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short week

Today is my last day of work this week! That is exciting. Brian has been off all week, but he’s actually been working more than ever because he’s doing tons of work around our house and his parents’. I’m starting to get nervous about cooking half the Thanksgiving dinner this year because I just really want it all to taste so good. I hope we have fun! Oh yeah – Ann is coming home for Thanksgiving! It’s going to be awesome. She and I have planned lots of fun surprises for Thanksgiving Day, and we can’t wait to see what everyone else thinks about our ideas. I cannot WAIT to sleep late on Friday after everything’s over. I think we’re also going to the lake on either Friday or Saturday to hang with Ann & her friend Ellen. I’m thinking the next few days might be the highlight of the year’s holidays so far.

I have to cut this off because I need to call my Mamaw and get recipes for Thursday.

free charitable giving!

Go here and click your mouse on the button to donate money that will go towards feeding animals in shelters! It’s much like Free Rice in that it’s paid by sponsors/ads on the site. They donate money for every click you make. Also, don’t forget to click each tab at the top of the page, because each page has its own button to click for charity. There are things like books for kids and free mammograms to women who can’t afford them. Anyway, it seriously takes less than 20 seconds to cover all of this, so I would love it if you’d do it every day and spread the word. Thanks!

dog park

Toot! I finally took Choxie to the new dog park in Birmingham this past Saturday. I loved the park, but she did not. She was really scared of everything the whole time. Her tail was between her legs, she ran from other dogs, and she kept going back to the gate and standing up on it because she wanted to leave. Lauren went with me, and Bacchus wouldn’t play with other dogs, either! He just humped dogs. Well, maybe that is playing, but not to the other dogs. Lauren and I wanted to get our dogs out of the crowd, so we went and sat on a bench at the other end of the park, which was awesome because we basically had half the park to ourself. I still don’t get why everyone just crowds around the gate and doesn’t move around. Anyway, both our dogs just walked or sat around us at the bench instead of played. I had to walk around and lead Choxie by other dogs just to get her to even associate. We decided to give up and take them home to stop torturing them anymore, but on my way out, I met a family with two dogs that asked me about my t-shirt. They were from the city mentioned on my shirt, so we discovered we were basically from the same town! (1 apart). I chatted with them for a long time; they were super nice. They said the came there almost every Saturday, so I’m sure I’ll see them again one day. Oh – the funniest part of the day was watching the dogs wade through and roll around in the giant mud hole in the woods. I feel sorry for the people who have to clean them up!

Anyway, I felt like I should make Choxie face her fears again, so I took her and Brian to the dog park again Sunday afternoon. That time was completely different, and she played with other dogs! Her tail came up and even wagged some. She found this really cute and sweet brown dog that was exactly her size that she liked running around with. I told the dog’s owner that it was great because she wouldn’t play at all the last time she was there, and he said the exact same thing about his dog. So, we were both proud parents because our puppies were finally breaking out of their shells.

We had fun! Brian stepped in poop, but I didn’t.
GOOD THING: should have fun tonight at the UMW Special Recognition Awards
BAD THING:corndogs again for lunch = good but repetitive

bottle caps




If you drink anything that comes with a plastic lid, please consider saving those lids for this program! We don’t buy bottled water or drink sodas much, but even just with the occasional drink and milk and orange juice, we are able to collect a huge number of lids just from our own home. Since most plastic lids can’t be recycled like the bottles can, Aveda has a program to collect them, and then they melt them down to make their product bottles! Lots of schools participate, but I want you to know that you can participate individually, too. You can take your lids at any time to any Aveda location (at The Summit is one option in Birmingham). They’ll be happy to take them! It’s one easy thing you can do to help our beautiful world. 🙂

totez today

Yeah, today is totez today. What does that mean? No idea, but at least there’s alliteration.

Today is Thursday, and we all know what that means, so I’m not even going to say it.

Choxie has been snoozing with us for about an hour in the mornings, but that last two nights, she’s tried to get up on the bed with me and sleep earlier in the night. The past two nights, she’s woken up and jumped up to lay beside me around 5:30 AM. We make her get back down. This morning, she tried again at 6:30, and we let her stay. I don’t know if she just gets cold and it’s warmer up by my or if she likes to snuggle with me, but I’ll take it either way.

Since we’re talking about the dog, I’m so thankful that she wasn’t as wild yesterday. She had a couple of days that were bad flashbacks to several months ago, but yesterday, she was back to her new, normal self and snoozed most of the evening.

GOOD THING: going to be a good day at work


I went to the dentist Monday after work, and I had NO CAVITIES!

I know that is pretty good, but nothing stellar to most people, but you don’t realize how rare this is for me.

Awesome! 🙂


This weekend was good! I kicked it off early at lunch time on Friday by starting a date with Sheena. We had fun going around town and eating lunch. The only bad part was that the main goal of the date, to watch a movie, didn’t happen because movie theaters are lame. We’ll have to see the movie some other time.

