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shopping excursion

Today, I had to go to the dentist after work, which is in Vestavia. That worked out perfectly because I had a coupon for a free bottle of OPI nail polish from Ulta that was for today only (I think). Ulta is too far away to go just for one free bottle of nail polish, but I was part of the way there, AND I have been wanting to buy some new makeup, and I found out they carried it! So, I went there to get this for free:

It’s a dark navy blue. Most colors they had were horrible or had metallic crap in it.

And, I went to get some Physician’s Formula makeup from their Bamboo Wear line, so here is what else I got:

I got some powder, which is a refill, and the compact you keep using comes with a brush and a mirror. I also got some tinted moisturizer. It’s all organic stuff, and the brush and compact are made of bamboo. Sweet! I also signed up to be in their rewards club.

Brian just pitched our new tent in the living room, so we’ve been laying in it together watching Star Trek. Good times! haha


Do you love the awesome soup at Surin? Well, if you ever crave it, maybe you should try this!

It is not quite as good, but it’s dang close. Plus, it has a sweet brand name! I finally bought a variety of this company’s soups this past Friday, and so far, they’re pretty good. I recommend them! They have lots of vegan choices.

GOOD THING: This week is 10x better than last week already!
BAD THING: stomach is rumbling

worst enemy

Guess what I hate? Doyyyy the alarm clock! But LOOK AT THIS ONE! If I had this one, I might go crazy. Brian said I would pound it into oblivion. I have to give props to the person who created it, because it’s just what someone like me needs, actually, to be forced awake enough to not fall back asleep. But seriously:

When you set the clock, you have to have the shapes where they go in the puzzle. When your alarm goes off, the pieces shoot out! You have to find them and put them back into the correct places before the alarm goes off. Yep. Best and worst idea ever.

Whoa. On that note, check this out!

This MIGHT be passable as a McGruber alarm clock. Right? Right? Every morning, one of the three lights on the left comes on. Depending on which one (it’s random), you have to unplug the right wire to ‘disassemble’ the bomb. Sweet! You could wake up feeling like a hero every day!


Please watch this video!

quotable quotes

Today, I heard yet another memorable comment, and it was at work (well, after work and on the way to our cars):
“See, wine is my meditation at night.”

On a related note, I seriously have some of the best coworkers in the world – not to mention the overall work environment. I know some people would have issues working at a church office – especially their own, but it really works for me, and it’s a HUGE bonus. Loves all around!

GOOD THING: Modern Family and a run tonight!
BAD THING: nothing worth mentioning; I’m tired of complaining! 🙂

dining drama

Brian and I went to the lake Saturday afternoon and spent the night to take a break from normal life since we’ve been so busy lately! We had a great time. One thing that was great was that we drove down to Prattville to eat at Longhorn Saturday night. They told us the wait would be 10-15 minutes, which was fine. I had already decided to not stay if they said anything past 20 minutes, so I was happy to hear it was less! We waited and waited and waited, and then we realized several other couples were seated before us that got there after us. I was starting to get super pissed because I was starving to death, so Brian and I both got up and asked if there was a reason several people were being seated in front of us when they got there way after us. We were told they tried to page us several times, but we never showed up, so they kept skipping us. That happens a lot; I know people leave when they get tired of waiting. But after 10 minutes? and we were sitting DIRECTLY in front of the girl that took our name down when we walked in? They might have paged, but no one EVER called our name out. Why would you take names down if you don’t even use them? I was pretty annoyed at that, but after we finally got a table, everything was back to perfect because their food is delicious, and the waitress was great.

GOOD THING: work day is halfway over
BAD THING: sore muscles!


Choxie officially does not like me looking at the laptop for more than a few minutes. We already knew this because she acts like a heathen sometimes when it’s in my lap before just plopping down on top of it. Tonight, she literally stuck her head between my legs and under the laptop and pushed it off my lap. Thank goodness I was paying attention because I just held onto it while she did that so it wouldn’t fall. After that, she bit at my arms and boobs! I don’t know what that was about, but she definitely wants to get in my lap and take its place.

