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half a day

When I want to post but don’t have much to say or don’t feel like typing tons, I always just do wrap ups of a day or a few days. That’s what you’re getting right now…a wrap up of just what’s happened so far today!

It’s Sunday. We woke up at a decent time, and it would’ve been better if the dog didn’t decide to have a licking party at 8 AM. She ignored me getting up at 6 AM to feed Cora, but I guess we can’t expect to sleep much anyway. We had a good, relaxing morning of eating breakfast (Brian made cinnamon rolls), feeding Cora, checking the internet, and just lounging around. I usually have to go to band practice, but I got a break today. Cora at at the perfect time to get to Contact, so we went and had a good time. The sermon was great! After church, we hit up the Taco Bell drive through for lunch and ate it outside in our back yard while Cora slept. Next came Brian’s haircut. He’s needed one for QUITE a while. We did that outside, too. Cora woke up in the middle, so I did the harder parts with her in one arm and with one hand. It went surprisingly well. She finally let us put her in her bouncy seat for the hardest part. Brian trimmed his beard and showered after the haircut. Then, we took a family walk!!! It is dang hot today. The walk was pretty much a success. We saw several people we knew. Some (but not all) were: Andy & Dawn Wolfe at Matt’s house, Laura Eanes in her car, Phella & Guy working in their new yard (we left them alone), and Catherine Owen at her van. Now, we’re drinking Gatorade and playing with Cora! The dog is passed out on the floor because she got hot and tired on the walk.

Sundays aren’t always my least favorite day of the week anymore!

GOOD THING: The walk was physically easier for me today.
BAD THING: definitely sweaty 


Here’s another recap for you.

Saturday: I woke up after Cora slept 8 hours!!!!!! Brian then made me eggs and toast for breakfast, and that was yummy. After a while, I went running in the nice weather (and pollen) for the first time in many months. I only went about 1 mile and had to walk 2 times, but that is okay because my back between my shoulder blades were burning like crazy from the swinging motion of my arms. My legs could’ve done a little more, but I’ll try again soon! Brian stayed home and made faces at Cora while I went out (he said). That’s how we play these days mostly. Anyway, after that, I showered before we went to dinner at Lovoy’s with Brian’s parents and sister. While there, the family’s favorite waitress wanted to get a picture with Cora since she hadn’t met her yet. She’s been serving the family since Brian was little, and she knows what we all want to order before we say anything. After dinner, we stopped by CVS to rent a movie, then the group continued to our house to visit a while. After his parents left, his sister stayed to play with Cora and watch Your Highness with us. I ended up bathing Cora (my choice, of course) during the last part, so I missed the best stuff judging by their laughs, but that’s not a big deal. I also washed diapers during the movie. It was a pretty good day!

The best part – Cora slept 8 hours Friday night, and she slept 8 hours and 15 minutes Saturday night and only woke up when she did on Sunday morning because I was in there making noises in my closet! I needed her to get up, though, because she needed breakfast before I went to church.

tuesday schmuesday

Today was very busy at work. Tomorrow will be, too. I am kind of glad and kind of not.

Tonight, Brian and I took dinner to our friends, Tiffany & Jeremy because they have a baby – 7 weeks old. She is cute, and she is heavy. My arm is burning!

Today is so grossly humid. I went outside once I got home to brush Choxie, and I was soaking after a few minutes of doing it. I brought her inside and just made a mess to vacuum instead.

I jogged yesterday evening! I didn’t wait late enough to go, so I couldn’t hardly handle the heat. I ran one mile, but I did a good job of it. Next time, I’ll wait til later and see how I do. Even if I just do 1 mile, it’s way better than nothing. I think I may have to start running with no shirt on (just sports bra) because all my shirts are going to be pulled across my belly, and that makes it way hotter. I hate running in clothes anyway, so I will probably just drop the shirt – especially if I go way after dark. I have to say – it does feel kind of weird running with something in my abdomen – you can tell it feels different.

