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Something is making my ear itch beyond belief. Thank Jesus for cortisone cream. I read online that what was happening was some kind of allergic reaction (I wish I knew to what), and cortisone cream should help. I can’t wait to see if it does! It’s been driving me nuts the last 2 mornings when I wake up, and it just started again. I think it’s something to do with Choxie. If that’s the case, then I will just deal.


That’s what this show is:

But you already knew that.

GOOD THING: Today wasn’t as busy as I expected, but it was busy enough to disappear in front of my eyes!
BAD THING: My legs are semi-crampy again tonight.


The biggest part of this weekend, as any weekend we visit my parents, was food. Here is what my early supper was today before I left:

1 bite of cucumber
green beans
broccoli casserole
fried squash
homemade ice cream
lemon pound cake
sweet tea

That doesn’t include the available foods that I turned down. IT WAS SO DELICIOUS!

I also got to eat biscuits & gravy 2 mornings in a row, and that is the best meal I can imagine since I don’t get it from my mom very often.

I have been stuffed completely full the whole weekend since Friday night. It does NOT feel good, and it’s very easy to do now that I’m pregnant, but sometimes, it’s just worth it.

On another food note, we drove over 1 hour to go to Fuddruckers Saturday night. Brian lovesssssss it, and so do my parents, but they closed the one down nearest them – meaning we haven’t been since. We drove all the way to Rome, and everyone seemed to be glad we did. The only thing wrong was that I could not find or they do not have nacho cheese, so my burger wasn’t 100% what it should’ve been, but it was still good. On the way back, we drove some way that I’ve never been before, and we saw lots of really pretty farmland. When we got almost home, we stopped to look at the famous tunnel that Tunnel Hill, Georgia was named after (Civil War importance), and Brian had never been. I also had to pee so bad that I used a napkin and squatted behind a rose bush since no one was around. You do what you have to do, I guess.

GOOD THING: made it home safely
BAD THING: back hurts

tuesday schmuesday

Today was very busy at work. Tomorrow will be, too. I am kind of glad and kind of not.

Tonight, Brian and I took dinner to our friends, Tiffany & Jeremy because they have a baby – 7 weeks old. She is cute, and she is heavy. My arm is burning!

Today is so grossly humid. I went outside once I got home to brush Choxie, and I was soaking after a few minutes of doing it. I brought her inside and just made a mess to vacuum instead.

I jogged yesterday evening! I didn’t wait late enough to go, so I couldn’t hardly handle the heat. I ran one mile, but I did a good job of it. Next time, I’ll wait til later and see how I do. Even if I just do 1 mile, it’s way better than nothing. I think I may have to start running with no shirt on (just sports bra) because all my shirts are going to be pulled across my belly, and that makes it way hotter. I hate running in clothes anyway, so I will probably just drop the shirt – especially if I go way after dark. I have to say – it does feel kind of weird running with something in my abdomen – you can tell it feels different.

I actually think I’ve figured out mostly how I want to decorate our nursery whether it’s a boy or a girl, so I am trying to decide whether or not to go ahead and paint to save time. Hmmmm….

GOOD THING: done with my tasks for the day!
BAD THING: watching Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li because it’s somehow intriguing, and there’s nothing else on for a while


We’ve since done online research and found out the snake from yesterday was NOT a water moccassin; it just looked similar. Brian feels bad that he killed it now since it wasn’t poisonous, but we know it was better to be safe than sorry with dogs and people around.

trying again

As you may have noticed, I’m trying to remember to blog again since I forgot for so long. I should have plenty to say, but I’m really trying to not turn this into a pregnancy blog. Oh! I actually haven’t even mentioned that yet, soooo I’m pregnant! You already knew that, though. The due date is January 14, 2012, but we’ll see when she or he decides to show up.

We went to the lake Friday afternoon and came back Saturday evening at 8. Our friends Daniel & Crystal came with their Great Dane, Apollo, and we all had good times. I am very, very tired, though.

