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Today has been very odd. It’s my last day at home with Cora, but I refuse to focus on that. I’ve felt very positive for the last week about going to work, and I want that to continue.

This morning started with great news from work. I can now work from home one afternoon a week and have a little more time with Cora on Wednesdays. This is beneficial especially since I’m usually back at the church for band practice on Wednesday evenings. I don’t want to work all day and also be gone half the evening. It’s a trial basis, so pray that my coworkers are satisfied with how it goes.

Then, there was some weirdness, and I over-analyzed because that is what I do when I have nothing else to think about. After that, I was afraid I’d annoyed a friend too much. By the time Brian got home, I was sort of crying about it all.

Also, a friend came over to talk Arbonne with me and to visit Cora. That was good.

After Brian got home, the day got better again because the above-mentioned friend called, laughed that I thought she was mad or annoyed at me, and then we discussed the other above-mentioned weirdness to length, which made me feel a lot better.

Now, Brian is making me a pizza, and Cora is asleep. He’s also volunteered to figure out how to use these new bottles I bought for Cora to try out. Fingers crossed she’ll drink from them! She HATES bottles usually! I guess there’s nothing like the real thing just like the oldies song says.

The only thing I haven’t done that I wanted to do today is go shopping. I am in dire need of some new clothes. A lot of my clothes were pathetic even before I was pregnant and stuff. Nothing fits great, and it’s mostly all low quality crap. I need better things to feel better and to look better – not to mention like an adult instead of a 15 year old. I still might get to go tonight, or maybe I will go another evening or this weekend.

GOOD THING: Paychecks are about to start rolling back in!
BAD THING: My back is killing meeeeeeeeeee. 


Work is ridiculously busy lately. I jinxed myself by saying Christmas didn’t affect my personal job that much like it does other people’s jobs around the office. Oops.

Tomorrow, I’m meeting with my maternity replacement for the first time. I hope I don’t stink at teaching and explaining things to her!

Today was my little baby shower at work. I skipped lunch to eat the good food. I got some cute gifts including 5 diapers! I needed them really bad.

I have to leave work for a while tomorrow to eat lunch with Brian’s office at Surin in Mountain Brook. I then have to miss work for a while at 2 to close on our new mortgage, which will cut our payments (from the messed up amount we paid all this year) by something like almost $500 a month! That will be awesome.

GOOD THING: dilation has started!
BAD THING: exam didn’t feel so great today 

not so short week

I am off two days this week, AND I get off early every day this week for various doctor visits, but I feel three times as busy!

Monday afternoon, I had to go to the dentist to check out my back tooth because I suspected it had broken. It had. Monday night, we had our 3rd parenting class. Regarding that – oh crap. Having a baby sounds like nothing compared to the grossness and discomfort in the following days & weeks. Oh well. I can’t do much about it now!

Tuesday afternoon, I had to go back to the dentist to get a temporary crown while I wait on the real one to come in a couple of weeks. It was the least painful thing every to have done at a dentist’s office, not that those things usually bother me very bad. After the dentist visit, I had to go to Publix during a torrential downpour and buy all my Thanksgiving groceries. It wasn’t that bad. Tuesday night, we had band practice before meeting Brian’s family for dinner at Mugshots since his sister flew in Tuesday afternoon. We didn’t get away from there until around 9, and we visited with them afterward until around 11.

Today, which is Wednesday, I am leaving a little early from work to go to the doctor for a regular pregnant lady checkup. I hope to not be there that long. This evening, we have no official plans, but I need to make all the food ahead of time that I can for tomorrow, so that will take lots of time probably. Also, we have to clean the house for people to come over. At least we’ll get a clean house out of it! And then I’ll have to clean the kitchen again right before everyone comes since it’ll be a whirlwind in there on Thursday.

Thursday, we’re doing something we haven’t done before, and that is have a brunch with some of Brian’s family before they all head to Auburn for the game weekend. Later that evening is when they’ll come to my house and eat the real Thanksgiving dinner.

GOOD THING: Ann is home for a visit.
BAD THING: couldn’t sleep last night past 4:30 because my right leg is a huge butthole and keeps cramping. 

shopping success

Here is how today has gone so far.

