Today is my dad’s birthday!

It is also Brian’s dad’s birthday!

Does anyone really care about the Jonas brothers? They are all over the news lately because people are afraid they’re over.

I decided to get back into my old exercise routine, so I did 1/3 of it last night, or maybe even less than that. I could tell my legs weren’t ready for any more than that while I was doing it, and boy was I right! Today, they were sore, but by this evening, they’re killing me! But that is good. I normally would do that routine every other day, but I don’t think I need to do it again by tomorrow.

We are going to visit my parents this coming weekend because of my dad’s birthday. Plus, we haven’t been there since Christmas, and we can’t go any during February because of church meetings. I think we’re going to hang out at my friend’s house for a while on Saturday, and I’ve never been there before! I’ve known her since kindergarten. Maybe we’ll take pictures! I doubt it.

Speaking of pictures, Brian got some funny pictures of Choxie running around with Lanie, Dan & Carrie’s dog this past weekend at the lake. Maybe I will get around to posting them at some point – at least on Facebook. I’m super slow about that.

Do you like gum? Do you want to help the world’s hunger crisis? Then you should buy this gum!

the company is Project 7, and they apparently sell gum, mints, bottled water (seems counterproductive) and clothing. I haven’t browsed their website yet, but it looks really cool at first glance. Check it out!
I got some of this gum at Whole Foods, and I like it. The flavor I got was peppermint vanilla, and it’s really good. The best part is that it really doesn’t cost much more (if any more) than other gum, and they give over 50% of proceeds towards fighting the world hunger problem. I’m sure all their other products are similar in benefits, so check them out if you feel like it.

GOOD THING: I am totally over the sickness except for a lingering cough.