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Chipmunks, watch out! Choxie is after you! Every day when I come home from work, Choxie doesn’t even want to come inside because she is busy hunting chipmunks! I really wonder how many hours a day she circles the water garden – blowing air between the rocks and digging at any hint of a smell. She’s only caught one so far (2 if you count 1 at the lake), but she sure tries!

I forgot to mention that we watched The Blindside this weekend with my parents. The movie was good (not great), but I still have no idea which part people keep talking about crying at. I am kind of a crier when it comes to movies, and I not once came close to crying at all. My dad said there seemed to be lots of holes in it, and I think he’s right. The best part about the movie is that it’s real.

I think our neighbors got a new dog. I saw the guy out there taking pictures of this tiny little thing – maybe a Yorkie. Choxie made sure to go to the fence and bark a couple of times before running back off to play by herself. She could eat that thing up in no time! those neighbors don’t come outside very often, and the time we tried to wave and say hi, the guy seemed like he was shy or busy or didn’t want to start a conversation, so we basically ignore them. It’s easy since they’re never outside, so I guess we aren’t really ignoring them. It’s just weird because everyone else here is so talkative. They’re just renters, though, and the house is for sale, so maybe they don’t care to get to know anyone.

GOOD THING: visited All Saints’ to see their Stations of the Cross today
BAD THING: nothing I can think of


Granola is awesome as cereal! It’s my current favorite. I have only tried 2 different brands, but they were both yummy. I’ve had the 365 brand from Whole Foods and the Cascadian Farm(s?) brand bought at Publix. It’s another organic/natural brand. It’s totes yummy and way more filling than any other cereal I’ve had. It took me a while to figure out how much to put in my bowl because I couldn’t finish the first 2 or 3 bowls I made for myself. I’ve been eating it for a while, but I just now thought about blogging about it. I’m sure you’re let down by that.

Tonight, we went and got dinner for us and Brian’s parents and ate with them at their house. We visited a while, then we decided to go ahead and go to Academy since I wanted a new sports bra and possibly these shorty shorts I’ve been thinking about getting for running. The selection is really slim right now for some reason, but I’m guessing it’s because they’re about to get tons of new summer stuff, which is awesome! I tried on the shorts, and they are not what I hoped for. I jogged in place for a second, and they just weren’t going to cut it. I ended up getting some other really short shorts that are so comfy and should be awesome. They only had mediums in 2 colors, and one of those colors was pepto pink, so I obviously chose the maroon ones, which are still pretty ugly, but goodness. At least I’m not glaring in some puke-o pink. If I end up liking them, I’ll just get more when they re-stock. Plus, most of the sports bras they had were the kind that doesn’t even work, and some of those were the really expensive brands. So, I just got 1, but it’s pretty purple, and I hope it works out well. Blah blah enough of that!

GOOD THING: finished reading Craig Ferguson’s book “American on Purpose” – entertaining and great!
BAD THING: bed time boooooooooo


I like watching Kendra. I don’t watch it regularly, but I like catching it on sometimes. So far, this newest episode is really good. It’s the one about Hank playing in the Superbowl, but so far, it’s been about Kendra needing to lose weight and stop eating junk food.

Choxie is sleeping on me, and she has been sleeping all evening! We know she is extra tired because she left us and went in our bedroom to sleep on her bed. That means she is REALLY tired. She is having major twitches during this current nap, and it’s really cute. Her paw, nose, mouth and face are all twitching like crazy. She looks like a rabbit with her nose and whiskers twitching! Maybe she knows it’s almost Easter.

We are really tired, too, so we both took a nap this afternoon. Of course, I slept longer than I should have, but I haven’t slept much lately, so I needed it.

I ran over 3 miles today! We went a different way today and ran to 31 and back. The worst part was that we went after the nap I mentioned, so it was harder than normal just like it was last time we ran after a nap. I think I won’t do that again.

I’m pretty excited in a way to go back to work tomorrow. Of course I’d like to stay at home, but compared to a normal Sunday evening, this one doesn’t seem so begrudging of the upcoming Monday morning. As far as I know, everyone will be back from vacations, and I don’t think it should be an extra busy week. Also, I don’t have ANY commitments any evening this week besides TV night, so that is awesome! Maybe I can get some stuff done around the house or catch up on some reading at least.

Guess what? My birthday is in less than 2 weeks! It doesn’t seem like it is that close, so maybe it will feel more like it when it gets closer.

GOOD THING: ran farther than ever today & sold another necklace online
BAD THING: possibly messed up tonight’s sleep by napping

this week

This week has been weird. My computer at work stopped working due to a virus on Monday afternoon, so I went until this afternoon without a computer in my office. I tried to clean my office some, and I had a bulk mailing that took up some time that didn’t require a computer, so that ws nice. Other than that, my to-do list was pretty short, so I just cleaned some more and worked on thinning out the office recyling. Everything should be back to normal tomorrow, though.

