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funny stuff

This is one funny guy.

He (Bill Burr) has a new special on Comedy Central, and after a few minutes, it becomes hilarious. Watch it!

In other comedy news, I really like this guy, Jim Gaffigan.

We are going to see his new routine on September 19 at the Alabama Theater. That will kill 2 birds with one stone, because I want to see the inside of the Alabama Theater.

GOOD THING: bbq for lunch today! dollar movie 2 times this weekend!
BAD THING: tiling our bathroom is difficult business


One of these bit the crap out of me today!

I did not know katydids would bite, so when I found one on my car’s door handle today, I picked it up to show Brian what I found because I love critters of any kind (besides snakes, spiders or sharks). Anyway, I picked him up, noticed his feet were really clamping down, and I felt pain soon afterwards, so I looked down, and the thing’s head was down on my thumb grinding away at me and taking chunks away with each pass. I guess he was just bearing down so he could get a good bite. I had to grab the thing and pull really hard to get him to let go of me! I squeezed him a little while trying to pry his feet loose, so he made a weird noise, and I threw him on the grass. I am so glad I got him off when I did, or I’d have a big hole in my knuckle. He actually removed a whole hunk of skin; he didn’t just pinch me or whatever. Oh, well. He was still really cool.

We went to the lake today to wakeboad, and I jumped higher than normal! I think I am very slowly getting enough nerve to try and jump for realz. If I jump like 4 or 6 inches and it feels like a foot, I can’t imagine how it would feel to jump 5 or 6 feet in the air like Brian and everyone else that isn’t a wuss.

Tomorrow is Sunday, and we are teaching our Sunday School class again. It has been pretty fun so far, and I like the study we’re doing, so that’s all good.

No work Monday! I’m so excited. I usually HATE Sundays more than any other day of the week, but I bet this one will be better since it’s not the end of the weekend.

GOOD THING: finished studying for Sunday School early!
BAD THING: did a bad job of applying sunscreen, so there are stripes

food recommendation time


















The woman is creepy, but the applesauce is yums! I know the picture is small. The good stuff is Mott’s Healthy Harvest applesauce. I have to recommend Summer Strawberry. Yes, they all have weird names. Regular applesauce will never match it, even though it’s still good. I have tried Blueberry Delight, and it’s not for me, but that’s only because I’m not a blueberry fan. I don’t even know why I bought it. Anyway, I haven’t seen some of these flavors at my Publix yet, but I do want to try Country Berry and Granny Smith one day.

You should try them all!

GOOD THING: just beat some more songs singing on Rock Band
BAD THING: going to work 1 hour early on Fridays. Yes, I still get off work at 12, so it’s no big deal.

fair warning: complaining again

Today is the first day I have felt semi-caught up at work this whole month. Yay!

My plant is even bigger now!

We just found out Brian’s parents will take us to the beach some time in October. I hope a hurricane doesn’t thwart our plans! We plan to go deep sea fishing, and I’ve never done that before, so I’m excited. Last time we were going to do that, there was a tropical storm, and that pretty much ruined all our plans for the week. If we catch any kind of shark, I am going to punch it. I hate those things. I’ll punch it 3 times – 1 hit from me, 1 hit from Sheena and 1 hit from Brittany. Yeah! We all hate sharks.

I am open to your advice on dealing with people and their outpouring of political opinions. I have been dreading for some time now the stuff people are bound to say for the next several months – even way past inauguration day, I’m sure. I have lots of faults, and one is thinking I’m right and everyone else is an idiot. That may sound mean or silly, however you choose to read it, but that is honestly the general feeling I have towards those who have different ideas on certain topics as me. I don’t act that way towards them, but it’s in my head, as you all probably can relate to because I know I’m not the only person who thinks they’re right and everyone else is wrong sometimes.

One of the biggest topics that falls under this category is politics, and I am not good with letting others’ comments slide. I understand and am fine with the fact that people can have different opinions, concerns and values, but I don’t know why people think places like work are a good forum to openly discuss these things while assuming everyone agrees with them. This is when I wish I always had my sister in law around because she is working on her PhD in political science, and she is a library of the facts I wish I could remember and spit out when I get in a situation like that.

I heard this today at lunch:
-“I heard Joe Biden’s son’s speech on tv last night, and he asked everyone at the Democratic National Convention to please vote for his dad & Obama during elections because he wouldn’t be able to be here then to ask since he’s going off to Iraq. He signed up for the military.”
-“That’s funny since the democrats are always anti-war.”
-“Yeah, really. Well, I hate to say it, but I think that was all just politicking – him signing up for the military around election time.”

I don’t know about you, but I don’t care who my dad is. I am not signing up for the military EVER. That to me is like asking to die. I wouldn’t care who asked me to register. I feel like that’s something a person either just has or does not have a desire to do. Also, my dad would never ASK me to sign up for the military just because he was running for office because he wouldn’t put me in a life or death situation by choice. Who would do that?

