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Today, it feels disgusting outside. After church, I swear it was the most humid day I’ve felt in at least a year. It has now rained some, so that helps for a while. I am in need of some fall weather.

So far today, I have gone to church, eaten lunch with Brian at Taziki’s, rested at home, gone to Target to buy a few small things for the kitchen and most importantly, an extension cord and bulbs so I can finally plug in the “new” lamps by our bed, and eaten dinner. We might run after our food settles. I am currently watching new episodes of Ninja Warrior.

Sundays are usually my least favorite day of the week because they’re incredibly boring, and the whole day zooms by before you’re ready for it to.

Choxie is eating the first meal out of a new bag of food that happens to be her favorite flavor. She doesn’t always eat all her food right away, but she is this time! Hopefully, she loves this flavor so much that she will eat more consistently. Salmon & sweet potatoes are delicious in my opinion, so it’s only fitting that she would love it, too!

I will try to think of something more entertaining to write next time. Sorry, guys.

GOOD THING: finally found a 2-tiered stand for the kitchen that will fit under the top cabinets
BAD THING: getting dark already and too humid during the daylight to work in the woods


Look at this sweet ass burrito!

This was made from the second batch of the most delicious homemade burrito stuff ever. It’s nothing extraordinary or special, but it’s so good for some reason. We aren’t big on leftovers, and we eat this stuff for days and days in a row. Here is how Brian starts off making his:

With a bed of cheese. He loves cheese.


Someone wanted some. Poor Choxie.

GOOD THING: new stuff today from Alabama Outdoors!
BAD THING: didn’t get to work in the woods today