Saturday was great, too. Brian woke up early and headed to the lake by himself, so I decided to get up early, too. Can you believe it? I stayed awake after he left at 8:30 and got out of bed a few minute past 9 after snuggling in bed with Choxelbeans. She loves to sleep these days and doesn’t seem to want to chew our sheets anymore, so she’s welcome in the bed in the mornings (not overnight). It’s nice because she warms me up and helps me not fall back asleep after my alarm goes off. Anyway, I made it a point to work on the house, so I started the day off by getting Brian’s mom to go with me to the Salvation Army to buy a cool desk/table I found the day before with Sheena. It’s for the basement, and my goal was to work on organizing and setting up the basement, so that was a good start. I mostly know how I want the basement, but the 2 rugs we have down there just really don’t look good. I have shopped for new rugs, but almost 100% of rugs available to buy are ugly, and the others are too expensive for my cheap taste. Go figure! We want rugs in lots of our rooms upstairs, too. I was able to find rugs for the bedrooms even though one is too small for what I wanted, but the next size up is too big. We’re still deciding whether or not to keep it. Anyway, I still would like a rug for the office, and I found one online, but I really don’t want to pay for it even though it’s price is probably cheap to most people. I won’t bore you with other rug issues and ideas, but I’m thinking about it. That night, we met lots of friends at yummy Surin for a great dinner and then went to Edgewood Creamery for dessert. Yum!

Sunday was good. We went to church to start the day, and that was fun. We weren’t there the last 2 or 3 weeks because of vacation and visiting my parents, so it was good to be back. I also did more rug shopping, visited the new gigantic Target and some other stores down in the Hoover area.

The weekend was a success.

GOOD THING: going to a seminar thing tomorrow with some fun co-workers instead of working all day
BAD THING: dentist after work today!


If you haven’t heard, there’s been an outbreak of burglaries in Homewood lately. It’s really been a lot of them – so much that the cops have done several roadblocks in the mornings to try and catch these people because they even know who some of them are. Everyone in Homewood pretty much knows about it, and we know how they disguise themselves and what time they like to come. Anyway, it kind of stinks to wonder if your house is getting robbed each day at work. I talked to my neighbor about it yesterday, and I found out some sweet news. He has now started working fully at home, so he’s there every day! He said he makes sure to watch the street for us and everyone. Also, our neighbor on the other side (2 down) is home a lot during the day because he owns his own business, so he watches out for everyone, too. Plus, we and both of those neighbors have dogs that bark when people come around, so all that combined makes me feel pretty good! 🙂

GOOD THING: date with Sheena starting in just a few minutes!
BAD THING: stomach kind of upset today

long time coming

Okay, okay, I know I said I would blog soon, but I haven’t felt like it. I will (instead) do a shorter version of all I was going to say and cram it all into one post.

Choxie had some issues in the past couple of months. These started off by a vet visit revealing really high liver enzymes in her blood. We had to wait a couple of months before she could have a blood test again to see if they were still high. If they were, we would need to start making little changes to see what could help her out. In the meantime, she stopped wanting to eat. She would eventually eat all her food, but we’d have to convince her to eat. That lasted about a week, then we switched her food and she ate for a couple of days, then she didn’t want to eat again for several days until we took her to the vet on that note. That and the fact that she got a huge gash on her chest. The vet figured out she had 2 kinds of worms (not the visible kind), and he gave her a pill to kill them. That was why she had no appetite. He said he has no idea how she got them since she takes heartworm pills (because those work on other kinds, too), but she had them, so we gave her a mega dose of something. Also, she got antibiotics to heal up the giant cut. We’ve since taken her back to check her blood, and the liver issue is fixed! Her liver healed itself he said, which isn’t that rare. There was previously some sort of blockage keeping those enzymes from going into her intestines, and they were dumping into her blood instead. Also, her cut healed SO fast. It will probably just leave a little scar. Also, she loves eating now (except when it’s early in the AM – she’s a sleeper like me). To boot, we give her a different food now that is better for her, so she’s in tip top shape. Yay!

Our vacation week at the lake was great. I took detailed notes each day just so we could remember what all happened, but I won’t get into many details here because it’s too much to type. We kind of did nothing, but we did a lot at the same time. We spent time playing in the yard with the dog, taking a few boat rides, and canoed for almost 4 hours one day where we watched birds, ducks, turtles and a deer eat for quite a while. We also drove to Prattville a couple of times to eat and made some trips into Clanton for groceries and stuff. We watched some TV, slept a lot, I read parts of several books and finally finished one that I’d been dragging through. Also, we spider hunted! We made a sweet discovery one night (well, Brian did), and we learned that wolf spiders’ eyes glow in the dark! Well, they reflect light VERY well and show up blue or green. With Brian’s headlamp, we walked all over the front yard and found literally thousands of baby wolf spiders. It was crazy. It was weirdly fun, though, and we found a salamander while we were hunting, too. We had lots of fun that week and wished we never had to work again.

The college visit I went on last week went great! We had fun that day in the car (even though we drove 40 miles out of the way – talking and early AM doesn’t mix) and looking around campus. She wants to go to that school for sure now, so I would consider the trip a success. We had lunch with my old college roommate who works there on campus, so that was fun, too. I’m excited for her if she decides to go there!

GOOD THING: listening to old school country songs online
BAD THING: nothing worth putting here


I am so excited now that Halloween is behind us because that means the holiday season is here! I love the end of the year – the last 3 month have 4 major holidays! Anyway, I’m getting excited about Christmas already. However, the one thing I’m NOT excited about is the new version of A Christmas Carol. I have no interest in that.

GOOD THING: easy work load today!
BAD THING: plans tonight, tomorrow night and Thursday night