This weekend was pretty good. Here’s what happened! I’ll technically start with Thursday, which was TV night with the Pattons and the Hollands. We watched some Workaholics (my favorite ep so far) and then watched 1 ep of Dexter. I need to watch that more often to catch up!

On Friday, I felt pretty crappy and really didn’t feel like being at work, but I pushed through since it’s just a half day, then had a crappy lunch due to the torrential downpour that hit exactly when I left to go find some lunch. I ended up eating leftover rice at home. After the rain slowed down, I drove to Target to buy new bras that fit, and I also got new underwear and fingernail polish. I know that sounds lame, but it seirously made my day. they’re all awesome!!! On Friday evening, we unexpectedly went to Surin with some friends we hardly ever see, and it was fun with lots of conversation. They had gotten a babysitter for their little girl, so they could do whatever; we went to our house afterwards and just hung out. It was fun, too. Brian made us brownies. They went and picked up their daughter partway through the night, and it was fun watching her play the rest of the night.

On Saturday, we woke up early, so Brian offered to take us out to breakfast! We’ve only done that once before iwth my parents, and it was a good time. We went to Demitri’s in Homewood and saw several people we know there, including the Hollands. After that, Brian needed to drive to the lake to show his dad how to fix something ont he lawnmower, but he ended up calling me after an hour saying he was almost back home. Traffic was so bad that he only made it to Oak Mountain by the time he should’ve been to the lake, so he got annoyed and just came back home. He came home just in time to accompany me to the wedding of an awesome guy we know from church. It was really sweet, and I was extra emotional during the ceremony. Weddings always make me appreciate Brian more, but I guess the pregnancy emotions took it a little farther. The good part was that we were free after like 2 PM, so we still had lots of time to do whatever we want. That evening, we went to New York Pizza for dinner. I got eggplant rollitini, which is excellent, but I couldn’t even eat it all.

I know I don’t blog much anymore, but neither do you guys! I guess I end up telling everyone who reads my blog what’s going on by Gmail chat or in person, so I never feel like I have much to say in addition to that online.

Just so you know, my baby is the size of a kumquat this week, which means it’s around 1 1/4 inches. That is small, but it’s way bigger than an orange seed, which is what it was a few short weeks ago! We joke about the ridiculousness of always comparing it to some sort of food, so my friend sent me a site for men that relates the baby’s size to something a guy would comprehend. That site says it’s the size of the head of a hammer this week – not the whole thing, but the round part you hit nails with. Next week is a golf ball.

Is it just me, or does going to work suck more and more? I love my job, but working in general is getting old. I guess there’s no other option! I need to win the lottery. so do we all.

GOOD THING: felt pretty good today
BAD THING: feel guilty for never blogging anymore