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monday fun day

So I’m back at work, and it’s not bad. We’re ordering in lunch, and it will be good because it won’t be a frozen dinner.

I had a lot of fun on my two days off from work for shopping. Shopping was fun and fairly successful, and I had fun being by myself. The weekend was great.

The Christmas party was shorter and smaller than usual, but it was still fun. Guess who loves white merlot………me! Yum. We slept pretty late Saturday after staying up until 2 Friday night. Brian went Christmas shopping with me Saturday just for a little while, then we went and ate party food leftovers. We did the same Sunday for dinner! Church was great Sunday – I actually woke up early and went to the 8:45 service before Sunday School before Contact! There was a solo in the traditional service that was so far over the top I couldn’t take it. Brian was coughing some during it, and each time, I thought he actually laughed out loud. After church, I found out he was fake coughing to cover up his laughter! I was right! Brian was totes laughing out loud at the solo, and I don’t blame him. Yes, it was from Handel’s Messiah. Yes, I like that piece and have it on CD, which reminds me…I should get that out this week. However, NO, I do not ever remember that part sounding so crazy sounding, so I think it’s safe to say it was over the top. Brian can demonstrate if you need to know what it sounded like.

I’ve found a new hot sauce that is super hot but yummy. I bring you…..SRIRACHA!

Watch out; it’s hot, but oh, so good.

Also, Dave reminded me that haikus are awesome. I might just have to start writing them again!

GOOD THING: Christmas!
BAD THING: nothing!


Thanks to Casey and Sheena, I have now started accidentally saying goofy words out loud in public to other people. I said “whatevs” yesterday to Brian’s sister, and she just started laughing and said “Did you just say ‘whatevs'”?! I have also said ‘totes’ several times.

I am watching Demetri Martin again, and it’s always so funny.

I slept until 10:30 today then went Christmas shopping. I got several things, but I’m not done, so I will go again tomorrow. I will make sure I wake up earlier tomorrow so I will have more time. I have to be back in time to get ready for the Christmas party!

I also bought us some stuff today that we needed at home and found myself some things that Ann can give me for Christmas. I’m hoping to find more for myself tomorrow while shopping for my parents and Ann. I am pretty sure I’ll have to go shopping again after tomorrow, but my goal is to be done enough to not freak out after tomorrow. I want to have enough for each person to be considered good enough. Boy, my dad sure is hard to shop for. He is the one holding me up this year. I feel like we did really good for him last year, but I’m blank this time around.

I love our house more and more every day!

Since my dad worked on weatherproofing our house, we have been able to tell it’s helped! The heat barely ever came on so far this week. I know it’s warm outside, but still.

Why do people think traffic lights are merely suggestions? I can’t believe how many people just flat out ignore when a light is red and keep on driving.

We had an awesome dinner tonight! I haven’t made Brian’s favorite in a while, so we had yummmmmy salmon with my favorite rice and green peas. It was so good! I love it so much. Oh, and the other night, we went to Dale’s with Dan & Carrie after taking dinner to the Stuermanns, and it was so yums, too. Every time I go there, it just gets better and better. It’s definitely an old person restaurant, but it’s good stuff. They have carrot souffle that is the best ever. I save it for dessert! It’s like the sweet potato casserole at Moe’s BBQ! I had salmon patties (weird to order, yeah, but they were good) with good, cheesy macaroni and cheese, carrot souffle, and a roll. Ah! I need to go back sometime. I also want to go back to Surin soon. I could eat their spicy beef noodle once  a week forever probably.

GOOD THING: no work today and tomorrow!
BAD THING: I love giving people gifts so much that I want to give them now!

another Friday

Friday’s here! I love Fridays.

I have a cold that doesn’t allow me to breathe. Boo! I also ran out of cold medicine simultaneously, so I can’t fight it yet. Before I ran out, I could breathe just fine but still felt bad, but I am going to buy more medicine after work today, so maybe that will help.

Today I have to clean, do laundry and fix up the house for my parents to stay with us Saturday night. I hope when they’re here, they can help us fix some things at the house.

