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Today has been very odd. It’s my last day at home with Cora, but I refuse to focus on that. I’ve felt very positive for the last week about going to work, and I want that to continue.

This morning started with great news from work. I can now work from home one afternoon a week and have a little more time with Cora on Wednesdays. This is beneficial especially since I’m usually back at the church for band practice on Wednesday evenings. I don’t want to work all day and also be gone half the evening. It’s a trial basis, so pray that my coworkers are satisfied with how it goes.

Then, there was some weirdness, and I over-analyzed because that is what I do when I have nothing else to think about. After that, I was afraid I’d annoyed a friend too much. By the time Brian got home, I was sort of crying about it all.

Also, a friend came over to talk Arbonne with me and to visit Cora. That was good.

After Brian got home, the day got better again because the above-mentioned friend called, laughed that I thought she was mad or annoyed at me, and then we discussed the other above-mentioned weirdness to length, which made me feel a lot better.

Now, Brian is making me a pizza, and Cora is asleep. He’s also volunteered to figure out how to use these new bottles I bought for Cora to try out. Fingers crossed she’ll drink from them! She HATES bottles usually! I guess there’s nothing like the real thing just like the oldies song says.

The only thing I haven’t done that I wanted to do today is go shopping. I am in dire need of some new clothes. A lot of my clothes were pathetic even before I was pregnant and stuff. Nothing fits great, and it’s mostly all low quality crap. I need better things to feel better and to look better – not to mention like an adult instead of a 15 year old. I still might get to go tonight, or maybe I will go another evening or this weekend.

GOOD THING: Paychecks are about to start rolling back in!
BAD THING: My back is killing meeeeeeeeeee. 

trying again

As you may have noticed, I’m trying to remember to blog again since I forgot for so long. I should have plenty to say, but I’m really trying to not turn this into a pregnancy blog. Oh! I actually haven’t even mentioned that yet, soooo I’m pregnant! You already knew that, though. The due date is January 14, 2012, but we’ll see when she or he decides to show up.

We went to the lake Friday afternoon and came back Saturday evening at 8. Our friends Daniel & Crystal came with their Great Dane, Apollo, and we all had good times. I am very, very tired, though.

This time, Brian found and later killed a water moccasin! It was hiding in an old shoe in the boat house, so it never would have bothered us, but since we found it, that sucker is history.

While we were gone, our next door neighbors killed a copperhead in their front yard at night! I have definitely had my fill of snakes this year. Could they please go away?!

Choxie has met 5 dogs in the last week that she has never seen before, and she loves them all! She didn’t quite know what to think of the Great Dane, but they definitely got along. She was a little scared of him because he is about 5 times bigger than her. Speaking of new dogs – when we got home today, she ran directly to the fence in our backyard to look for her other buddies she made on Friday. They weren’t there, but she’ll see them soon, I’m sure.

I don’t like bathing really, even though I do (don’t worry), but I do love showering at my own house with my own soaps and such after being gone and getting dirty. It feels so good! I also cannot wait to sleep in my bed tonight. 🙂

GOOD THING: Everyone was safe at the lake.
BAD THING: probably ate way too much crap this wekeend again, but that’s ok, I guess

loong weekend

I added an extra ‘o’ because we took an extra day off! We did lots, but I will try to keep it simple.

Basically, we went to the lake for the first weekend this year. We were able to go Friday afternoon and not come back until Tuesday evening! We found out the phone and the satellite service were both messed up (we think the house got hit some by lightning), so that cut out some options at night, but it really was better that way. On Friday, Brian’s parents were already there, so we hung with them. Saturday, Drew and Vaughan came down, and we had fun. On Saturday evening, they and Brian’s parents went home, so we had one evening and morning to ourselves. On Sunday evening, both couples came back after church and stayed the night. We had super fun times! We swam and floated lots, went on some boat rides, ate lots of food, played with our dogs, and went to the fireworks show on the water Sunday night. I haven’t laughed as hard as I did during the fireworks show in a really long time! Vaughan and I almost died by some redneck’s fireworks that were landing directly over our heads. Monday afternoon, everyone went home but us, so we had another day and a half to ourselves. On Tuesday, we just floated around and took turns riding in the kayak. We had a good variety of people combos.

