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I saw in the news online today that Michael Phelps has had 2 speaking appearances cancelled because of his previous marijuana use. I think that is total bullcrap and thought I’d share.

I got really excited today at Arby’s with Julie because I saw a sandwich on their menu called the Roast Chicken Club. Well, back in college, Arby’s had this AMAZING sandwich called that, so I asked the guy at the register if it ws the same one as 5-10 years ago. A girl working there overheard me and immediately spun around to tell me she thought it would be the same too when she heard about it, but it’s not. Dangit! That was seriously a kickin’ sandwich, but they’re too dumb to bring it back. They’ve made other changes, too, like the sandwich I get there comes in either fried or grilled, but now, it’s known as crispy or roasted. I guess crispy sounds healthier than fried, and maybe roasted sounds more delicious and fancy than grilled. Whatever. However, I asked for roasted, and now, it’s sliced deli-style meat instead of a grilled piece of chicken. AND, it was missing the cheese and bacon! What a ripoff. I just had sliced chicken with lettuce. Wow. Thanks! I had cheese at work, so I was just missing the bacon, but that’s the best part!!!! I need some bacon now.

I’m watching some crap on Fuse called Video Yearbook, so they’re basically showing top music videos from 1991. It’s pretty funny. Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch was on. Feel it! Feel it!

I’m super tired this week. Maybe one day, I will catch up on my sleept.

I’m going to try and walk to work tomorrow as long as it’s not going to rain or be 20 degrees. Or 70 degrees for that matter. That’s pretty hot to be walking outside in work clothes.

There were lots of creatures in our yard this afteroon. We had lots of birds, some squirrels and a chipmunk! I love chipmunks. They watch me through the window while I watch them.

Oh, CRAP. U2 just came on this show. I might have to turn this crap off. I’d rather watch Marky Mark.

GOOD THING: day’s over, and I have leftover spaghetti for us for dinner!
BAD THING: burning shoulder blade and really tired

hold your horses!

Whoa – My work and volunteer world has suddenly become overwhelming this week. Everything is happening at once, so I’m super busy. I’ll go ahead and say it even though I may jinx myself as usual, but I really do think it will get better soon. I’m thinking tomorrow will be another day of accomplishments to check off my list. Today was more just working with no end, but yesterday, I actually crossed some stuff off my list, and I think tomorrow I can do the same.

I’m currently cooking dinner for Stephanie & Kevin from my Sunday School class because they had a baby a little while back. They’re getting Mexican casserole and a bunch of fruit. I hope they like it okay!

Today at work, we had lunch provided since it’s Fat Tuesday. Coincidentally, my mother in law is the person who donates that lunch every year, and it’s yums. I had so much that I’m not even hungry for dinner still!

Brian just choked me multiple times from multiple angles while trying to “hug” me lots in a row. He tried. I guess hugging someone’s head is basically choking them, after all, and that’s all he can do with me sitting on the couch with a laptop in my lap.

My feet hurt so bad! I’m wearing tennis shoes or something equally as comfortable to work tomorrow.

I planted flowers Sunday afternoon in our yard! I need to buy some more to add to it. You can’t see them now because they’re bulbs, but I hope they’ll come out this summer. They’ll look better next year since the first year isn’t so great sometimes, but they’ll still be cool, hopefully. We already have some that others before us have planted, but I wanted to add my own. I think I’ll do some more maybe this weekend. Toot!

I got a new book Friday afternoon, and it’s very interesting so far. If I think it’s good even after I finish it, I’ll let you know.

GOOD THING: filled my car up this afternoon
BAD THING: so tired because I keep having tons of weirdo dreams – swimming in a pool that stirred up tons of mossy sludge every time I kicked? What is that all about?


I just read online that about 17% of humans are left-handed. On the same site, I read that there are twice as many left-handed men than women. I’m left-handed, and I’m a female! That means I’m a rare treasure, as if you didn’t know that already.

GOOD THING: free day today! no plans after work
BAD THING: for some reason, I keep imagining biting into an apple and a tooth breaking out…it hurts, and I don’t know why I’m thinking about this!


I’m totes bored, totes nervous and totes ready to go home. I’m totes ready for tonight to be over, as well. Totes! How many times can I say it? Probably lots. Totes lots.

Most staff is gone today from work because they’re at Camp Sumatanga for a staff retreat. The only people left behind are the measly support staff, and that includes me. We’re always happy to only be support staff when it comes time for staff retreat and staff meetings. We don’t have to participate! Actually, we’re not invited, so that’s even better.

Since everyone’s gone, I got all my work done really fast, so I’m a little bored if you can be bored at work, and we all know you can.

Tonight, I have to speak to a group, and I’m nervous! I know it’ll be fun though, and there shouldn’t be that many people there. I’m thinking 10 or less. I can’t decide of that’s good or bad, but it’s all bad to me since I get so nervous. I have a gazillion notes, though, so surely it’ll be alright.

Some random man scared me to death today at work. Like I said, I’m here by myself. I’m the only person on these back 2 halls, so most of the lights are out, including the hallway lights because I only need my own office light and one other one so I can see out my window to the hall. If I don’t turn that one on, all I see is glare from my light. Anyway, I got up to take some money up to the front office, and there was a big, random guy walking towards me with something in his hand that resembled a club-type object. Great! We were pretty close already, so I asked who he’s looking for, and he gave a weird answer like uhhhhhhhhh I’m just checking to see if there are any smoke detectors down here. I had to pass him in the hall at that point and was thinking ‘don’t get me!’. I’d never seen him before, he was walking down my dark hallway and was holding some weird 1.5 foot long object, so he could’ve been dangerous, right? I’m not paranoid. Everyone knows crazy, insane people come to church offices. If you don’t know that, it’s true. We attract them. So, for all I know, he could’ve grabbed me and no one would’ve known! Don’t worry, I made it out alive, and he later used that weird club thing to test the smoke detectors out in the main hallway.