After today, I only work partial work weeks for the next three weeks! I’ll be working 7.5 days in the next 15! Toot toot!

My hair actually looks good today since it’s Friday and no one will see it.

That is all I have for now.

GOOD THING: parents are coming tomorrow
BAD THING: have to spend today getting the house ready; my cold; high gas bills

Christmas countdown

Folks, Christmas is less than two weeks away. I cannot believe it!

I’ve been whining lately about how I haven’t started my shopping and how I don’t know what anyone wants, but those days are over. I ordered my first gift just now! Brian gave me his wishlist, so I now have all I need to take care of his gifts. His mom also told us one thing she wants, which is better than nothing, and I’m sure his sister will tell us something if we can remember to ask. I’m excited! I just can’t wait until I start wrapping gifts.

On that note, our tree is up and decorated, so that’s done with. It smells so good, and it helps the living room look not so empty.

I have felt slightly sick all week and have had a sore throat every day, but I think my throat feels a little better today, which is awesome. Just in time for Thursday night TV!

I have to make my costume for A Night in Bethlehem at our church this Sunday night, and I have no idea how to start. Well, first of all, I need to go buy my fabric. I bet that will help. I plan on doing that today after work.

If you are free Sunday evening between 5 & 7, I highly recommend you come visit our church to take a stroll through ‘Bethlehem’. Check it out! 
There will be a storyteller, people dressed up as Roman soldiers, shepherds, townspeople and other stuff, and you can even stop by and make several different crafts at different townspersons’ shops! I will personally be a census taker, so you’ll see me at the door from 6-7. Come, come, come!

GOOD THING: lunch timeeee
BAD THING: got up early for the doctor’s office today

it’s about time!

We bought our tree tonight! It’s not in the house yet, but I will do all that tomorrow evening. Yay!

GOOD THING: work went by really quick today AND today was really fun at the dentist
BAD THING: didn’t clean up the house any tonight

hump day

Today is hump day, and I am ready for the downhill ride of this week. Monday and Tuesday were SUPER busy for me at work, well maybe like an 8 on a scale of 10, but today has been terribly slow. That is not a complaint, but I do wish the clock would advance a little quicker since that’s the case.

Tonight, I plan to paint the first coat (with Brian’s help) in our living and dining rooms, and I think Brian is going to hang our new light fixture over the dining table. I am ready for the house to start looking livable. I also have more clothes and a few little things left to bring over.

I took my pink plant home from work to cut it down some. That was kind of sad since I left it with just a few little branches, but it still looks better now that it doesnt have 3 feet high stems that are too heavy to stand. It will grow back bushier hopefully! I did try to root a few stems, and that didn’t work at all. I might try again soon when some of the plant grows back.

Last night was my Circle’s Christmas party, and I ended up with a cute ornament from the ornament swap. There was some really yummy food, and I got to take some of my favorite home. It’s sooooo good. I also completely forgot to bring home the muffins and Little Debbies that I took to the party, so at least I left with something.

I am wearing a new shirt today that I got Friday on sale. It’s very comfy and cute in my opinion.

I have a severe problem with waking up on time this week. I have overslept about 15 minutes every morning for about a week now. I need to get it together!

I have even THOUGHT about Christmas shopping yet. I have no idea what anyone wants, and I don’t even know what I want for myself. I’m very behind this time around.

GOOD THING: only 1.5 more work days this week.
BAD THING: too much to do!

the date

It’s December?!?!?! That’s crazy!

Someone is at my house as we speak setting up our satellite service. Finally! We have watched Flight of the Conchords and Dave Chappelle DVDs a good deal in the past few days. They’re hilarious and all, but I’m ready for some good time wasting current television!

I have two Christmas parties this week. I’m not ready! I did get some sweet ornaments from the Dollar Tree last night for the ornament swap tomorrow night. Cheap score! Plus, it’s a set of 3, so they were extra cheap!

On that note, I found out SHEENA WAS THE ONE that bought the last vanilla dollar store candle, which is another thing I wanted to get there. They were sold out, so I was a little disappointed and told Sheena about it, and that is when she confessed. I’ll remember this, Sheena.