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sweet tunes

Look at these sweet records I saw at the Salvation Army last weekend! I have no idea why they’re squished and tall, but I can’t fix it. I don’t think it’s gonna matter:


We had spaghetti tonight! It was good. Choxie is now having her dinner, too. It’s fish and sweet potatoes like always.

This week has already been much better than last week, and it’s only Monday. This weekend was good, too. I went to a baby shower and church, and they were both good. Yesterday, Brian and I spent lots of fun time together and laughed a LOT. We were being pretty goofy. I think it was mostly me, but whatever.

Choxie will not stop licking my shirt!

I don’t understand why television shows will sometimes put captions for people when they are speaking normal English. It almost seems racist because it’s usually when a black person or a hispanic person is talking – even if it’s easy to tell what they’re saying. Weird.

GOOD THING: The rest of the night can be pure relaxation!
BAD THING: nothing


Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day! I celebrated by going to work and having my busiest work day of the year. Hooray! I wanted to run after work to de-stress (if that even works for me, I’m not sure), but it got dark on me before I went. I am just going to make sure I go tomorrow unless I feel bad or something.

I am excited because I ordered some pretty sweet stuff and got some deals online tonight for jewelry making supplies! I am going to start trying to buy a lot of stuff on Etsy from other people instead of Hobby Lobby unless they just have something I need. I can find better prices and quality online – even from cheap wholesalers. Also, I mailed off 3 necklaces today, and I have 6 more things to make this week! ANYWAYZ.

I am watching the new show called Heavy on A&E, and it was pretty good. The guy lost 155 pounds by the end of his 6 months, and the woman lost 77 if I remember correctly. The cutest part is that the man & woman from the show got together for a double date with her husband and a friend of hers for him to date. He was nervous because he hadn’t been on a date in 10 or 15 years, he said. So cute! The best part, though, is that the woman and her husband were half of that double date – because they were supposed to become separated when she first went back home. and, now that she lost so much weight, she isn’t embarassed anymore to sing in front of people on stage, so she’s back at being a rock & roll singer!

I can’t wait for new TV shows to come back! AND PARKS & REC!


Woo hoo! I love a good Friday, and a good Friday usually means: get off work at 12, good lunch, then a free afternoon that leads to a relaxing night of doing whatever I WANT to do! The other part of a great Friday is a no-obligation Saturday. I have all those things this weekend! I am so excited.

Also, the truffles I brought home from our Sunday School Christmas party just got opened about 30 minutes ago. They are AWESOME! And there are TONS of them. The box has 2 huge bags of them inside. Thanks, Sheena, for only caring about the alcohol out of your gift!

The Nate Berkus show is 98% terrible. I wanted it to be good, but it’s just lame.

I need you to help me stick to my running this time around. I haven’t done a good job of it since before summer! It was just too hot before, but I know I can run from now until at least April without getting too hot, so I can hopefully increase my mileage fairly soon!

GOOD THING: healthy lunch today with Sheena
BAD THING: legs are too sore from running Wednesday to run again today!


We went to visit Dan & Carrie’s new baby tonight, and she is so funny! I don’t know why, but I think her face and expressions are just funny. I do not mean this in a bad way – she is very cute. But she makes me laugh! There were lots of people there, so I didn’t hold her, but I can’t wait to visit them after they get home so I can really see her!

I also hope it snows like crazy in a couple of days. They’re saying we could get up to 8 inches, even though I don’t believe it. However, even half of that would be sweet! If it snows a lot, I am not going to work on Monday because I will be playing in the snow. I hope that is okay!

Another good thing is that I sold 2 necklaces online this week, 2 sets of magnets at work, and a friend wants 5 necklaces soon to use as gifts. Woot!

I took Choxie to the dog park today, and she had tons of fun. She actually ran with another dog lots, chased balls and frisbees, and jumped super high lots of times in a row for a huge stick. Woo hoo! She got so tired, and I was happy about all of it.

I am also tired of hearing about Camille Grammer.

GOOD THING: work should be less busy next week
BAD THING:still haven’t cleaned the house


I am procrastinating by blogging!

I am working on the 2011 yearbook for Trinity’s UMW, and it’s taking forever! It’s not hard, but it’s tedious. I feel like I’m doing a job at work. It wouldn’t be so bad if the computer file I was given had an actual format with tabs and such instead of things badly spaced with spacebars and junk. I am doing my best at fixing most of it.

I even took Choxie to the dog park for a break after working an hour or 2, but she didn’t like it that much. She mostly wanted to stand by me or just come back home. She’s sleeping now in the couch. I guess not having fun wore her out.

Those commercials on tv with sad and pitiful animals who’ve been abused and locked up make me want to cry. I really wish the wouldn’t put those on tv, but I wish more that people wouldn’t be so cruel. My mother in law says there’s a special place in hell for people who torture animals, and I like to think she’s right. Click here to donate help for free to animals in shelters!

I love the gameshow called Baggage! It’s awesome. The worst part about it is that 1 vs. 100 comes on after it, and I don’t want to see that.

GOOD THING: Choxie is super cute.
BAD THING: My neck is SUPER sore today. Ouch.