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whoa whoa

Today was crazay! Work wasn’t THAT crazy, but it was busy for a Friday. While at work, Brian called to see if I could run his camera by his work for an impromptu photo shoot, so I did that instead of work an extra 30 minutes like I was supposed to to make up for missing work for a haircut this week. I will just fix it next week. Anyway, after work, I had to run home and hurry to his work so he could do his job. It wasn’t that inconvenient since I wanted to go to the Summit today anyway. I went, and i was able to use a sweet gift card that Sheena gave me to help cover 2 new dresses! Now, I have 3 new dresses with birthday money. How do I know which one to wear first?! I also went to a million other place and hurried around all day mixed with cleaning really quickly in the house and cleaning up the backyard.

This evening, we met the Carters and half the Pattons for food at Sam’s Deli & Grill before an event at church about the Alabama Constitution. then, the Pattons (both now) came to our house for drinks and talking!

Now, Choxie is curled up asleep on the couch, I’m blogging while watching E! News, and Brian is surfing the interwebs in the office.

I can’t wait to sleep late tomorrow! I hope I can. I want to do other stuff tomorrow, too, but sleeping is the first goal of the day. Last weekend was not exactly restful since we were at my parents’ house where it is impossible to sleep late or even through the night hardly (especially since it was storming super bad this past time). I also want to sleep late because we have to get up really early next weekend to go train at the SIFAT campus to probably learn to drill wells! I’ll blog about that after it’s over because we aren’t sure what we’ll do yet. On the subject of next weekend, it will probably be busy because we invited 4 neighbors over for dinner that same night. I am making them Pioneer Woman lasagna! I don’t see how anyone could dislike it, so it’s a safe bet.

Our compost bin is working like a charm so far (I think). There is no bad smell, and it’s staying kind of moist with the help of some squirts from my water bottle. I haven’t put any food scraps in there except a sweet potato skin, some eggshells and part of a squash, but there are leaves, dirt, grass clippings and even some cloth that I added today.

GOOD THING: fun night
BAD THING: nothinggggggggggg

run with me

There is a run/walk coming up that benefits tons of great ministries around Birmingham (some a little farther away), so you should join me there! The North Alabama Conference of the UMC is starting a benefit run this year. We should show up and make it awesome!


My dog is awesome, duh. Just like your dog is awesome. Well, mine cracks me up, and one reason she cracks me up is all the noises she makes. She is increasingly vocal, and most of her noises revolve around sleeping. She just laid down beside me on the couch and made the longest groan ever. It’s hilarious every time. She actually did it twice in a row. I guess it’s so hard to be her! She’s always moaning and groaning.

I have eaten a ridiculous amount of extra, unhealthy food in the last two weeks. Maybe all the birthday food will stop soon! I feel kind of gross and disappointed in myself, but at least I know it all stemmed from special occasions, and those are over now. I’m sure I’ll get back to normal soon (not that my normal is especially healthy, but it’s been extra bad lately).

On that note, I got a gift card to Brio today for $60! I’m pumped. It was my big gift for Administrative Professionals’ Day from the 6 people I do work for. On the other days of the week, I and the other assistants at work got smaller gifts like notepads, stationery, bath products, and flowers. Today, we went to The Club for lunch! I wanted to eat so much more bread that I did, but I still had 2 orange rolls and 1 regular roll. Their bread is amazing.

GOOD THING: finally added some leftover veggies to the new compost bin
BAD THING: not fo rme, but sister in law was stuck in an airport all day today dealing with postponed/cancelled flights

number one

Brian is number one! He is in lots of ways, but today, it is because his photos were the main reason his mom’s garden club won first in state with their bird book this year! Every year, there is a competition among all garden clubs in the state, and there are 3 simultaneous contests – regional, something else and state. Theirs won the state! They did last year, too, by the way. Yay for Brian’s bird photos! The book is basically just an album of birds photographed in the state of Alabama over the past year, and then each bird has to be identified scientifically and all that.

GOOD THING: no Bible study tonight, so extra free time!
BAD THING: Alicia Keys’ performance on American Idol right now. She’s usually good, but jeez.

bible memorization

Dave challenged us at church the other day to try and memorize some passages from the Bible. He said he meant whole passages, like a whole chapter or a whole parable or whatever, not just memory verses here and there. Today, I decided to get started. You should try it out, too! There are lots of things to choose from, so surely you could find something.

Here is my first choice (not because it’s my favorite, but I stumbled across it just while browsing through Psalm. It’s short, and it will help me feel capable, so it’s a good way to start!)

Psalm 131:
O Lord, my heart is not lifted up, my eyes are not raised too high;
I do not occupy myself with things too great or too marvelous for me.
But I have calmed and quieted my soul, like a weaned child with its mother;
My soul is like the weaned child that is with me.
O Israel, hope in the Lord from this time on and forevermore.


