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I know I haven’t put much here in the last while, but I don’t have much to say.
This weekend was good. We went to Moe’s BBQ for dinner on Friday and hung out with Brian’s parents a little while after that while they babysat Brian’s cousin. Saturday, I woke up early and met Sheena at Pepper Place, where we sampled some yummy food and looked around. We also walked around Railroad Park and went to Sojourn’s, the fair trade store in town to do some looking around and shopping. That night, Brian took me to Longhorn, and it was delicious. We then went to the Pattons to watch some TV and such. There was also a snack/food run involved. Sunday, church was good. I can’t remember what else happened other than Brian’s sister getting into town Sunday right after we got back from lunch.

I am having major troubles finding a swimsuit this year, so I think I’m giving up.

GOOD THING: 1 hour of work left
BAD THING: 1 hour of work left


Today at work, I have painted my toenails and am listening to Manchester Orchestra’s new album and some live recordings. Toot toot! I also did everything I needed to do as far as work goes, but I’m just saying – this stuff was AFTER that. Things have been mailed, websites checked, registrations logged, emails sent, phone calls made. Things are done, don’t worry.

GOOD THING: Beach trip planned!
BAD THING: worried about getting carsick on the way to Mississippi today.

favorite employee

There’s a lady at Publix I have never seen before, but I love her! I went up to a woman stocking some cookies and said, “Ma’am, can you tell me where the Rit dye is?” She got down from her stool and kind of looked around like she had no idea, so I said, “it’s usually with the laundry stuff, but I didn’t see it anywhere.” And she goes, “oh, you want dye like to dye your clothes?” And I said, “yeah, I actually want the color remover, but it should all be together.” So she said, “Oh, I’m not even gonna SAY what I thought you said. I mean…I’m just gonna keep it real” and we both laughed. So then, she took me to it, and I said, “I’m sorry; I walked right past it earlier.” She laughed and said it was fine, but then I said “imagine that” because I’m sure everything people ask for is right in front of their eyes. When I said that, she goes, “girl, you CRAZY” and laughed and walked away.

I’m not sure why she thought all that was so funny, but she really cracked me up. I hope she’s also a cashier! I’m going to find her line every time.

On that note, I will NEVER EVER EVER get in the older lady’s line who has longer, blonde, rolled hair. She is the most talkative cashier I’ve ever seen, and she cannot work while she talks. So, her line is always SUPER slow, and I hate it. I can’t even hardly stand to be in the line next to her line because I can still hear her talking. Tonight, I was in the blonde younger guy’s line, and he’s a big smart aleck but not in a good way. Where do they get these people? The only pepole I like there are the black and Indian cashiers.

GOOD THING: Modern Family is about to come on.
BAD THING: Hobby Lobby is out of something I needed TONIGHT.