Folks, Christmas is less than two weeks away. I cannot believe it!

I’ve been whining lately about how I haven’t started my shopping and how I don’t know what anyone wants, but those days are over. I ordered my first gift just now! Brian gave me his wishlist, so I now have all I need to take care of his gifts. His mom also told us one thing she wants, which is better than nothing, and I’m sure his sister will tell us something if we can remember to ask. I’m excited! I just can’t wait until I start wrapping gifts.

On that note, our tree is up and decorated, so that’s done with. It smells so good, and it helps the living room look not so empty.

I have felt slightly sick all week and have had a sore throat every day, but I think my throat feels a little better today, which is awesome. Just in time for Thursday night TV!

I have to make my costume for A Night in Bethlehem at our church this Sunday night, and I have no idea how to start. Well, first of all, I need to go buy my fabric. I bet that will help. I plan on doing that today after work.

If you are free Sunday evening between 5 & 7, I highly recommend you come visit our church to take a stroll through ‘Bethlehem’. Check it out! 
There will be a storyteller, people dressed up as Roman soldiers, shepherds, townspeople and other stuff, and you can even stop by and make several different crafts at different townspersons’ shops! I will personally be a census taker, so you’ll see me at the door from 6-7. Come, come, come!

GOOD THING: lunch timeeee
BAD THING: got up early for the doctor’s office today