I actually think I’ve figured out mostly how I want to decorate our nursery whether it’s a boy or a girl, so I am trying to decide whether or not to go ahead and paint to save time. Hmmmm….

GOOD THING: done with my tasks for the day!
BAD THING: watching Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li because it’s somehow intriguing, and there’s nothing else on for a while


Woo hoo! I love a good Friday, and a good Friday usually means: get off work at 12, good lunch, then a free afternoon that leads to a relaxing night of doing whatever I WANT to do! The other part of a great Friday is a no-obligation Saturday. I have all those things this weekend! I am so excited.

Also, the truffles I brought home from our Sunday School Christmas party just got opened about 30 minutes ago. They are AWESOME! And there are TONS of them. The box has 2 huge bags of them inside. Thanks, Sheena, for only caring about the alcohol out of your gift!

The Nate Berkus show is 98% terrible. I wanted it to be good, but it’s just lame.

I need you to help me stick to my running this time around. I haven’t done a good job of it since before summer! It was just too hot before, but I know I can run from now until at least April without getting too hot, so I can hopefully increase my mileage fairly soon!

GOOD THING: healthy lunch today with Sheena
BAD THING: legs are too sore from running Wednesday to run again today!

first 5k

I almost forgot to even mention our race!

Last Saturday, Brian and I got up ridiculously early to go run our first 5K ever! We didn’t get anyone to take our picture together, which was pretty stupid, but it’s too late, and we can’t do anything about it now. I don’t have that much to say other than we both made it. We never walked, and we didn’t puke, which I was worried about with it being so muggy and early in the morning. We also did not finish last, so that is good. The route started off immediately with a giant, I mean giant hill, but at least it was over with at the beginning. It wasn’t a loop, so we knew we’d have to come back down that giant hill at the end. The rest of the course was full of gradual hills and “pavement” that consisted of paved over gravel, so it was a little harder to run on, but that wasn’t how the entire thing was. The scenery was really pretty, and once again, we did it! We then jumped in the car to go get breakfast at Chick-fil-A down the interstate. In the drive through line, I changed clothes, and Brian got us food. We then returned back to the church to hear Adam Hamilton speak. He is a Methodist minister with the largest Methodist church in the country (I think), and we know of him because Adam writes many Bible studies and curriculum, and our Sunday School class has done several of his studies. Anyway, his talk was awesome. I wish I could’ve stayed to hear all 3! I mostly was interested in his last one on missions and outreach, but it just didn’t work out to hear it.

That night, we drove to Montgomery to have dinner with my old friend Renee and meet her husband (we had just seen him at the wedding) and new little baby, Owen! First of all, I like Jonathan a lot, and Owen is so cute! He didn’t even cry when I held him haha. We had good times, which is the only kind of time you can have with Renee, and then we drove home late that night.

Fun stuff!

GOOD THING: work is over for the day!
BAD THING: stomach hurts


Today is Wednesday! I’ve been to work, volunteered some for UMW (during work kind of), eaten dinner, napped, gone to Bible study, and ran with Brian & Choxie! The nap was an accident, and I woke up at the very time I needed to leave by to get to church before being late. I made it! Right after I sat down, Dave said it was time to start. Score! Also, the run was pretty easy and nice tonight!

Work is pretty busy this week, so it’s making it hard to get some volunteer stuff done, but that is fine because you are supposed to work at work. I think I can get everything done, and if I can’t, I can try to do it at home. It’s all church stuff, so it’s just easier to do it at church. The part that HAS to be done at church – I finished that this afternoon.

Thursday afternoon sucked because all kinds of stuff went wrong, but nothing was major – it was all stuff like me spilling my whole sweet tea onto the counter at Q’doba while in a hurry, getting super hot and sweaty while working on our Circle’s party room, forgetting my papers at home, not having time to buy something beforehand, etc. No big deal. I didn’t get home until 10:30! Working on the room was fun, though. I love my Circle girls!

