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This week has been something else! By the beginning of this week, I’d decided this was the absolute worst Thanksgiving I’ve ever had, and I told that to Brian yesterday as I was upset once again about our plans. I won’t go into detail, but the plans I thought we’d made over a month ago weren’t going to happen, and I was hurt by it. What ended up happening was almost the same as I’d wanted, so it was okay. I cooked from the moment I got up Thursday morning until dinner time. I cooked a pecan pie, cornbread for dressing, a turkey and then dressing. We took our food to Brian’s parents, and it was a delicious meal! Cora had squash for her first Thanksgiving!

The day before Thanksgiving, Brian was off work. He was nice enough to clean the house on his day off. While doing so, he noticed water seeping from between the tiles in our kitchen. After doing some looking around, he knew we needed to call our trusty plumber. He came out very soon and determined we had a substantial problem, but he couldn’t fix it until Friday morning because of the holiday (understood). His estimate was $800-1100. That’s a lot, but some things have to be done. It wouldn’t sound as bad if we hadn’t just agreed to get new windows for the rest of our house 3 weeks ago. Anyway, in the mean time, we weren’t supposed to use our kitchen sink!

That means I washed some dishes and rinsed my turkey in the bathroom sink! hahaha. It really wasn’t that bad cooking all that without a sink. I was mindful of which measuring cups and spoons and such I used for certain things, so I reused a lot without having to use up a lot of dishes.

ANYWAY – today, the day AFTER Thanksgiving, the plumber came. He’d told us the fumes and possible mildew/mold from our issue wasn’t the best for the baby to breathe, so I decided to take Cora out for a while. Since I’d been talking about supporting small businesses, we headed straight to Sojourns! I bought lots of cool things: a necklace for me, earrings for me, some food items for Christmas gifts for our moms, and some finger puppets for a Christmas gift for Cora. I also spent enough to be entered twice in a drawing that will take place Saturday evening – I hope i win a $200 gift card to the store!

On our way home, I was so hungry, and Cora was getting fussy due to hunger and sleepiness. I was trying to figure out where to eat as I drove down 22nd Ave. S. As I came to a traffic light, I saw a car coming from the right. For about 1/4 of a second, I was like what? That’s weird. Why are we both going right now? I quickly realized it wasn’t a good thing, so I slammed on my brakes. Somehow, I felt calm and good about the whole thing while it was happening as I saw our cars coming together. I ALMOST AVOIDED THE ACCIDENT ALTOGETHER THANKS TO MY BRAKES! She barely clipped the front of my car. If you can imagine how the bumper started out, I swear I would’ve missed her if I’d had 6 more inches. If I hadn’t noticed her, we would’ve SERIOUSLY gotten T-boned, and it wouldn’t have been good. Of course, no one was going super fast since we were downtown, but it doesn’t have to be a high speed accident to be dangerous.

Here’s my car! This picture doesn’t look bad at all, but there are more things wrong than this, and this looks way worse in person, too.

My car’s sitting at a shop in Homewood right now, and I really may never see it again. It’s quite possibly totaled. We’ll see! Also, I’m sore in lots of areas because I tensed up (AGAIN – my life story with crashes) because I saw it coming. It’ll be okay, though. I’m going to the chiropractor Monday to get started on fixing it.

Tonight, we have Brian’s mom’s Jeep since she has the only other car seat (mine cannot be used anymore because it’s been in a crash now). We took it to Five Guys to have a dinner out. Here’s to hoping tomorrow is better!

GOOD THING: I and Cora are alive!!!!
BAD THING: who gives a rip – see above!

day off

At work, we get an extra day off during the year in addition to our regular vacation days, and there’s a list you can choose from. This year, I used Veterans’ Day!

Here’s what I did:

~woke up & took Cora to Brian’s moms so I could have a free day!
~came home to shower
~watched 2 episodes of Modern Family
~went to Target where I got an awesome new floor lamp for our living room! I’ve been looking for around a year, and I finally found a good one. I also bought Christmas lights and some other things.
~tried to go to the library and the bank, but they were closed, duh
~breezed through K-Mart & the Salvation Army to no avail

~came home to do laundry and watched 3 episodes of Parks & Recreation

I seriously can’t remember what else I did, but it was a great day! I shouldn’t have waited 2 weeks to post about it.