Friday’s here! I love Fridays.

I have a cold that doesn’t allow me to breathe. Boo! I also ran out of cold medicine simultaneously, so I can’t fight it yet. Before I ran out, I could breathe just fine but still felt bad, but I am going to buy more medicine after work today, so maybe that will help.

Today I have to clean, do laundry and fix up the house for my parents to stay with us Saturday night. I hope when they’re here, they can help us fix some things at the house.

After today, I only work partial work weeks for the next three weeks! I’ll be working 7.5 days in the next 15! Toot toot!

My hair actually looks good today since it’s Friday and no one will see it.

That is all I have for now.

GOOD THING: parents are coming tomorrow
BAD THING: have to spend today getting the house ready; my cold; high gas bills