I seriously could fall asleep for several hours right now. I guess it’s the rainy weather, but I”m so tired right now, and I have lots left to do today! Yuck.

I get my hair cut Friday! I’m so glad. It’s starting to actually feel long now, even though it’s not even to my shoulders, but it feels long to me. I think after this haircut, it will look better growing out finally. Should I get bangs? I need advice! I don’t want a huge group of them straight across my forehead because that is gross, but I can’t figure out if I’d like some bangs kind of to the side or if I’d hate it and get mad at myself for ruining a section of hair. What do you think? I kind of decided against it already.

I have a really cute paperclip sitting on my desk. It looks like a peppermint with it’s red and white stripes. Cute.

My dad told me we could have their old TV today! We’re going to visit them this weekend, so we’ll be coming back with a new TV! It’s a little bigger than the one we have, so we might put our current one down in the basement, which means we might actually be able to start using the basement for things like exercising and video games. We still eventually want a big flat screen one, but this will be better than nothing until we decide to let go of that much money, which might never happen.

GOOD THING: 30 minutes left of work today
BAD THING: don’t get to rest after work until way later tonight


I like that song (and listening to it now), and that’s what I’m doing…lingering. If they had tag team procrastination tournaments, Sheena and I would team up and win the gold!

That’s pretty much all I was going to say. This is a good example of me killing time instead of roping my brain into concentrating.

GOOD THING: excited about speaking tomorrow night and the fact that my project at work will start soon, meaning it will end soon
BAD THING: I’m wasting too much time and keep thinking of things I want to do around the house, all of which cost money, meaning I need to spread them out. Yuck! Where’s my winning lottery ticket?

starting over

I think I am not sick anymore, so let’s hope that’s true! Today is Monday, and I was not ready to start a new week yet, but it’s time, so I have to. This weekend was great even if Brian and I both felt terrible.

I have lots to do this week, but none of it is that bad. Tonight, I have to prepare to lead a meeting Tuesday night and also prepare to speak as a Circle’s program Tuesday night! I will be so nervous probably, but I’m just going to talk about what I know, so that shouldn’t be too hard. Plus, I know several of the people that will be there, so it won’t be that bad. Thursday is my first Metro Methodism experience, so I will fill you in afterwards. I’m excited about it, though. I get to leave work (excused) around 1 PM, but I won’t get home until around 7:30 PM, so that’s no fun. Plus, it’s TV night! We’ll figure that out later.

Last night, Brian and I helped Casey and Sheena  a little at their house. We painted some closets and doors. I also painted our own hallway yesterday before that, so yesterday was definitely paint day. The bad thing is that I am pretty sure I hate our hallway being white, so I’m going to paint it 2 more times with a different color instead of 1 more time with white. That’s ok.

Also, I found an old college friend on Facebook, and I’m excited! She finally made a page.

We are going to visit my parents this coming weekend for the first time since New Year’s Eve. It’s the only week we can go until sometime in April due to Walk Bike Carpool to Church Month, so we need to go. After that, I’m hoping they can come here since I’ve painted their room and gotten them new sheets/blankets.

I am craving Mexican food! I want to go to Sabor Latino. Speaking of good food, Brian took me to Brio on Valentine’s day, and that is one of my very favorite restaurants. It’s SO good. We even had a $20 gift card to use, thanks to the Pattons who are crazy and didn’t want it.

I brought a banana to work today to make a sandwich with for lunch, and the more I look at it, the more worried I get that it will be too bruised to eat. I swear it’s gotten more black spots since I got to work today. If it’s gross, I’m leaving and going to buy another banana or going home to get my last one.

Do you like this random junk?

OH! I watched the last 15 minutes or so of some show on VH1 where they were counting down the best hard rock songs. Boy, did they get it wrong. I saw the top five, and they were all decent until number one. GUNS AND ROSES’ WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE? They are idiots. At least two of the top were Black Sabbath’s Paranoid and Led Zepplin’s Whole Lotta Love. Morons. They put Aerosmith, AC/DC and GnR over those 2 bands. Whatevs.

GOOD THING: I feel good today and am wearing a dress with new tights!
BAD THING: My dress developed evil static after leaving the house, so I have to keep my dress from sticking to my crotch. Awesome!


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Brian and I are both sick now. Poor Brian. I hate when he feels bad. Today, we woke up earlier than we wanted to, but that’s ok I guess. We both felt crappy, when we got up. Brian made me cinnamon rolls for breakfast! Then, I took a shower and dried my hair. We felt bad afterwards still, so we ended up laying around in bed for a while. We went back to sleep even! We took a nap until about 2:45. We then got up for good. Brian ran out to the store while I got my makeup on and picked out an outfit. We left around 4:30 to go eat dinner at Brio! It’s one of my very favorite restaurants. We knew it’d be crowded, which is why we went so early, but when we got there even that early, the wait was 50-60 minutes unless we wanted to eat outside. We did! We sat down immediately and had a delicious dinner. It wasn’t cold until it we were almost finished because it was getting later. I have leftovers, and their leftovers don’t gross me out, so I get another sweet meal soon. After that, we went out to see the Pattons’ new house before going home. When we got home, we played a little Rock Band, and Brian made me brownies!!! They’re my favorite. Now, we’re watching TV and looking online. I had a really good day with Brian.

Tomorrow will be church and relaxing. I might be walking to church, but I’m not sure yet. I will not be biking, that’s for sure.

Man, TV sucks big time tonight.

That is all I can think of for now because I have to go to the bathroom!

GOOD THING: Saturday!
BAD THING: still have colds