Tonight, I went to 5 stores looking for a new trash can for our kitchen, and I can’t find anything. the same 3 or 4 trash cans are everywhere, and they will not work. It’s so weird how limited the trash can selection is. I am not even counting those that are ridiculously expensive. There is no way I need a stainless steel trash can that requires it’s own liners; those are the wrong size and shape, anyway. I did find one trash can that would probably be okay, but it was $40 (and just plastic!), and I was going to need 2 of them. No, thanks!
*EDIT: I have found an awesome trash can online that is, in fact, stainless steel and expensive, but it would be awesome and has 2 compartments so it could solve both issues at once. If someone would give me about $100, I’ll get it! haha

It all started because we got a new table and stools to put in our kitchen, but the corner where the table now is happens to be where the trash can and our recyling bin usually stays. There really isn’t anywhere else to put those things, so we’re trying to figure it out. If you think you can help me, please do!

I have been wondering where my headband went – Brian just walked in and asked what was around my neck! Headband: found!

I ran 30 minutes again yesterday! It was a tiny, tiny bit easier, too, so I think I’m on the right track!

GOOD THING: got some new mixing bowls tonight and some yeast to make some bread
BAD THING: TV stinks tonight

run forrest run

I did it! I just got back from running 30 minutes straight for the first time! I knew I could do it soon, so I just figured I’d go ahead and try today since I’d had a 2 day break and the weather was great for it. I’m proud of myself! 🙂


Stephen Colbert autotuned himself tonight!

I think this weekend is going to be great! I will update afterwards and let you know if my hunch was right.

If someone was visiting your house for the first time, what would you think was a cool hostess gift? My friend at work suggested some really creative things, but I can only remember 2 of them. I might have to Facebook her and ask for ideas again. One idea was just to bring a couple of the giant free trade chocolate bars like we sell at church. Some crazy people don’t like chocolate, but in the end, it’s the thought that counts anyway. Ideas?

I ran again today even though my lower legs hurt a little. At one point I told Brian I didn’t think I would be able to run much longer, and he offered to stop and walk, but I said no and said I would let him know when I wanted to stop. Guess what? I never did! I made it all the way home. Woo hoo! Sometime next week, I am going to go one to try to run the entire 30 minutes without stopping. I know I could do it already on a good day, but I am fine with taking it slow.

Sheena, I told you in the beginning that I wasn’t really interested in running in any races, but I actually think I want to now! I think I would like to see how it feels afterwards because I am enjoying this whole being proud of myself thing.

Holy crap. Donald Trump is on David Letterman, and he is saying some really smart political things. I’ve noticed David Letterman getting braver with politics, but this discussion is really awesome. Maybe you should Google it and watch the clip!



so sweet

Look how adorable this little stuffed animal is!

There’s a giveaway going on at this blog, and this guy is my favorite. He’s Frank the Pony! Awww.

new friend

Choxie has a new friend! Our neighbors a couple of houses down have a somewhat new dog named Little Bit. They’re the same neighbors who had a dog drown in their pool last year, and they also have 2 other dogs (1 is new since the other one died). He said this one was going to just be a foster dog, but they got attached and kept her! That happened after she got really sick with kennel cough that turned to pneumonia, which gave her some lung damage – and then she made it through! I don’t blame them for getting way too attached after helping her through all that. She’s pretty cute, and today, we found out that she loves to play with Choxie. She just ran right up to our fence while we were all in the back yard and yelped because she wanted in to play. We let her in our back yard, and they ran around and play fought a lot. She’s pretty cute and really sweet. It’s especially awesome because Choxie’s 2 dog friends on our street are now gone, so she’s just in time to be the perfect replacement! 🙂

GOOD THING: run was awesome today
BAD THING: not ready for Monday yet, but at least this week should be lots easier both at work and after work

lol lines

some from tonight’s NBC shows (because I got tired of doing this by the end of The Office):
“put your tongue in her ear!”
“because I don’t look cool in shorts!”
“I’ll go there later if I feel like it.”
“but they caaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnntttttttttt!” and the whole echo thing
“the acoustics in the bathroom are insane!”
“I have a shirt like that in my car.”
“WE don’t.”


I finally tried this stuff, and it tastes so good!!!!

I like it almost as much as awesome juice, also known as

Minute Maid’s pomegranate blueberry juice. I’m pretty burned out on this juice right now, so the v8 is my new favorite. I can see me getting tired of it soon, but it seriously is good. I know Sheena likes another flavor of it, so I feel it’s safe to say that the whole Fusion line is probably delicious.

GOOD THING: new Tosh.0!
BAD THING: My legs are hurting/aching, and I have to get up early tomorrow to spend some money on an electrician.