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outta here

My belly button is about 2/3 gone! It looks funny to me. That’s it.

rare occasion

I can feel a pity party coming on, and I don’t like it. I rarely ever do the whole woe is me, I have problems thing, but it’s coming. Drats.


Here are some things we want or need to do soon, and it’s going to be a lot of work but good!

-fix one wall in the basement by hanging sheetrock over some ugly metal someone thought looked good – cheap fix and not that hard

-get a pest company to come over and see what issue we have with critters in our attic – $ but no work required from us

-new windows in the nursery and our bedroom to combat sound and mostly to help with insulating the house – $$$ but easy since they’ll do the work

-paint the nursery and maybe the bedroom while I’m at it since the new windows will probably cause a bit of repair work needed around the windows – cheap stuff, just time consuming – we’re good at painting, though!

-move guest bedroom furniture down to the basement, which will hold our new guest bedroom area – free, easy & fast!

-go to Ikea to get a new dresser and rocking chair for the nursery – and whatever else we may find – $ but necessary and fun and will be a fun day trip

We are also going to Georgia soon for my friend’s baby shower, and we’ll go again 3 weeks later because my cousin is getting married.

I love the fall! I hope it stays cool this time.