This time, Brian found and later killed a water moccasin! It was hiding in an old shoe in the boat house, so it never would have bothered us, but since we found it, that sucker is history.

While we were gone, our next door neighbors killed a copperhead in their front yard at night! I have definitely had my fill of snakes this year. Could they please go away?!

Choxie has met 5 dogs in the last week that she has never seen before, and she loves them all! She didn’t quite know what to think of the Great Dane, but they definitely got along. She was a little scared of him because he is about 5 times bigger than her. Speaking of new dogs – when we got home today, she ran directly to the fence in our backyard to look for her other buddies she made on Friday. They weren’t there, but she’ll see them soon, I’m sure.

I don’t like bathing really, even though I do (don’t worry), but I do love showering at my own house with my own soaps and such after being gone and getting dirty. It feels so good! I also cannot wait to sleep in my bed tonight. 🙂

GOOD THING: Everyone was safe at the lake.
BAD THING: probably ate way too much crap this wekeend again, but that’s ok, I guess

friday again

YES! It’s Friday! This work week was just 2.5 days for me, so that is a big plus. However, I was still very ready for this week to be over. And, of course, today was the worst work day of all with tons to do and all of it consisting of stuff that makes me nauseated, so I am extra glad it’s Friday afternoon now.

Here is what I’ve done today so far: woke up late, went to work, worked hard and fast, got lunch from Homewood Gourmet (grilled ham & cheese with potato salad & sweet tea), filled our bird feeders, and stole the dogs from next door to put them in our yard to play with Choxie.

So far, I’ve done enough to feel successful. Now, I’m waiting on Brian to go to the lake for the night. It is so relaxing there – especially when you can stay for a few days.

I also met our across the street neighbor yesterday (just the husband), and he was nice. I found out he actually goes to our church, but they don’t get to go often because they are both doctors. I invited him to our Sunday School class. It was so hot outside when we talked that I had to come inside and change clothes afterwards. That is gross.

BAD THING: so hot outside

loong weekend

I added an extra ‘o’ because we took an extra day off! We did lots, but I will try to keep it simple.

Basically, we went to the lake for the first weekend this year. We were able to go Friday afternoon and not come back until Tuesday evening! We found out the phone and the satellite service were both messed up (we think the house got hit some by lightning), so that cut out some options at night, but it really was better that way. On Friday, Brian’s parents were already there, so we hung with them. Saturday, Drew and Vaughan came down, and we had fun. On Saturday evening, they and Brian’s parents went home, so we had one evening and morning to ourselves. On Sunday evening, both couples came back after church and stayed the night. We had super fun times! We swam and floated lots, went on some boat rides, ate lots of food, played with our dogs, and went to the fireworks show on the water Sunday night. I haven’t laughed as hard as I did during the fireworks show in a really long time! Vaughan and I almost died by some redneck’s fireworks that were landing directly over our heads. Monday afternoon, everyone went home but us, so we had another day and a half to ourselves. On Tuesday, we just floated around and took turns riding in the kayak. We had a good variety of people combos.

Also, I got to see some cool animals: green heron (usually hard to find, but we saw him every day!), giant black grasshopper (love those), baby skink (so cute), lots of dragonflies, a baby turtle, and 2 crawfish. Brian also saw a snake on the pier, which had apparently been right behind us for a while, but I didn’t see it, so I can’t include it in my list. I saw other stuff, but those were notable things.

Since the TV was out, we rented 3 movies while there, so I have now seen: True Grit, The Rite and The King’s Speech. They are all good. True Grit was the worst because there’s a creepy rattlesnake scene, and a poor horse dies. I hate those 2 things in movies.

GOOD THING: All the dogs this weekend (4) got along PERFECTLY! They had SO much fun, and it was fun watching them.
BAD THING: back to work tomorrow. Can I win the lottery soon?