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horse feathers

So, today is Thursday! I am debating whether or not to go get my vaccinations today. It mostly boils down to whether or not I want to take the time away from this afternoon and simultaneously miss Oprah, which happens to be an interview with Jay Leno. Since I’m boycotting him, I can’t determine whether or not that would include other shows he’s appearing on.

Today at work has been good so far. I’m a little too antsy to sit at a desk all day, but that happens a lot. Other than that, the day is good. I finished the one thing that totally had to be done today earlier this morning, so I have a light load for the rest of the day. Actually, we’ve started a women’s Bible study group around here that is voluntary and meets on Thursday afternoons, so I have that to do in about 30 minutes.

Yesterday, Choxie caught a chipmunk! It’s only the second one she’s ever cought, and the other one she caught was due to some help from Brian. This time, we just saw a dead chipmunk out in the yard, and there’s a giant hole dug up by our big tree where she likes to dig and sniff at times. Before I knew about the kill, I was wondering why she had dots of dried mud all over her face and mostly on her eyelids. Now I know! It’s funny because she doesn’t really want to do anything with it after she kills it, but she loves the whole chasing/hunting part, which makes sense since she’s a hound dog. She has carried it around the yard a little, but she doesn’t try to eat it or rip it up or really even do anything with it. She’ll pick it up and run with it for a few feet, then drop it and just forget about it.

I just made copies of my 2 Manchester Orchestra CDs for a friend that happens to work downstairs. I hope she loves them!

Before lunch, I was stretching/yawning in the hallway, and before I quit, I somehow ran my elbow directly into the door jamb of my office. It hurt pretty bad, but it was alright. Now that it’s been about 30 minutes or an hour, it’s killing me! I probably bruised it good.

GOOD THING: Thursday, and after lunch!
BAD THING: politics talk at work again!

happy birthday

Today is my dad’s birthday!

It is also Brian’s dad’s birthday!

Does anyone really care about the Jonas brothers? They are all over the news lately because people are afraid they’re over.

I decided to get back into my old exercise routine, so I did 1/3 of it last night, or maybe even less than that. I could tell my legs weren’t ready for any more than that while I was doing it, and boy was I right! Today, they were sore, but by this evening, they’re killing me! But that is good. I normally would do that routine every other day, but I don’t think I need to do it again by tomorrow.

We are going to visit my parents this coming weekend because of my dad’s birthday. Plus, we haven’t been there since Christmas, and we can’t go any during February because of church meetings. I think we’re going to hang out at my friend’s house for a while on Saturday, and I’ve never been there before! I’ve known her since kindergarten. Maybe we’ll take pictures! I doubt it.

Speaking of pictures, Brian got some funny pictures of Choxie running around with Lanie, Dan & Carrie’s dog this past weekend at the lake. Maybe I will get around to posting them at some point – at least on Facebook. I’m super slow about that.

Do you like gum? Do you want to help the world’s hunger crisis? Then you should buy this gum!

the company is Project 7, and they apparently sell gum, mints, bottled water (seems counterproductive) and clothing. I haven’t browsed their website yet, but it looks really cool at first glance. Check it out!
I got some of this gum at Whole Foods, and I like it. The flavor I got was peppermint vanilla, and it’s really good. The best part is that it really doesn’t cost much more (if any more) than other gum, and they give over 50% of proceeds towards fighting the world hunger problem. I’m sure all their other products are similar in benefits, so check them out if you feel like it.

GOOD THING: I am totally over the sickness except for a lingering cough.


I just did a small portion of my old exercise routine that I USED to do every other day. I seriously only did stuff for about 5 minutes, and my legs aren’t very happy. I guess I need to get back in the swing of exercising!

GOOD THING: today is almost over because it kind of sucked
BAD THING: headache, but nothing that bad

give me a break

The US Postal Service is SO LAME. They don’t post accurate hours and aren’t clear about their services. Also, they apparently don’t show up on time, either.

Oh, and my passport is going to cost literally double what it should.

