Christmas has come and gone, and so has my tiny little slice of Christmas spirit for the year. It never came on full force, but it was enough to get me by.

Christmas Eve was fun – worked half a day, hung out around the house, went to Brian’s parents’ house for food and family time (his uncle & aunt come with their 3 adult children and 1 granddaughter – Lexi!), then church with the immediate fam. That was nice, and we got into the truck to leave at 12:09 AM. We took a short drive to see Christmas lights in the neighborhood, then went home. I think we finally got to bed after 1 or something.

On Christmas, we woke up at 6:30 AM to get our gifting finished so we could pack and head to his parents’ again before family comes before we leave for Georgia. Brian got me great gifts, and there is still one on its way. At his parents’, we also got great stuff. Brian has a new computer to build! It will be a PC and a Mac. He’s working on it right now. After that, we’ll have 3 computers, so I think our current big-monitored PC will move down to the basement because I am going to finish setting up my work area down there for jewelry making! We rearranged everything months ago to have a workout area, a tv/stereo area, and a work area, but I actually kind of forgot to continue working on it.

Anyway, that was good, then Brian’s aunt & uncle picked an extra early time to come over for breakfast, so we had to cut it short and eat & talk with them. It was fun the second time, too. They left pretty quickly, so we had another bit of close family time before Brian and I left for Georgia. We had to leave on the early end of our range because it had started to snow! My dad swore the roads were fine at the moment, so we headed out. The roads were all fine, but I’m glad we didn’t wait around because they weren’t as great that evening.

My parents had way more snow than Alabama! As soon as we pulled up, I said hello and borrowed some waterproof boots from my mom so I could drive to my grandparents’ and sled with my cousin. He’s the one that I always played in the snow with when we were in school, so it was cool to get to do it again – especially since it was Christmas. It didn’t work out so well! I think we’ve lost our touch, but it as still fun being out there. Then it was Christmas time! I always like Christmas at my grandparents’. We also got to visit with my aunt & uncle who live in North Carolina (and their 2 kids), so that was nice because I only see them once a year at the most. My cousin also brought her new little baby, but I didn’t even look at her up close because it seems like she was eating the whole time! Every time i saw her, she was eating or sleeping. My mamaw gave all the girls huge boxes of homemade jellies & stuff, which is what we told her we’d like to have. They’re delicious!

After that, we went to my parents’ and finally did Christmas there. We got lots of awesome things! I love every single thing I got – all day, for that matter. I got a super pretty dress, some videos I’ve been wanting, a sweet coat, and tons of other stuff. My parents seemed to love their gifts, so that is the best part. My dad cannot stop playing with and checking on his little weather station thing we gave him; he loves it! It was the big hit of the weekend, I think.

It ended up snowing probably 3 or 4 inches there because it snowed ALL day on Christmas AND the next day! wooo

Mostly, that just meant it was super gross and muddy the next day.

Choxie loved playing with Rosie, so they had a super fun time. All they do is constantly play fight for 3 days, so when we get home, Choxie is really tired. Score!

GOOD THING: We made it everywhere we wanted to go safely.
BAD THING: I need to clean my house BIG time.