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can’t believe this

Watch this video…it’s really short. 

Can she get worse? Probably.

glad tidings of the day

I am sure I’m getting a sinus infection, and I haven’t been happy about that basically because the doctor told me last time I had one that I would need to come in to see him before he could presribe me anything else, but guess what I found out? The medicine he gave me last year came with a refill! So, Brian’s dad is refilling it for me and bringing it home to me tonight! Yayyyy medicine with no doctor’s visit. So, I will feel better very soon! It hasn’t made it to the congestion stage, but my eye/eyebrow area has been hurting for at least a week, and it’s like I always have a headache but in my eye. It will be gone in no time!

GOOD NEWS: no plans tonight other than whatever I want to do
BAD NEWS: I’m a procrastinator.

you want this?

Look at this pathetic response that makes completely no sense AT ALL. Then vote for McCain! Yeah!

By the way, I watched the debate Friday night, which I do not support as anyone’s way of determining who to vote for. All you can learn from debates is who can argue better or who is the bigger smarty pants. If you want to know what each person thinks about something, then read up (from something published by a neutral organization) on both people and compare. Anyway, I thought it was pretty shameful how McCain was acting during the debate. Every time Obama said something McCain thought was crazy or inaccurate, McCain stood behind his podium and snickered, smiled and laughed audibly. Each time, Obama kept his serious face on and looked over at McCain with this look that basically was like, ‘what the hell is your problem?’ which is what I was thinking. Someone who is 72 years old should know how to act serious and at least pretend they could be respectful while someone else is delivering their presidential plan since that is why you’re both there in the first place. It was very tacky to me, and I’m sure it was to others, too.

I had a good conversation with my mom about the 2 candidates, and she will more than likely vote for McCain. It’s funny to me, because she agreed with everything I said about the economy, the war, and other stuff, but she still doesn’t like Obama’s “non-Christian” voting record, so she will probably not give him a chance. Go figure.

GOOD THING: might be moving to Switzerland or at least Canada!
BAD THING: headache – maybe sinus infection?

funny stuff

look how cute



toot toot!

I just found out this rocking chair is NOT out of stock. They haven’t even received them yet! They will be in stock in 2-3 weeks. I WILL go get 2 of these.

They’re only $40! I’m so excited. I’ve been thinking I missed the boat on these for several weeks now, and I was wrong. Yeehaw.

esta manana

So far today, this is what has happened: (don’t be fooled into thinking I’m about to say something awesome)

I woke up earlier than I had to, which sucks because I love to sleep as much as possible, but that’s okay. My neck is still hurting super bad due to something that happened while wakeboarding. The chiropractor fixed it a little yesterday, but however I slept on it made it hurt worse. I got ready in time to eat breakfast at home instead of in the car or at my desk. That is mainly because I pretty much didn’t fix my hair today. I’ve already done most things off my to-do list at work for the day even though I’ve been here only 1.5 hours. The best thing so far is that Julie offered to buy me Captain D’s for lunch! We just take turns buying each other lunch, so it’s apparently her turn. Free food! I’ve been lucky with free food this week.

I’m realizing how boring this blog probably is.

I am definitely looking forward to the holidays already. I am in a class studying how to handle the Christmas holiday/season, and it’s getting me all excited about how fun everything should and can be. I almost want to start shopping already! Laugh at me later when I still haven’t done anything and the date is something like December 10.

How long do you think it will be before marijuana is legalized? Do you think ever? Just thinking.

Brian wants a boat sooo bad. After we get back from the beach, if a couple he has found online are still for sale, we may take a weekend and go check one of them out and buy it hopefully. One is around 5 hours away, and the other is around 8 hours away. I will be happy when he gets one because he will be soooo happy.

Tell everyone our condo is for sale! Someone should definitely buy it. It’s so great, and I love it, but we just want a yard so we can get a dog. Oh yeah, and maybe some little Mezzells one day. Don’t you want us to be happy? Then buy our condo!

You know how people ask sometimes what your ideal dream job would be? I don’t have an answer for that. What does that say? I feel like I will never know what I want to do. I’m pretty happy working at the church and giving my time like that. I kind of think I would like to somehow come up with my own business, but I don’t want to be a slave to owning a business and give every second of my life to something like that. I don’t even know what kind of business it’d be. I would love it if I had some kind of workshp at my house to work on things and make things that other people would buy. However, I don’t know what that something would be, and I doubt I’d make anything good enough that people would want. Am I the only person that doesn’t have a clue? I know I wasn’t designed to be one of those people who are totally career driven. This paragraph should prove that. I just don’t know what that leaves. I want to be productive and make money and do things. Whatever.

BAD THING: neck hurts and just ate some chocolate cake before a fried, greasy lunch – yay health!


Is this REALLY news? 

Since I usually tell you all about past happenings, I will switch it up and tell you of some upcoming things. This coming weekend, we are traveling to visit my parents in Georgia and hopefully making a trip to Ellijay for some apples. The apple houses better be open still! I have lots of fried apple pies to eat, cider to drink, and other goodies in store. The weekend after that, we are either a) going to the lake with friends, b) going to Berry College for Mountain Day, c) going to a bluegrass festival with the Pattons or d) undetermined. The next weekend, we are leaving for the beach with Brian’s parents and hopefully deep sea fishing. I hope the weather cooperates! The last time we tried this, a tropical storm thwarted our plans. Oh yeah – in the middle of all that, our anniversary is October 7! Yayyyyy I love Brian.

My breath is seriously gross because I just ate some weenies and cheese.

If anyone knows of someone looking to buy a sweet home, tell them our condo is up for grabs!

GOOD THING: made some more magnets
BAD THING: just tired

whistle pigs are back!

That’s right, I saw a groundhog today on my way home from work. It’s the first one I’ve seen since the spring, and he sure was cute! It’s like it knew it was the first day of fall! I hope I can see a lot more of them before the winter comes. They’re so cute.

GOOD THING: today went by really quickly at work
BAD THING: just ate way too much spicy chili

brian and tv

This is what it sounds like to watch disaster shows with Brian. You know, those shows here people have crazy accidents or get mauled by animals and stuff?

“HAHA! Watch this! This crap’s gonna be WILD!….(disaster)…HAHAHAHAHAH!!! Damn! They got MESSED up! HAHA!”

He gets so much enjoyment out of these shows. Too bad Project Runway just came on and I already called this hour. Muahaha.  Just kidding…kind of.

GOOD THING: good study at church tonight
BAD THING: migraine trying to happen, but Ima fight it off!