I also tried to buy new sheets for our bed since the elastic broke in our fitted sheet, which makes it not fit or stay at all, and I couldn’t find a 20% coupon on my car, so I wasted that trip (that I wouldn’t have made if the PO would’ve posted correct hours, but I was trying to kill time).

awesome book

You NEED to read this!


sick day

Today is hump day. My hump is approaching faster than normal because I am probably going to skip Bible study and dinner at church tonight since I feel so bad. I hardly can sit at work all day, so I need to rest tonight. I have high hopes that I will feel better tomorrow! No medicine seems to be working, but maybe my new Zpack will kick in soon.

Choxie is so awesome! She’s really snuggly and pretty. I love her.

I sold a necklace online this week. Toot! It was the cheapest one, of course, but $10 never hurt anybody. I am going to mail it to them tomorrow.

I cannot wait until this weekend! Friday is going to kick it off right by granting me a half day of work. Later that night, I’m going to meet up with some friends from work to hear the authors of Same Kind of Different As Me speak at Samford. That book was so good. I’m super excited to hear them talk! The worst part is that one of them is sick right now, so he might no be there, and he’s the best part.

GOOD THING: over half the week is over
BAD THING: going to rain again


Today stinks. I feel like crap, and the day is going by so slow. I guess I could leave work if I wanted to, but I’d just feel bad at home, too. I’ve been really busy anyway, so I need to be here. Tomorrow, I have something I definitely have to do that particular day, but I might have to go home after that.

GOOD THING: weather is warmer

finally friday

Today, work was busy, but it helped the clock tick faster, so that’s cool. After work, I went to pick up some Arby’s to eat at home before getting my hair cut. The girl that cuts it told me my hair looked really healthy and that the ends looked so good she didn’t cut any length off at all, so my hair routine must be working out okay! It helps when I have time to fix it, but I usually always sleep later than I should, so I do about a 50% job on it.

After that, I decided to swing by the Salvation Army to see what’s new (where I found a sweet dresser that I don’t want to pay for). While I was out, Lauren called and wanted me to stop by her new house (since it’s super close!) to help her decide on some paint colors. I think we figured some things out, so we’ll see what it looks like after they’re done painting! I guess I’m one of the few people to see the house in it’s before state, so that’s cool. I just realized their living and dining room is about the same color of pale yellow that our dining & living room used to be. I had to get rid of it, too. Anyway, after that, I went to the chiropractor’s office only to find out he’s closed for a week! There is a makeshift sign on the door that apologizes for the inconvenience, so I think something came up that was unexpected because I’ve actually had a conversation with him recently about how he never ever closes down for a whole week at a time, and that is exactly what they did as of yesterday. I hope everything’s okay.

When that didn’t work out, I just went home. Later, Brian and I went to Moe’s BBQ then to Publix for some ice cream, chocolate milk and a movie rental. We rented 9, and I think it was stupid. Brian liked it. I think it had no point, and nothing major happened to keep me interested. At least it was kind of short.

Choxie dog is super tired out, which is awesome. She was going crazy about 30 minutes ago, so we put her outside. Around 10 or 10:30 is when she is ready to head to bed for the night, so that is why she’s curled up in a tiny ball on the couch next to her fox (carcass).

Sunday School is cancelled this week! I get to sleep late! If it wasn’t raining this weekend, we would’ve gone to the lake. I haven’t been there since the weekend after Thanksgiving!

Last night was Brian’s mom’s birthday, so we went to da club and danced to some hot beats. Well, kind of. We did go to The Club, and there was a live band, and some old people at a table near us were dancing at their seats, but it was far from any club. They had the dance floor lit, which looked cool, but no one at all was on it. There were only 3 tables of people there! It’s always the prettiest view of Birmingham at night, so that was nice, and the music really was good for listening during dinner. They played pretty good songs as far as old classics go. We did get to see one old lady who was about 80 dance her way to the bathroom. That was funny.

GOOD THING: freedom!
BAD THING: nothing!


I wasn’t supposed to be at the dentist’s office until NEXT Monday! The good part was that I didn’t miss any work for my accident, and I also got to chat with the two hygeinists, which I love talking to. The dentist also saw me from another room and made a crazy face at me, so little does he know, he’ll have to deal with me all over again tomorrow. Since I showed up and they asked about my tooth, they offered to just let me come tomorrow instead of wait a week! Awesome. I can’t wait!