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My whole torso just moved because Cora moved, and she is getting STRONG! If she could endorse any product right now, I’d say it’d be Jolt Cola. Remember those?
The only place we could get them was across the state line in Tennessee, but my dad made sure to stop there sometimes so we could get crunk.

BAD THING: nothing important!


Brian just told me he had a dream about Cora last night and then told me about it. It made me tear up! It’s really cute.

I’m getting excited!

GOOD THING: Today was better at work.
BAD THING: Brian’s sister is sick with a cold or something.

favorite part

My very favorite part of being pregnant is feeling and watching Cora move. It’s so awesome! I already know that I will miss it after she’s born, but I also know that there will be plenty of other things to love.


Here’s what we did today:
-We woke up.
-Brian made delicious biscuits (from scratch, of course)
-I worked some more on my baby registries online while we hung out at home.
-I did laundry.
-We went to his mom’s house to visit. Carrie stopped by to give me a ticket to get into a consignment sale early.
-We went to Levy’s to finally ask about getting Brian’s wedding ring resized. He needs an 8 instead of his original 10! They also cleaned up my rings so they sparkle bling bling style.
-I went to Kids Market, the consignment sale they have at Wildwood. That place is white trash central, and I will never go again. I wanted to wash my hands as soon as I left; it just felt that gross, and the shoppers were maniacs.
-We picked his mom up again and went to an early dinner at Kool Korner in Vestavia, which is a Cuban sandwich shop. It was pretty awesome, and everyone else there must have been for real Cubans – workers and diners. We all got a Cuban (versus just chicken or beef or whatever), and that is roasted pork with ham plus lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and jalapenos with swiss cheese. I never saw the first jalapeno, and we figured out they just use jalapeno seeds, which are the hot part. My mouth was on FIRE by the time I got to the second half of my sandwich. Brian’s mom got black bean soup, also, and Brian got a tamale. They also have plantain chips! They were good.
-After that, we sat at his mom’s house to let our food settle, and then we went to Brookwood Mall for dessert. I chose 2 cookies from GAC, and they got yogurt at YOLO.
-We went home to watch TV, work more on registries, shower and watch TV.

It’s been a good day!

GOOD THING: tried a new restaurant AND we’re on vacation!
BAD THING: forgot to order a gift for Brian in time to get it for our anniversary