Work was slow and boring, but that is okay. While at work, I volunteered to buy half of our office’s Angel Tree gift (1 gift card of 2 asked for) since I had planned to go to Old Navy this afternoon.

I remembered (before I left work) that my debit card was not with me. That is a GREAT thing. I was able to run home, let the dog out to play, get my card, and then go shopping.

I headed down to the new mall stuff at Alabaster because I heard that Old Navy has maternity clothes, and I also wanted to go to a Bed Bath & Beyond, which is also there. I drove down and immediately noticed there’s also a Hibbett Sports, so I called work and volunteered to get that half of our Angel Tree gift, too. They were excited, and I felt helpful. 

In Old Navy, the “maternity section” is a tiny wall in the very back, far corner of the store. It’s basically bull crap. Everything I tried on sucked, so I left. Also, I forgot to buy the dang gift card. 

I walked to BB&B and successfully found all the bathroom rugs I wanted and also a new shower curtain liner that is mildew free. Yes!

I then walked to Books-A-Million to check out their baby books (the record kind, not to read them), but they were no good. I then got in my car to drive down to Hibbett, only to remember the Old Navy gift card I should’ve bought, so I went back to get that. Success!

I did drive down to Hibbett and get that card, too. Success! On the way in, I noticed there was a Target there, too, which was my other store option for the afternoon, so all in all, Alabaster was perfect.

Before Target, I got food at Chick-fil-A (also in the same mall area) finally at 2 because I wasn’t hungry at lunch time.

At Target, I managed to find some awesome sweat pants I can wear around instead of having to wear jeans or pajama pants. I also got a pretty cardigan/sweater thing and a much needed white maternity tank top like my black one I seriously wear all the time.

When I was done shopping at 2:30, it was perfect timing to get to the chiropractor in Homewood by the time it opened at 3!

I did so much this afternoon that was productive! I even swept the back patio of leaves (not sure why) when I got home and chatted with our neighbor.

I think we’re eating dinner with the Hollands tonight, so that will be good, too.

Yay for Fridays!


That’s what this show is:

But you already knew that.

GOOD THING: Today wasn’t as busy as I expected, but it was busy enough to disappear in front of my eyes!
BAD THING: My legs are semi-crampy again tonight.

tuesday schmuesday

Today was very busy at work. Tomorrow will be, too. I am kind of glad and kind of not.

Tonight, Brian and I took dinner to our friends, Tiffany & Jeremy because they have a baby – 7 weeks old. She is cute, and she is heavy. My arm is burning!

Today is so grossly humid. I went outside once I got home to brush Choxie, and I was soaking after a few minutes of doing it. I brought her inside and just made a mess to vacuum instead.

I jogged yesterday evening! I didn’t wait late enough to go, so I couldn’t hardly handle the heat. I ran one mile, but I did a good job of it. Next time, I’ll wait til later and see how I do. Even if I just do 1 mile, it’s way better than nothing. I think I may have to start running with no shirt on (just sports bra) because all my shirts are going to be pulled across my belly, and that makes it way hotter. I hate running in clothes anyway, so I will probably just drop the shirt – especially if I go way after dark. I have to say – it does feel kind of weird running with something in my abdomen – you can tell it feels different.

I actually think I’ve figured out mostly how I want to decorate our nursery whether it’s a boy or a girl, so I am trying to decide whether or not to go ahead and paint to save time. Hmmmm….

GOOD THING: done with my tasks for the day!
BAD THING: watching Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li because it’s somehow intriguing, and there’s nothing else on for a while

friday again

YES! It’s Friday! This work week was just 2.5 days for me, so that is a big plus. However, I was still very ready for this week to be over. And, of course, today was the worst work day of all with tons to do and all of it consisting of stuff that makes me nauseated, so I am extra glad it’s Friday afternoon now.

Here is what I’ve done today so far: woke up late, went to work, worked hard and fast, got lunch from Homewood Gourmet (grilled ham & cheese with potato salad & sweet tea), filled our bird feeders, and stole the dogs from next door to put them in our yard to play with Choxie.

So far, I’ve done enough to feel successful. Now, I’m waiting on Brian to go to the lake for the night. It is so relaxing there – especially when you can stay for a few days.

