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wake up

In these bodies we will live, 
in these bodies we will die.
Where you invest your love, 
you invest your life.

awake my soul.


Weekend round-up!

FRIDAY: bought Cora a pool for the back yard. She loves it!

On Friday, Brian knew I’d had some rough times, so he said we were going on a date. He asked his mom to keep Cora, and we went to Brio for a delicious dinner. After Cora went to bed, we watched the first Harry Potter movie. We’re going to see them all in order and get caught up!

SATURDAY: Brian let me sleep in! I slept about 3 extra hours! (I was interrupted once when Cora really wanted to bring me my bra that she found in the living room.) She likes to put things “up” and where they go. She figured I needed my bra. After that, I went and got my first massage ever! It was nice. I could tell a difference in how I felt when I laid down for bed that night. For dinner, we all went to New York Pizza. It was good as usual, but we were sort of full early on, so we both brought half of our pizzas home. We went to Publix on the way home. Cora loves grocery shopping! For the rest of the night, I worked on making a photo book of Cora’s first birthday.

SUNDAY: church, then lunch at Newk’s with the Pascos! We love the Pascos, and we hadn’t had food with them in a while. It was fun times. After lunch, Cora took a long nap while I worked more on the photo book. I’m spending a LOT of time on this book. I’d be finished now except I have 2 pages that I can’t figure out what to put on because I’m out of pictures, but I don’t want them to be blank. ANYWAY – here’s one of the best parts – I said we should go to the park with Cora so she could play outside, and we ended up running into an old friend of Brian’s from school! They didn’t recognize each other for a minute, but then they figured it out. They have a little boy that is 15 months old, so he and Cora played great together! I liked talking to them (his wife showed up a few minutes later), and they asked for Brian’s number. She friended me on FB when she got home. Potential new friends! I worked the rest of the night on the photo book. I can’t wait to get it finished and printed!

borrowed wisdom

“Sometimes when I want to put myself in Adele’s shoes [she’s gay], I imagine an alternate universe in which Christians have chosen a different biblical condemnation upon which to fixate, such as women uncovering their heads or people getting tattoos. I imagine TV preachers claiming that 9/11 happened as a result of God’s wrath on the gossipers and the greedy, and churches raising funds to support an amendment to the constitution making remarriage illegal for people who are divorced. I imagine people carrying signs that say ‘God Hates Gluttons’ or ‘Stone Disobedient Children,’ and I think to myself, Boy, I’m glad we didn’t pick ‘lifestyle sins’ like materialism or judgementalism to obsess about, because if we had, I’d totally be screwed. That’s when I realized that if anyone’s an oxymoron, it’s me. Or maybe it’s anyone who claims to follow Jesus.”

-Rachel Held Evans in “Evolving in Monkey Town”