My birthday was way better than I thought it would be! Brian always does a great job of making holidays special and fun, so he of course did a great job, but my coworkers really made the day awesome! I cried when I got to work Tuesday morning because it seemed like everyone at work had put something in my office. I had flowers, balloons, a stuffed animal, a homemade cake!, several cards, a candy bar, a t-shirt nightgown from White Flowers and a note saying lunch was free waiting on me when I came in. Later that day, I was given a cupcake from Dreamcakes and all kinds of birthday wishes. Work was so fun! I love my work friends. I even got a card in the mail at home from a former coworker! Oh! And I got a gift from Brian’s coworker Emily, who sent me a sweet necklace from Africa! I love it. I had a great and delicious dinner that night when I went out with Brian and his parents. Afterwards, we had ice cream cake from Dairy Queen! That is my favorite ice cream cake in the world, and Brian had a hard time getting one for me, but he did it! He always tries really hard to do special things for me. I didn’t mention it earlier, but he left me the sweetest and cutest note that I found on the mirror that morning, too. Earlier in the week, we went shopping, so I picked out my own gifts from him. Most of them were things I needed (well, not NEEDED, but they were things like pants for work and shorts to exercise in, and they were all on sale or cheap to start with). He also got me a cute card. His parents got us dinner and gave me some money for my mission trip coming up this summer. So did his sister, and she also gave me a Zappos gift card! My parents mailed me a card and some money that said it was NOT for Bolivia and to use it for myself. I will get my gifts from them next weekend when I go visit.

I don’t care anything about getting tons of elaborate presents, but the fact that everyone tried hard to make me feel special felt so nice! Lisa stayed up way past her bedtime to bake me a cake AFTER board meeting Monday night. How sweet is that? I expected NO gifts at work.

Anyway, I didn’t mean to give so many details, but I got carried away. Sorry!

GOOD THING: Tomorrow is Friday!
BAD THING: stomach is kind of weird this week


Today is Wednesday! I’ve been to work, volunteered some for UMW (during work kind of), eaten dinner, napped, gone to Bible study, and ran with Brian & Choxie! The nap was an accident, and I woke up at the very time I needed to leave by to get to church before being late. I made it! Right after I sat down, Dave said it was time to start. Score! Also, the run was pretty easy and nice tonight!

Work is pretty busy this week, so it’s making it hard to get some volunteer stuff done, but that is fine because you are supposed to work at work. I think I can get everything done, and if I can’t, I can try to do it at home. It’s all church stuff, so it’s just easier to do it at church. The part that HAS to be done at church – I finished that this afternoon.

Thursday afternoon sucked because all kinds of stuff went wrong, but nothing was major – it was all stuff like me spilling my whole sweet tea onto the counter at Q’doba while in a hurry, getting super hot and sweaty while working on our Circle’s party room, forgetting my papers at home, not having time to buy something beforehand, etc. No big deal. I didn’t get home until 10:30! Working on the room was fun, though. I love my Circle girls!

Right now, Choxie is so cute sleeping on my legs while I watch the new South Park and write this blog. The new SP episode is funny! That sad clown pictures that weird kid had on his wall is creepy! I missed Modern Family tonight. Boo!

Oh yeah! I sold another necklace online!

GOOD THING: scored a nap today
BAD THING: pollen is irritating and stinky!


Remember that South Park episode? Cartman dressed up like a robot, and its name was Awesome-o. Anyway, yesterday was awesome-o!

The weather was wonderful, so that put me in a great mood to start with. After work, I went to the chiropractor, which is great, and then when I got home, I decided to clean out my car. I cleaned the inside for almost 2 hours! It’s beautiful inside now. (Too bad the outside still looks like crap.) After that, I didn’t feel so well from all the weird bending and cleaning and blah blah, so I decided against cooking dinner. We drove to Sam’s and had yummy dinner outside! A few people we knew walked by, so we said hi. It’s so fun just sitting out and running into people you know. So neighborhoodly! While I was there, I also got a phone call from Lauren, and it was a good convo. Afterwards, Brian and I drove quickly to Mountain High Outfitters to check out their current selections just for fun and because they offer a discount for mission trip supplies. We want to go back because we only had 15 minutes to look before they closed, but in 15 minutes, I found a really cute boggan and a face warmer thing for me. The face warmer looks like a really bad fake beard! It’s hilarious, but it will be awesome when we need to walk the dog in 20 degree weather like we did this past winter. I will be warm AND look like a ninja at the same time. Perfect! After that, we drove to Brian’s parents’ house to drop something off for his dad, and we had lots of fun talking there. We finally went home at 10, so I had to start getting ready for bed. Woohoo!

Today, Julie and I went to get lunch, and then we went out later to K-Mart to buy some stuff for the basketball tournament this afternoon (including the basketballs themselves). Between those 2 trips, the lunch conversation somehow turned to old cemetaries around here in random places, so when we went back to K-Mart, we looked for one we were supposedly driving past. We found it! I can’t believe it’s there, because I’ve driven past it a million times. There are 2 others very close to it, so I need to try and see those sometime soon, too. They’re in really weird places – 2 in backyards basically, and 1 between a restaurant and a motel. All right there near Greensprings!

GOOD THING: great weather
BAD THING: running dayyyyyy