I also met our across the street neighbor yesterday (just the husband), and he was nice. I found out he actually goes to our church, but they don’t get to go often because they are both doctors. I invited him to our Sunday School class. It was so hot outside when we talked that I had to come inside and change clothes afterwards. That is gross.

BAD THING: so hot outside


This weekend was pretty good. Here’s what happened! I’ll technically start with Thursday, which was TV night with the Pattons and the Hollands. We watched some Workaholics (my favorite ep so far) and then watched 1 ep of Dexter. I need to watch that more often to catch up!

On Friday, I felt pretty crappy and really didn’t feel like being at work, but I pushed through since it’s just a half day, then had a crappy lunch due to the torrential downpour that hit exactly when I left to go find some lunch. I ended up eating leftover rice at home. After the rain slowed down, I drove to Target to buy new bras that fit, and I also got new underwear and fingernail polish. I know that sounds lame, but it seirously made my day. they’re all awesome!!! On Friday evening, we unexpectedly went to Surin with some friends we hardly ever see, and it was fun with lots of conversation. They had gotten a babysitter for their little girl, so they could do whatever; we went to our house afterwards and just hung out. It was fun, too. Brian made us brownies. They went and picked up their daughter partway through the night, and it was fun watching her play the rest of the night.

On Saturday, we woke up early, so Brian offered to take us out to breakfast! We’ve only done that once before iwth my parents, and it was a good time. We went to Demitri’s in Homewood and saw several people we know there, including the Hollands. After that, Brian needed to drive to the lake to show his dad how to fix something ont he lawnmower, but he ended up calling me after an hour saying he was almost back home. Traffic was so bad that he only made it to Oak Mountain by the time he should’ve been to the lake, so he got annoyed and just came back home. He came home just in time to accompany me to the wedding of an awesome guy we know from church. It was really sweet, and I was extra emotional during the ceremony. Weddings always make me appreciate Brian more, but I guess the pregnancy emotions took it a little farther. The good part was that we were free after like 2 PM, so we still had lots of time to do whatever we want. That evening, we went to New York Pizza for dinner. I got eggplant rollitini, which is excellent, but I couldn’t even eat it all.

I know I don’t blog much anymore, but neither do you guys! I guess I end up telling everyone who reads my blog what’s going on by Gmail chat or in person, so I never feel like I have much to say in addition to that online.

Just so you know, my baby is the size of a kumquat this week, which means it’s around 1 1/4 inches. That is small, but it’s way bigger than an orange seed, which is what it was a few short weeks ago! We joke about the ridiculousness of always comparing it to some sort of food, so my friend sent me a site for men that relates the baby’s size to something a guy would comprehend. That site says it’s the size of the head of a hammer this week – not the whole thing, but the round part you hit nails with. Next week is a golf ball.

Is it just me, or does going to work suck more and more? I love my job, but working in general is getting old. I guess there’s no other option! I need to win the lottery. so do we all.

GOOD THING: felt pretty good today
BAD THING: feel guilty for never blogging anymore


I know I haven’t put much here in the last while, but I don’t have much to say.
This weekend was good. We went to Moe’s BBQ for dinner on Friday and hung out with Brian’s parents a little while after that while they babysat Brian’s cousin. Saturday, I woke up early and met Sheena at Pepper Place, where we sampled some yummy food and looked around. We also walked around Railroad Park and went to Sojourn’s, the fair trade store in town to do some looking around and shopping. That night, Brian took me to Longhorn, and it was delicious. We then went to the Pattons to watch some TV and such. There was also a snack/food run involved. Sunday, church was good. I can’t remember what else happened other than Brian’s sister getting into town Sunday right after we got back from lunch.

I am having major troubles finding a swimsuit this year, so I think I’m giving up.

GOOD THING: 1 hour of work left
BAD THING: 1 hour of work left


Today at work, I have painted my toenails and am listening to Manchester Orchestra’s new album and some live recordings. Toot toot! I also did everything I needed to do as far as work goes, but I’m just saying – this stuff was AFTER that. Things have been mailed, websites checked, registrations logged, emails sent, phone calls made. Things are done, don’t worry.

GOOD THING: Beach trip planned!
BAD THING: worried about getting carsick on the way to Mississippi today.