GOOD THING: Brian just saved us a lot of money by finding a cord we already had to hook my iPod through my stereo stuff. He realized we had the cord while we were at Best Buy looking at all the things we almost bought.

BAD THING: I cannot figure out the newly re-done music channels on TV, but it looks like they are less consistent than before. Maybe I will figure them out soon. The descriptions are pretty bad, so you just have to listen to them a lot to figure out each channel’s style.


Have any of you ordered anything from Target, meaning it had to be shipped to you? I have before, but I just ordered 3 table lamps from Target this week, and tracking my shipment is absolutely ridiculous. You get an email for your order confirmation, and it has a link you can click to track your package. After you click that, you have to go to another page, sign in, and click a link that also says ‘track your package’. From there, it lists all my 3 lamps individually and says they’re all shipped seperately, so there’s a list of three links, and you click there to go to another page. Guess what it says…”in transit.” You have to click something else if you want to see the transit details!

Or, if you’d rather, on the second step, you can put in your order number instead of signing in to your Target account. If you do that, you get a whole different list of details. One of them says my stuff is in Tennessee, and another says the stuff is already in Birmingham. The one list that says my lamps are in Birmingham says they were scanned leaving Memphis at 2:31 today and arrived in Birmingham at 2:32, which isn’t even possible. Whatever!

I love shopping at Target, but their website is a whole different story. The categories on the left side within a type of item never makes great sense, and it’s just weird.

They need to get it together!


I know people (including me) type this all the time, but I laugh a lot, so I really do mean it most of the time! I feel like I have laughed lots and lots (LAL?) this week, so here are some things that have made me seriously laugh out loud this week:

I know they won’t be funny to you, so this is mostly for my entertainment.

At work:
Me: “I don’t have an iPhone; I haven’t even held one before.”
Scott: “Well……you’re not gonna hold this one, either.”
I know it doesn’t sound that funny, but in the situation, it was quite hilarious – ask Julie!

Today at SIFAT trying to drill wells through rock over and over:
Me: “This is ridiculous!”
Bob Hood: “It’s STUPID!”

The video online: Drunken History 6 – seriously watched it probably 10 times in the last 2 days and cannot stop laughing at it. It’s the bomb.

Today, we laughed hard at Choxie going nuts over playing with broccoli stalks. She went crazy! She loves them.

Tonight at dinner was so hilarious! Our neighbor, Miles, is one of the funniest people I know. We learned TONS about lots of stuff tonight – everything from transient groups to scam artists to gypsies to him playing in random kinds of bands to his stereotypical Italian cousin in law to a million other things. It was wild. Oh, and he has ghost stories! And a real photo of a ghost that you can make out the face of! I have to see it.

Anyway, there have been lots of laughs lately, and it was nice. It helped make up for how sick I was earlier tonight. I got a bad headache about 30 minutes before company was supposed to come, and it only got worse until a long time after they showed up. I couldn’t even eat my dinner other than the salad – BOO! It got bad enough that I thought I was going to throw up, but I somehow got rid of it with some medicine and drinking Coke (or at least that is the only thing I can think of that might have worked.) Guess what else? I bought a bottle of red wine for them to drink even though I don’t usually like it, and she kept telling me how good it was and that I should try it because she thought I might be okay with this one. I tried it after she left, and she was right! I kind of like it!

This is too long, so I’m going to quit.

GOOD THING: good ending to a LONG and tiring day
BAD THING: nothing

watch it

Look at these neato watches!

They are eco-friendly (puke now if you want), and they are 100% biodegradable (in case it gets smashed, I guess). I think they’re fun. They’re $30 each on the website, but since they’re available on Amazon, I bet you could find them cheaper elsewhere. Also, if you want to see them in person, the site says they’re carried at Sears in the Galleria (next time you go THERE..?)

Here’s the site! They have tons of colors and different sizes.