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choxie darsh

Poor little Choxie has a mysterious area where her back leg meets her stomach that looks like a burn, and no one has any idea how it started! She went to the vet today, and she now has some antibiotics and a cream to try out on it. I hope it gets better soon! If it’s not gone in a week, we have to take her back. However, she did much better at the vet today. Everyone there kept saying how pretty and fit and brave she was! 🙂

GOOD THING: got our stroller, carseat and 2 bases tonight from the neighbors!
BAD THING: stomach is super full from eating dinner and dessert! 


My hairdryer stopped working correctly last night (stuck on the cool setting, which would NEVER get my hair dry), and with my hair, you cannot wait to fix that problem. We went to Kmart this evening to get a new one, so I also wrote down a list of other things for the house I want to buy soon (like in the next 2 weeks) to just see if I could knock any of that out. I couldn’t. I actually seem to find decent stuff at Kmart, so I blame Black Friday for selling all the stuff I want. I guess a Target run is in store soon! Here is what I need: queen sheets for the new guest room, a space heater for the same room, a medium sized trash can for Cora’s room, a wall clock for her room, lamps for both those rooms, possibly a bedside table for the guest room, and who knows what else. I want to get the guest room ready in the next 2 weeks so my parents can stay in it when they come to visit. I am out of town this weekend, so I will have a lot to do when I get back!

GOOD THING: found a hairdryer
BAD THING: so tired of TV these days – maybe that’s good 

last class

Tonight was our last Preparing for Parenthood class. This time, we were the couple that lost it. I don’t know what it was about tonight, but several couples got the giggles, and we weren’t even talking about anything giggle-inducing. Laughing really, really hard is one of my favorite things to do, and Brian and I are GOOD at it. It always happens when we should be quiet – like at church – but class wasn’t so bad. No one really cares. However, it surely doesn’t feel as fun when you’re 8 months pregnant! I thought I was going to bust open and die of suffocation, but it was worth it. I don’t even know what we were laughing at!

Another girl laughed out loud first across from me because, as we first started swaddling our baby dolls, her doll had a leg that popped off. I saw it happen and laughed, too, but I wasn’t going to laugh out loud. Then she did, and I did, too. The teacher was like, “what is happening back there?!” The girl just held up the doll leg laughing pretty hard. It was quite funny in person.

The only thing that stinks about the class is that I didn’t get to know the couple we sat with each week, and they seemed funny and normal. Maybe I’ll run into her again in town somewhere and we can reconnect! I don’t even know their names!

GOOD THING: no more classes on Monday nights, but we did learn lots
BAD THING: ate too much food today, so I’m super stuffed! 


I have never heard so many people all around me coughing at church as I did this morning. If I get sick at 8 or 9 months pregnant because someone won’t stay out of public when they’re sick, I’m going to be mad!

thanksgiving ’11

I know this sounds bad, but I have to say that both the turkey and the dressing I made this year might be THE BEST I’ve ever eaten. It was my third time making each of those foods, so maybe the third time really is a charm! I didn’t use any new recipes or anything, so it just happened that way. Actually, the “recipes” aren’t really measured out, so I probably did do some things a little differently even though it was all the same ingredients. Anyway – success! The best part is that we have leftovers of that and my other favorite – Brian’s mom’s sweet potato casserole (thanks to his Mamaw’s recipe). IT IS AWESOME, and I have a pretty good bit of it in my fridge!

In addition to that, Cora is STILL on the move like crazy. Today, she literally felt like a rock in my belly. She is pushing SO HARD on my outwardly that I sometimes can’t stand up straight if she gets in that position while I’m sitting until after I stand a few seconds. My skin has to readjust, I think! right now, she is weeble wobbling all over the place as I type. Sometimes I wonder if the laptop’s bright screen gets her attention. Supposedly, they will turn toward bright light and sounds.

I cannot wait to do NOTHING tomorrow unless I want to! I want to sleep late, relax, not put on any real clothes, and veg out.

GOOD THING: successful Thanksgiving!
BAD THING: back and feet HURT! 

not so short week

I am off two days this week, AND I get off early every day this week for various doctor visits, but I feel three times as busy!

Monday afternoon, I had to go to the dentist to check out my back tooth because I suspected it had broken. It had. Monday night, we had our 3rd parenting class. Regarding that – oh crap. Having a baby sounds like nothing compared to the grossness and discomfort in the following days & weeks. Oh well. I can’t do much about it now!

Tuesday afternoon, I had to go back to the dentist to get a temporary crown while I wait on the real one to come in a couple of weeks. It was the least painful thing every to have done at a dentist’s office, not that those things usually bother me very bad. After the dentist visit, I had to go to Publix during a torrential downpour and buy all my Thanksgiving groceries. It wasn’t that bad. Tuesday night, we had band practice before meeting Brian’s family for dinner at Mugshots since his sister flew in Tuesday afternoon. We didn’t get away from there until around 9, and we visited with them afterward until around 11.

