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half a day

When I want to post but don’t have much to say or don’t feel like typing tons, I always just do wrap ups of a day or a few days. That’s what you’re getting right now…a wrap up of just what’s happened so far today!

It’s Sunday. We woke up at a decent time, and it would’ve been better if the dog didn’t decide to have a licking party at 8 AM. She ignored me getting up at 6 AM to feed Cora, but I guess we can’t expect to sleep much anyway. We had a good, relaxing morning of eating breakfast (Brian made cinnamon rolls), feeding Cora, checking the internet, and just lounging around. I usually have to go to band practice, but I got a break today. Cora at at the perfect time to get to Contact, so we went and had a good time. The sermon was great! After church, we hit up the Taco Bell drive through for lunch and ate it outside in our back yard while Cora slept. Next came Brian’s haircut. He’s needed one for QUITE a while. We did that outside, too. Cora woke up in the middle, so I did the harder parts with her in one arm and with one hand. It went surprisingly well. She finally let us put her in her bouncy seat for the hardest part. Brian trimmed his beard and showered after the haircut. Then, we took a family walk!!! It is dang hot today. The walk was pretty much a success. We saw several people we knew. Some (but not all) were: Andy & Dawn Wolfe at Matt’s house, Laura Eanes in her car, Phella & Guy working in their new yard (we left them alone), and Catherine Owen at her van. Now, we’re drinking Gatorade and playing with Cora! The dog is passed out on the floor because she got hot and tired on the walk.

Sundays aren’t always my least favorite day of the week anymore!

GOOD THING: The walk was physically easier for me today.
BAD THING: definitely sweaty 

that dog

That’s what I refer to Choxie as when she’s being bad. Lately, she keeps sneaking outside with things that are for Cora! It’s always either a burp cloth or the bulb syringe for her boogies. I then have to go chase her around the yard to get them back – especially the boogie bulb. I just made that up.

Anyway, today, she got one of the nicer burp cloths we have, went outside, and I could NOT get it from her. I decided to just let her have it. She was having SO MUCH FUN bucking around like a little horse shaking it all over the place. I couldn’t bear to stop her. Plus, Brian and I decided we didn’t like that type as much as we thought we did. Choxie prevails!

That dog has also been a fly killing machine around the house, which is awesome. However, the reason there are flies in the house at all is because THAT DOG wants to go in and out so much, I just leave the back door cracked open when the weather agrees. Plus, I can hear birds chirping that way, so that’s nice. I rarely ever have a TV on in this house anymore during the day. I’m loving some silence and natural sounds.

GOOD THING: Cora is having a happy day.
BAD THING: I’m waiting around to see what work things about my newly proposed schedule. Pray for me! 

vet day

Choxie was due for a yearly check up this month, so we scheduled a visit. They day before we did, we noticed 3 red circles on her tummy that looked just like ringworm. Of course, Brian researched that online and found out that we had reason to worry in case it was because it could’ve been on our bed, the couch, and basically everywhere.

At her visit, she got several shots and blood work done. They seriously get on my nerves by not getting their own fecal sample from her butt. They sent me home with a container to bring some back to them in. Since when can they not do it themselves? They’ve done it before. I think they don’t like to do it. Anyway.

I pointed out the red circle, and thank goodness, it’s not ringworm! It’s actually staph infection. She assured me it isn’t nearly as bad in dogs as people, so Choxie just now has some antibiotics to take for 1 week once a day. That is easy! The best part is that it doesn’t bother her to have this infection that we can tell. Well, the BEST part is that it’s not in or on our house, so we’re in no danger.

house stuff

I am pretty excited about fixing up my laundry area in the basement, and that feels a little odd. Either way, yay for me! I would post a picture, but it doesn’t look THAT good even though I used the term “fixed up.” That just means I threw away a ton of junk that had piled up in that area and washed the clothes that were specialty cases that had been sitting around too long. We also bought and put together a white storage cabinet with doors that I now have my detergents, laundry bags, stain stuff, etc. organized and put away in. Today, we bought a clothesline and clothespins for me to hang my diaper covers on (and anything else we want to hang dry), so that will go up soon when I figure out where it will work best. I like doing laundry so much better now because I can get to my dryer and detergent!

Since we keep getting gifts and shipments for Cora, the nursery keeps cycling through clean & ready and piled up with boxes, bags & stuff not put up. It’s getting there, though.

Our basement now has a legitimate guest area in it complete with a not-ignored full bath, so that is nice for my parents and anyone else that might stay over. I actually think it’s nicer for the guest room to be down there than on the main floor anyway because there’s way more privacy, a separate bathroom and a space heater so the guests can control their own temperature. It needs more organization in the other areas down there, but the bedroom part is good to go for the most part.

On top of all that, I am trying hard to get all our Christmas leftovers put away so our house will be clean again! I got it all up besides some boxes, but I need to take the tree down to get everything completely taken care of. I just can’t bear to do it yet.

GOOD THING: started reading a new book!
BAD THING: Choxie is really sad today every time Brian leaves.

choxie darsh

Poor little Choxie has a mysterious area where her back leg meets her stomach that looks like a burn, and no one has any idea how it started! She went to the vet today, and she now has some antibiotics and a cream to try out on it. I hope it gets better soon! If it’s not gone in a week, we have to take her back. However, she did much better at the vet today. Everyone there kept saying how pretty and fit and brave she was! 🙂

GOOD THING: got our stroller, carseat and 2 bases tonight from the neighbors!
BAD THING: stomach is super full from eating dinner and dessert! 


Today, Choxie woke us up an hour early – again – but it’s so cute, it’s not bad.

We went to church – Sunday School was good, and the sermon today was cool.

We went to Firehouse Subs for lunch because Camp Taco was closed when we tried to go there.

We had impromptu band practice today with 2 new people – Stuart seemed pleased, and we’re practicing again Wednesday.

Choxie and I both just woke up from a nap on the couch. Fun times. She’s now rolling around on her back down on the rug because that’s what she does when she wakes up.

GOOD THING: Brian and I both like the same baby names for the most part.
BAD THING: Our couch looks like it’s been dragged across someone’s floor thanks to the dog.


Something is making my ear itch beyond belief. Thank Jesus for cortisone cream. I read online that what was happening was some kind of allergic reaction (I wish I knew to what), and cortisone cream should help. I can’t wait to see if it does! It’s been driving me nuts the last 2 mornings when I wake up, and it just started again. I think it’s something to do with Choxie. If that’s the case, then I will just deal.