Right now, Choxie is so cute sleeping on my legs while I watch the new South Park and write this blog. The new SP episode is funny! That sad clown pictures that weird kid had on his wall is creepy! I missed Modern Family tonight. Boo!

Oh yeah! I sold another necklace online!

GOOD THING: scored a nap today
BAD THING: pollen is irritating and stinky!


I like watching Kendra. I don’t watch it regularly, but I like catching it on sometimes. So far, this newest episode is really good. It’s the one about Hank playing in the Superbowl, but so far, it’s been about Kendra needing to lose weight and stop eating junk food.

Choxie is sleeping on me, and she has been sleeping all evening! We know she is extra tired because she left us and went in our bedroom to sleep on her bed. That means she is REALLY tired. She is having major twitches during this current nap, and it’s really cute. Her paw, nose, mouth and face are all twitching like crazy. She looks like a rabbit with her nose and whiskers twitching! Maybe she knows it’s almost Easter.

We are really tired, too, so we both took a nap this afternoon. Of course, I slept longer than I should have, but I haven’t slept much lately, so I needed it.

I ran over 3 miles today! We went a different way today and ran to 31 and back. The worst part was that we went after the nap I mentioned, so it was harder than normal just like it was last time we ran after a nap. I think I won’t do that again.

I’m pretty excited in a way to go back to work tomorrow. Of course I’d like to stay at home, but compared to a normal Sunday evening, this one doesn’t seem so begrudging of the upcoming Monday morning. As far as I know, everyone will be back from vacations, and I don’t think it should be an extra busy week. Also, I don’t have ANY commitments any evening this week besides TV night, so that is awesome! Maybe I can get some stuff done around the house or catch up on some reading at least.

Guess what? My birthday is in less than 2 weeks! It doesn’t seem like it is that close, so maybe it will feel more like it when it gets closer.

GOOD THING: ran farther than ever today & sold another necklace online
BAD THING: possibly messed up tonight’s sleep by napping

this week

This week has been weird. My computer at work stopped working due to a virus on Monday afternoon, so I went until this afternoon without a computer in my office. I tried to clean my office some, and I had a bulk mailing that took up some time that didn’t require a computer, so that ws nice. Other than that, my to-do list was pretty short, so I just cleaned some more and worked on thinning out the office recyling. Everything should be back to normal tomorrow, though.

Tonight, I went to 5 stores looking for a new trash can for our kitchen, and I can’t find anything. the same 3 or 4 trash cans are everywhere, and they will not work. It’s so weird how limited the trash can selection is. I am not even counting those that are ridiculously expensive. There is no way I need a stainless steel trash can that requires it’s own liners; those are the wrong size and shape, anyway. I did find one trash can that would probably be okay, but it was $40 (and just plastic!), and I was going to need 2 of them. No, thanks!
*EDIT: I have found an awesome trash can online that is, in fact, stainless steel and expensive, but it would be awesome and has 2 compartments so it could solve both issues at once. If someone would give me about $100, I’ll get it! haha

It all started because we got a new table and stools to put in our kitchen, but the corner where the table now is happens to be where the trash can and our recyling bin usually stays. There really isn’t anywhere else to put those things, so we’re trying to figure it out. If you think you can help me, please do!

I have been wondering where my headband went – Brian just walked in and asked what was around my neck! Headband: found!

I ran 30 minutes again yesterday! It was a tiny, tiny bit easier, too, so I think I’m on the right track!

GOOD THING: got some new mixing bowls tonight and some yeast to make some bread
BAD THING: TV stinks tonight


Stephen Colbert autotuned himself tonight!

I think this weekend is going to be great! I will update afterwards and let you know if my hunch was right.

