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This whole earthquake/tsunami/nuclear disaster is getting me down since we [all] feel so helpless. At this point, I am most worried about the nuclear explosions/leakages taking place. Hopefully, there won’t be too many people or animals harmed before they can get things under control.

My college friend, Mami, is Japanese (from Tokyo) and has since moved back home. I had no idea the earthquake happened until later the next morning, and it took me a few minutes to realize I knew someone over there. I immediately tagged her in a tweet to ask her to let us know if she was okay. I then remembered she had a Facebook page, so I checked that; she had JUST updated letting people know she was safe, as well as her family. Even though the earthquake was almost 12 hours before that time, she was still experiencing scary tremors every 15 minutes in Tokyo, which is 230 miles from the epicenter. However, she was worried about her husband, who was on a ferry at the time in Hokkaido, and she hadn’t heard from him. Minutes later, she told us he was fine, but he was confined to staying on the water until they could come to shore safely. Thank goodness! I am so glad she and all her family is safe. Others are not, so we should all keep praying for them.

GOOD THING: My friend is safe!
BAD THING: lots of people without homes and family members

sunday -1 hour

today is sunday! this weekend has been really good.

friday was casey’s birthday party! it was fun, and i am glad everyone that came was there. brian had fun, too.

saturday, i slept pretty late for the first time in quite a while. after waking up, i had a delicious biscuit (homemade by brian). after that, we cleaned the house, which took a long time. the only reason it took a long time was because i had about a million articles of clothing to hang up. i also went through several stacks of papers that i’ve avoided forever to weed out the junk. woo! the good thing is: if you wait long enough and ignore the stack, most of it becomes junk by the time you clean it up! 🙂

the reason we cleaned so much is because brian’s college roommate/friend, matt, and his wife, elise, were coming to our house saturday evening to meet and go out to dinner. they live in huntsville now, and matt loves to come to barber’s to ride his bike when they have special riding events. we had fun! we were only with them for 2.5 or 3 hours, but it was good times.

today, we went to church like always.we walked today since it’s walk/bike/carpool to church month. it was a good walk! sunday school was good; we had repeat visitors, and everyone participated in the conversation (including the visitors). contact was pretty good, too. after church, we met with brian’s parents outside the church and rode with them to mugshot’s for a big lunch. his parents liked it a lot, so that’s good. it’s always nice to have another place as an option.

after lunch, we rode to brian’s parents’ house. there, we visited poor pearl, who is still recuperating from her surgery. i also got a few plants from their yard to bring to my hard. after we walked home, i planted them in the backyard. that inspired me to work in the woods, and i made tons of progress. i even drug out this hugh metal thing (which we’ve finally identified as a feeding trough!) that’s been up there for who knows how many decades. we have to find a way to cut it in half before i can put it on the street for pickup because it’s probably a good 14 feet long. after carrying out tons of brush from the woods and getting tangled in some briars, my legs seriously look like i’ve been lashed with a whip and are burning, but they’ll be fine. i look like a sweet tiger!

after working back there, i sat on the porch and read a couple of chapters in one of the books i’m reading.

for dinner, i’ve already eaten some leftover ravioli from one night’s dinner, and i might eat another biscuit later with some apple butter or honey. mmmmmm

now, it’s tv time!

GOOD THING: lots of fun things this weekend
BAD THING: didn’t sleep much last night at all

fat tuesday

Today is Fat Tuesday! I started my day off with a donut. At work, we always have a Fat Tuesday lunch, compliments of my mother in law, and it gets better every year! This year (today), we had leftover Fish Market fish, chicken, salad, green beans & hush puppies from an event at the church last night. On top of that was our real Fat Tuesday lunch of sandwich meat, bread & fixings, good, fresh fruit, a fruit and cake trifle, bean & corn dip, chips, cake & icing balls, broccoli salad, king cake and probably something else that I forgot. Anyway, I am very full! I actually didn’t eat any king cake, so I did try to hold back a tiny bit.

Tonight, we are going to Moe’s BBQ with our friends Dan & Carrie because their baby is old enough to get out of the house and go into the public! She has taken her out before, but probably not to a restaurant. We’ll see how it goes! I’m just pumped that I have a great coupon that will get our dinner super cheap tonight.

Other than that, I don’t have much to say about the rest of the week.

However, this past weekend was awesome! Well, Friday was. Saturday was pretty terrible. Sunday was good again, and so was church. Woo! This weekend’s gonna be maybe even better!

GOOD THING: This month is passing by faster than I assumed so far, which is great for me.
BAD THING: Waiting stinks.