Aside from that, of course democrats are doing things just because it’s close to election time. So are republicans. So would libertarians or greenies if they ever made it to the presidential election.

AGH whatever. I’m over it for now.

Oh – one more funny thing – everyone always decides they like the republican candidate because of “religious reasons,” but if people actually read the Bible, plus paid attention to the real reasons things are done, such as starting a war because of oil since they and all their buddies have stock in the oil industry, or cutting taxes for the rich, screwing over our education system, or making it impossible for the poor to be anything but poor, they might think again about who they should vote for. How about this – maybe not use that excuse until you talk to your minister to see where he or she stands. I’m pretty sure almost every one of my ministers will be right there with me on voting day. I know for a fact several of them will.

GOOD THING: tomorrow’s Friday!
BAD THING: head is trying to hurt

might should know this…

Ducktails – woo ooh!

Remember that cartoon?

I don’t know much about this Joe Biden guy yet, but I do know one thing. He needs a serious makeover.

Someone PLEASE tell him to cut that ducktail poof off the back of his head, then we’ll talk.

It doesn’t matter, I’m still voting for Obama over McCain any day.

GOOD THING: saw Manchester Orchestra last night
BAD THING: super tired today and still need to go to the grocery store

today’s tip

Here’s a funny little notion: If you are filling out a form that asks for an address, you need to fill that out. I am completely tired of trying to address some envelopes today at work and having to go and look up people’s street number or zip code or whatever just because the person filling it out decided I didn’t really NEED that info. I have plenty of forms that will say something like 26 Fairlane (drive? street? road? I have no idea. or a whole street address with a missing zip code. I wasn’t aware that I had the entire road system of Birmingham memorized so that I know what zip code any random street falls under. If I have to look up one thing because it is missing, I might as well not have ANY information, because I will have to look it up either way.

We have tried to prevent this by adding a specific blank for a zip code rather than just saying Address: with a blank, and that does help, but one day I might freak out and just make a form like this:

First Name:
Last Name:
Street Number:
Street Name:
St./Rd./Trl., etc.:

Would that work? Does that cover it? Maybe people can’t remember all the parts of an address.

This happens to me every single time we ask people for information.

Stop being lazy!

as a bee

Here is how my last few weeks have been: The last 3 weeks at work have been the busiest weeks of the year so far by at least 300%. I went on vacation and finally had a weekend home, but this past weekend, we visited my parents, so we weren’t at home then, either. I haven’t been sleeping well, but that’s nothing new, so I’ve been really tired lately. Not to mention Brian’s birthday was today, so we were out all night again for dinner and spending time with his parents. That was good, though. Of course, now that I’m home and showered, I am using my time to NOT go to bed and listening to music online while I write a blog. Makes complete sense to me.

Sheena, I watched Shia on Letterman tonight, and he is so funny.

Well, that was a quick little update, but I really do need to go to bed now, so I will update more later. Miss you!

GOOD THING: Brian had a good birthday according to him.
BAD THING: I ordered the wrong size of a shirt for him, so we’re just out that $20 because it’s been over 30 days since I ordered it, but at least that means I can have that one (and try to shrink shrink shrink it), and I’ve already ordered him a replacement.


Here are some pictures from our recent trip.

This is what happens when I get super hot and tired. Very flattering:

But, there was the Waving Girl statue nearby, so Brian cheered me up.

Then, I got happier and joined in!

Here we are together. What a cute puppy!

Here are some cool birds from the beach:

We found a sweet deserted part of the island with millions of tide pools.

And here’s a pretty sunrise:

Coolest candy store ever:

Fort Pulaski’s moat and drawbridge from the top of the fort:

Cool arched doorways inside the fort:

River Street:

Brian taking a rest:


Brian’s mom is scared of heights, so she stayed plastered against the wall:

Don’t fall!

Sweet prisms inside the lighthouse:

Dragons ride zebras in Savannah:

I still always have to play in the sand and dig ditches:

And here I am with my mom on the super windy beach:

The end.

you tell me

I would like to know why I have had stomach issues since Friday and have been so moody lately. At this moment, about 40 things are seriously pissing me off, and I shouldn’t be that annoyed at anything. Whatever is wrong with me, I sure hope it goes away soon because if I’m getting on my own nerves, I’m sure to be on some other people’s, too. Sorry!

In other news, I finally went to Hobby Lobby yesterday to get more magnet supplies. I took a long break from making them, but I’ve started back again, obviously.

I know I still haven’t posted any pictures from our vacation, but work has been so crazy and busy that I can’t stand the site of a computer screen when I get home.

I got free lunch today! I had leftover chicken fingers at church and some cookies.

Yesterday, when I came to work, my plant looked almost dead! I am happy to report that it is back to its normal self and doing fine. Close one!

GOOD THING: I get off work in about 20 minutes.
BAD THING: My neck is sore and stiff, and I’m very tired.