So, today is Thursday! I am debating whether or not to go get my vaccinations today. It mostly boils down to whether or not I want to take the time away from this afternoon and simultaneously miss Oprah, which happens to be an interview with Jay Leno. Since I’m boycotting him, I can’t determine whether or not that would include other shows he’s appearing on.

Today at work has been good so far. I’m a little too antsy to sit at a desk all day, but that happens a lot. Other than that, the day is good. I finished the one thing that totally had to be done today earlier this morning, so I have a light load for the rest of the day. Actually, we’ve started a women’s Bible study group around here that is voluntary and meets on Thursday afternoons, so I have that to do in about 30 minutes.

Yesterday, Choxie caught a chipmunk! It’s only the second one she’s ever cought, and the other one she caught was due to some help from Brian. This time, we just saw a dead chipmunk out in the yard, and there’s a giant hole dug up by our big tree where she likes to dig and sniff at times. Before I knew about the kill, I was wondering why she had dots of dried mud all over her face and mostly on her eyelids. Now I know! It’s funny because she doesn’t really want to do anything with it after she kills it, but she loves the whole chasing/hunting part, which makes sense since she’s a hound dog. She has carried it around the yard a little, but she doesn’t try to eat it or rip it up or really even do anything with it. She’ll pick it up and run with it for a few feet, then drop it and just forget about it.

I just made copies of my 2 Manchester Orchestra CDs for a friend that happens to work downstairs. I hope she loves them!

Before lunch, I was stretching/yawning in the hallway, and before I quit, I somehow ran my elbow directly into the door jamb of my office. It hurt pretty bad, but it was alright. Now that it’s been about 30 minutes or an hour, it’s killing me! I probably bruised it good.

GOOD THING: Thursday, and after lunch!
BAD THING: politics talk at work again!