If someone was visiting your house for the first time, what would you think was a cool hostess gift? My friend at work suggested some really creative things, but I can only remember 2 of them. I might have to Facebook her and ask for ideas again. One idea was just to bring a couple of the giant free trade chocolate bars like we sell at church. Some crazy people don’t like chocolate, but in the end, it’s the thought that counts anyway. Ideas?

I ran again today even though my lower legs hurt a little. At one point I told Brian I didn’t think I would be able to run much longer, and he offered to stop and walk, but I said no and said I would let him know when I wanted to stop. Guess what? I never did! I made it all the way home. Woo hoo! Sometime next week, I am going to go one to try to run the entire 30 minutes without stopping. I know I could do it already on a good day, but I am fine with taking it slow.

Sheena, I told you in the beginning that I wasn’t really interested in running in any races, but I actually think I want to now! I think I would like to see how it feels afterwards because I am enjoying this whole being proud of myself thing.

Holy crap. Donald Trump is on David Letterman, and he is saying some really smart political things. I’ve noticed David Letterman getting braver with politics, but this discussion is really awesome. Maybe you should Google it and watch the clip!



brian is awesome

Brian is awesome! I have lots of reasons, but the very latest one is that he secretly set an event and alarm on my phone tonight, so it went off, and I had to go see what reminder I’d left for myself. I expected it to be something I did to remind me to prepare for selling t-shirts at church tomorrow, but instead, it just said “You are cute” on the screen. hehe

We just got back from the lake this evening, and we had a ton of fun! Choxie especially had an awesome time playing outside. She played with us, mostly herself, and then some with Durwood, a cousin that lives next door. She also got ran out of their yard by the tiniest dog several times named “Smidget” to emphasize her size. She doesn’t play around with people in the yards she’s claimed on that road (since that one isn’t even hers). It’s hilarious to see Choxie intimidated by her.

Anyway, the adults had fun, too. The fun included a little TV, Brian taking some photos, me reading a new book, and both of us enjoying the nice weather. We also canoed for a long time today and saw lots of things like different birds (including an almost attack of me by a turkey vulture), funny squirrels, sick fish 😦 , and too much trash in the water, which I picked lots out of the water. You wouldn’t believe what all you can find floating in the back of some off-the-path slews on the lake. It’s sad! I picked up 4 containers full of bottles and stuff, but I’m going to make sure I do that every time I go down there if I can.

I’m pumped about church tomorrow, mostly because of our mission trip meeting and our special service, and I’m also nervous about selling the Walk shirts because I’m afraid no one realizes it’s going on again this year. We haven’t advertised as much because we almost did too much last year, and we figure the people who will participate will participate. Anyway, I don’t have the sweet booth setup that I had last time (mostly because we didn’t ask for it), so Brian and I will make do with an easel holding our smaller sign and us wearing our shirts as the examples. Hopefully we will see at least a few! I sold one during the work week this past week, so we don’t have to worry about a bust.

I feel really good these days! I wonder if that is mostly due to the vitamins I’ve been taking every day for over a month. Surely that would be enough to perk someone up. I have always been really terrible at taking a daily vitamin, but I’ve been good this time. I’ve also been good at keeping on my running schedule! It’s fun to run with Brian, and it’s fun to succeed. I seriously doubted that I could even run the first step of our process, and I was certain I would have trouble with the second, but I’m already several steps in, and I haven’t had trouble yet! Tomorrow, we’ll run almost 85% of our time, which is much more than I thought I’d ever do. Toot! I can’t wait until I can run the whole time. If I ever can say “I just ran 3 miles” or whatever distance it’d be for us to run 30 minutes, I would be super proud. I know lots of people can do it, but I never though I would. I’ll be excited!

I am sending a special shout-out to Misty since she still reads the blog! I’m glad she enjoyed the blog on panties haha. Maybe I should start taking blog topic requests. If you have one, let me know! I’ll blog about anything you want to hear! Maybe.

GOOD THING: feel great
BAD THING: uncalled-for anxiety about selling shirts tomorrow – no idea why