Today, which is Wednesday, I am leaving a little early from work to go to the doctor for a regular pregnant lady checkup. I hope to not be there that long. This evening, we have no official plans, but I need to make all the food ahead of time that I can for tomorrow, so that will take lots of time probably. Also, we have to clean the house for people to come over. At least we’ll get a clean house out of it! And then I’ll have to clean the kitchen again right before everyone comes since it’ll be a whirlwind in there on Thursday.

Thursday, we’re doing something we haven’t done before, and that is have a brunch with some of Brian’s family before they all head to Auburn for the game weekend. Later that evening is when they’ll come to my house and eat the real Thanksgiving dinner.

GOOD THING: Ann is home for a visit.
BAD THING: couldn’t sleep last night past 4:30 because my right leg is a huge butthole and keeps cramping. 

shopping success

Here is how today has gone so far.

Work was slow and boring, but that is okay. While at work, I volunteered to buy half of our office’s Angel Tree gift (1 gift card of 2 asked for) since I had planned to go to Old Navy this afternoon.

I remembered (before I left work) that my debit card was not with me. That is a GREAT thing. I was able to run home, let the dog out to play, get my card, and then go shopping.

I headed down to the new mall stuff at Alabaster because I heard that Old Navy has maternity clothes, and I also wanted to go to a Bed Bath & Beyond, which is also there. I drove down and immediately noticed there’s also a Hibbett Sports, so I called work and volunteered to get that half of our Angel Tree gift, too. They were excited, and I felt helpful. 

In Old Navy, the “maternity section” is a tiny wall in the very back, far corner of the store. It’s basically bull crap. Everything I tried on sucked, so I left. Also, I forgot to buy the dang gift card. 

I walked to BB&B and successfully found all the bathroom rugs I wanted and also a new shower curtain liner that is mildew free. Yes!

I then walked to Books-A-Million to check out their baby books (the record kind, not to read them), but they were no good. I then got in my car to drive down to Hibbett, only to remember the Old Navy gift card I should’ve bought, so I went back to get that. Success!

I did drive down to Hibbett and get that card, too. Success! On the way in, I noticed there was a Target there, too, which was my other store option for the afternoon, so all in all, Alabaster was perfect.

Before Target, I got food at Chick-fil-A (also in the same mall area) finally at 2 because I wasn’t hungry at lunch time.

At Target, I managed to find some awesome sweat pants I can wear around instead of having to wear jeans or pajama pants. I also got a pretty cardigan/sweater thing and a much needed white maternity tank top like my black one I seriously wear all the time.

When I was done shopping at 2:30, it was perfect timing to get to the chiropractor in Homewood by the time it opened at 3!

I did so much this afternoon that was productive! I even swept the back patio of leaves (not sure why) when I got home and chatted with our neighbor.

I think we’re eating dinner with the Hollands tonight, so that will be good, too.

Yay for Fridays!


I love this show!

I might have to get the seasons on DVD later on when they come out.

On a side note, I have what feels like a major earthquake going on in my torso. It’s REALLY weird tonight, but it started being that way early this morning; I noticed it first at 5AM. She has to be so cramped in there. It feels so tight with pressure that she has to have grown a good amount without my skin stretching to catch up yet.

GOOD THING: lots done in Cora’s room lately
BAD THING: haven’t bought any food to make for Thanksgiving yet 


Today was my first baby shower. It was so adorable!

I made the first real progress on Cora’s room tonight since it’s painted and ready to go.

Cora currently has hiccups, but she does a lot. At least half the times are right after I eat.

Brian has been watching a Harry Potter movie this evening, and I SWEAR it’s been on for like 4 hours.

Sheena correctly informed me that I am now technically 8 months pregnant, and that just sounds crazy.

I think I messed up a little today singing a new song at church, but that is ok. We didn’t even practice until this morning!

I just found out Brian has watched 2 HP movies, so at least they’re not as long as I thought. (doesn’t mean I don’t like them)

Choxie didn’t eat any weird parts of other animals today except for dragging in a weird bug to watch on the rug tonight.

lake day

We went to the lake Friday evening after dinner and came back Saturday evening. On Friday, we let Choxie in the house and immediately smelled something nasty. This has happened before, but it wasn’t AS bad this time. Either way, she had found something dead and rolled her head in it, so one of the first things we got to do there was give her a bath!

This afternoon, we are on the porch and see her running back to our yard from the direction of the neighbors’ house with a giant stick in her mouth. She looked so happy, and we laughed at her. We were waiting on a pizza to finish cooking in the oven, so we soon went inside to eat it when it finished cooking. Brian took his piece outside to watch the dog and comes back in pretty soon and says “I don’t think that’s a stick.” I asked what it was if not because it looked just like a big piece of a limb or something earlier when we saw it. He said “I think it’s a LEG.” I assumed he meant she ruined someone’s rocking chair on their porch or something, so I clarified by asking about furniture, and he said no – like off an animal. We went out there to look, and sure enough, it had a freaking HOOF on it. Poor deer! She loved it, though. We had to leave it behind when we came home.
deer leg