MIGHT be spending the night at our house Saturday night; we’re just waiting to hear from her on that subject. Thank goodness Sunday doesn’t have anything on the schedule other than church. This weekend is busy! But it’s all fun (well, except the funeral, but I’m glad to go and support friends.)

Today was silly because I was at work from 8-12. At 12, I turned off my computer and immediately realized I hadn’t done half the stuff on my To-Do list. I had to turn my computer back on and stay late! That was my own fault. The rest of the afternoon was spent shopping for various things and just killing some free time. All in all, it was good, with the exception of almost fainting because I didn’t eat lunch early enough and then couldn’t find ANY fast food place nearby after I missed the CFA I was looking for. Dairy Queen finally saved me even though it isn’t what I would’ve chosen. At least I got some chicken fingers. I basically wasted the fries and toast because the toast was SOAKED in butter.

I am having trouble finding Choxie a bright orange collar, but I will find one eventually! Someone suggested we get one for her for when she’s at the lake in case she wanders into the woods and some random hunter tries to shoot at her like a deer. She doesn’t really wander into the woods, but I definitely don’t mind getting her a new, different-colored collar for a change. They’re only like $6, so it’s no big deal. I haev my eye on a cute yellow green one that I will hopefully pick up tomorrow for her.

We’re watching Star Trek TNG right now, and that is not a complaint, but there’s a random character on this episode that freaks me out a little. He’s pretty awkward.

GOOD THING: new dress!
BAD THING: I wanted more than that one dress hehe.

no good

See this shampoo?

Don’t get it. I’m all about Whole Foods, natural products, blah blah, but that doesn’t mean they’re all good. I bought this and it’s conditioner counterpart the other day for $1.99 a bottle for backup when I don’t feel like doing my normal baking soda thing, and it’s total crap. I had to use more than normal just to get a tiny bit of lather, but it still didn’t really later. So I used another huge amount, and nothing much happens.

I WILL SAY that the conditioner is completely fine. The shampoo wouldn’t be good for anything. Also, it smells like crap when you use it even though it smells good when whiffing from the bottle. What’s up with that? I am now trying to find another use for it because I don’t think I can use it as shampoo. I used it last night, and my hair feels all dirty this morning – more so than if I would’ve skipped washing my hair, I do believe. That is extra weird since it says it’s for normal to oily hair. You’d think it would have less stuff in it than normal that could possibly make your hair feel oily. Whatever. Don’t buy it.

GOOD THING: It’s FINALLY hump day.
BAD THING: what a slow week!


Today, it feels disgusting outside. After church, I swear it was the most humid day I’ve felt in at least a year. It has now rained some, so that helps for a while. I am in need of some fall weather.

So far today, I have gone to church, eaten lunch with Brian at Taziki’s, rested at home, gone to Target to buy a few small things for the kitchen and most importantly, an extension cord and bulbs so I can finally plug in the “new” lamps by our bed, and eaten dinner. We might run after our food settles. I am currently watching new episodes of Ninja Warrior.

Sundays are usually my least favorite day of the week because they’re incredibly boring, and the whole day zooms by before you’re ready for it to.

Choxie is eating the first meal out of a new bag of food that happens to be her favorite flavor. She doesn’t always eat all her food right away, but she is this time! Hopefully, she loves this flavor so much that she will eat more consistently. Salmon & sweet potatoes are delicious in my opinion, so it’s only fitting that she would love it, too!

I will try to think of something more entertaining to write next time. Sorry, guys.

GOOD THING: finally found a 2-tiered stand for the kitchen that will fit under the top cabinets
BAD THING: getting dark already and too humid during the daylight to work in the woods


Look at this sweet ass burrito!

This was made from the second batch of the most delicious homemade burrito stuff ever. It’s nothing extraordinary or special, but it’s so good for some reason. We aren’t big on leftovers, and we eat this stuff for days and days in a row. Here is how Brian starts off making his:

With a bed of cheese. He loves cheese.


Someone wanted some. Poor Choxie.

GOOD THING: new stuff today from Alabama Outdoors!
BAD THING: didn’t get to work in the woods today

watch it

Look at these neato watches!

They are eco-friendly (puke now if you want), and they are 100% biodegradable (in case it gets smashed, I guess). I think they’re fun. They’re $30 each on the website, but since they’re available on Amazon, I bet you could find them cheaper elsewhere. Also, if you want to see them in person, the site says they’re carried at Sears in the Galleria (next time you go THERE..?)

Here’s the site! They have tons of colors and different sizes.