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house stuff

I am pretty excited about fixing up my laundry area in the basement, and that feels a little odd. Either way, yay for me! I would post a picture, but it doesn’t look THAT good even though I used the term “fixed up.” That just means I threw away a ton of junk that had piled up in that area and washed the clothes that were specialty cases that had been sitting around too long. We also bought and put together a white storage cabinet with doors that I now have my detergents, laundry bags, stain stuff, etc. organized and put away in. Today, we bought a clothesline and clothespins for me to hang my diaper covers on (and anything else we want to hang dry), so that will go up soon when I figure out where it will work best. I like doing laundry so much better now because I can get to my dryer and detergent!

Since we keep getting gifts and shipments for Cora, the nursery keeps cycling through clean & ready and piled up with boxes, bags & stuff not put up. It’s getting there, though.

Our basement now has a legitimate guest area in it complete with a not-ignored full bath, so that is nice for my parents and anyone else that might stay over. I actually think it’s nicer for the guest room to be down there than on the main floor anyway because there’s way more privacy, a separate bathroom and a space heater so the guests can control their own temperature. It needs more organization in the other areas down there, but the bedroom part is good to go for the most part.

On top of all that, I am trying hard to get all our Christmas leftovers put away so our house will be clean again! I got it all up besides some boxes, but I need to take the tree down to get everything completely taken care of. I just can’t bear to do it yet.

GOOD THING: started reading a new book!
BAD THING: Choxie is really sad today every time Brian leaves.


The great thing about swollen legs and ankles is that is it EASY to shave my legs! With no bony knees or ankles, it’s a breeze with no missed spots! Woot.

saving money

We closed on our newly refinanced mortgage today, and we’re saving almost $500 a month! WOOO


Work is ridiculously busy lately. I jinxed myself by saying Christmas didn’t affect my personal job that much like it does other people’s jobs around the office. Oops.

Tomorrow, I’m meeting with my maternity replacement for the first time. I hope I don’t stink at teaching and explaining things to her!

Today was my little baby shower at work. I skipped lunch to eat the good food. I got some cute gifts including 5 diapers! I needed them really bad.

I have to leave work for a while tomorrow to eat lunch with Brian’s office at Surin in Mountain Brook. I then have to miss work for a while at 2 to close on our new mortgage, which will cut our payments (from the messed up amount we paid all this year) by something like almost $500 a month! That will be awesome.

GOOD THING: dilation has started!
BAD THING: exam didn’t feel so great today 

this weekend

Here’s what happened since Thursday. I’m sure I’m forgetting some things, but who cares? Sorry it’s long.

THURSDAY: I took off work to catch up around the house and do a little Christmas shopping. I was only out of the house a few hours before I felt like the Energizer Bunny running out of energy, so I came back home. I did manage to buy maybe 3 small Christmas gifts and some things I wanted for the house. That was successful enough. I also worked around the house a lot – mainly on setting up a guest area in the basement.

FRIDAY: I went to work for half the day and worked around the house the rest of the afternoon. I cut Brian’s hair before my parents came into town just in time for the Mezzell Christmas party. It was pretty fun even though I was mostly just tired the whole time. 

SATURDAY: Baby shower! It was nice. We had great brunch food, and I got good things. The other good thing is that it was over by 12:30, so I had most of the day free still. We sat around a lot with my parents because we were tired. Later that afternoon, we went by St. Vincent’s to show them where to go in the hospital before going to The Cheesecake Factory. There, we experienced a true Christmas miracle. It was PACKED. People were coming out saying 2+ hour waits, and my mom went in to check – they told her 45 minutes because she said the heated patio would be ok. Our buzzer went off in five! After we ordered our food, they warned us it could take a while on the food since it was so busy, and we seriously got it all so fast. We basically had our main courses in FORTY minutes from the time we asked about a wait time. SCORE! That evening, we put together Cora’s new swing and high chair. They’re hanging out in the dining room since we don’t need them for a while.

SUNDAY: Church, my parents left, then lunch with Brian’s mom, sister and her friend. Brian and I later went to Babies R Us to swap out the pink swings (2) we got for the yard for the normal blue & red ones, but I somehow misplaced one receipt on the way (found it later, of course), and they didn’t have any regular ones in the store. We also returned one jump up since we got 2 somehow. We also went to Lowe’s and bought some storage stuff – something to use as a bookshelf in Cora’s room and something to help organize my laundry area in the basement. That crap needs organized REALLY bad. We put together the bookshelf tonight.

I SERIOUSLY have to make lots of jewelry tonight to mail tomorrow so people can get them for Christmas gifts. I am not looking forward to it! I am glad for the $, however.

pee free

I would like to announce that I am sick with one of THE worst colds or whatever it is that I’ve ever had. Involved in this particular sinus ordeal is sneezing my head off – literally about 60 sneezes this weekend within about 3-5 hours. Also, I have now been coughing hard at times – like gagging kind of coughing – for a couple of days. All this to say – I am 8 months pregnant, sneezed and coughed my butt off, and I STILL HAVEN’T PEED MYSELF! That is something to be proud of from everything I hear. Maybe that will help me in about a month! 

GOOD THING: got prescription meds today!
BAD THING: left work early today even though I hate doing that 

this morning

I woke up 1.5 hours early today, so I laid around an extra 30 minutes to rest and decided to get up and do some extra stuff. I put medicine on Choxie and watched her to make sure she didn’t lick it off, which she didn’t, and then I got ready early so I could run to CVS for new lipstick and Arby’s for breakfast!