Also, I got to see some cool animals: green heron (usually hard to find, but we saw him every day!), giant black grasshopper (love those), baby skink (so cute), lots of dragonflies, a baby turtle, and 2 crawfish. Brian also saw a snake on the pier, which had apparently been right behind us for a while, but I didn’t see it, so I can’t include it in my list. I saw other stuff, but those were notable things.

Since the TV was out, we rented 3 movies while there, so I have now seen: True Grit, The Rite and The King’s Speech. They are all good. True Grit was the worst because there’s a creepy rattlesnake scene, and a poor horse dies. I hate those 2 things in movies.

GOOD THING: All the dogs this weekend (4) got along PERFECTLY! They had SO much fun, and it was fun watching them.
BAD THING: back to work tomorrow. Can I win the lottery soon?


This weekend was pretty good. Here’s what happened! I’ll technically start with Thursday, which was TV night with the Pattons and the Hollands. We watched some Workaholics (my favorite ep so far) and then watched 1 ep of Dexter. I need to watch that more often to catch up!

On Friday, I felt pretty crappy and really didn’t feel like being at work, but I pushed through since it’s just a half day, then had a crappy lunch due to the torrential downpour that hit exactly when I left to go find some lunch. I ended up eating leftover rice at home. After the rain slowed down, I drove to Target to buy new bras that fit, and I also got new underwear and fingernail polish. I know that sounds lame, but it seirously made my day. they’re all awesome!!! On Friday evening, we unexpectedly went to Surin with some friends we hardly ever see, and it was fun with lots of conversation. They had gotten a babysitter for their little girl, so they could do whatever; we went to our house afterwards and just hung out. It was fun, too. Brian made us brownies. They went and picked up their daughter partway through the night, and it was fun watching her play the rest of the night.

On Saturday, we woke up early, so Brian offered to take us out to breakfast! We’ve only done that once before iwth my parents, and it was a good time. We went to Demitri’s in Homewood and saw several people we know there, including the Hollands. After that, Brian needed to drive to the lake to show his dad how to fix something ont he lawnmower, but he ended up calling me after an hour saying he was almost back home. Traffic was so bad that he only made it to Oak Mountain by the time he should’ve been to the lake, so he got annoyed and just came back home. He came home just in time to accompany me to the wedding of an awesome guy we know from church. It was really sweet, and I was extra emotional during the ceremony. Weddings always make me appreciate Brian more, but I guess the pregnancy emotions took it a little farther. The good part was that we were free after like 2 PM, so we still had lots of time to do whatever we want. That evening, we went to New York Pizza for dinner. I got eggplant rollitini, which is excellent, but I couldn’t even eat it all.

I know I don’t blog much anymore, but neither do you guys! I guess I end up telling everyone who reads my blog what’s going on by Gmail chat or in person, so I never feel like I have much to say in addition to that online.

Just so you know, my baby is the size of a kumquat this week, which means it’s around 1 1/4 inches. That is small, but it’s way bigger than an orange seed, which is what it was a few short weeks ago! We joke about the ridiculousness of always comparing it to some sort of food, so my friend sent me a site for men that relates the baby’s size to something a guy would comprehend. That site says it’s the size of the head of a hammer this week – not the whole thing, but the round part you hit nails with. Next week is a golf ball.

Is it just me, or does going to work suck more and more? I love my job, but working in general is getting old. I guess there’s no other option! I need to win the lottery. so do we all.

GOOD THING: felt pretty good today
BAD THING: feel guilty for never blogging anymore


I know I haven’t put much here in the last while, but I don’t have much to say.
This weekend was good. We went to Moe’s BBQ for dinner on Friday and hung out with Brian’s parents a little while after that while they babysat Brian’s cousin. Saturday, I woke up early and met Sheena at Pepper Place, where we sampled some yummy food and looked around. We also walked around Railroad Park and went to Sojourn’s, the fair trade store in town to do some looking around and shopping. That night, Brian took me to Longhorn, and it was delicious. We then went to the Pattons to watch some TV and such. There was also a snack/food run involved. Sunday, church was good. I can’t remember what else happened other than Brian’s sister getting into town Sunday right after we got back from lunch.

I am having major troubles finding a swimsuit this year, so I think I’m giving up.

GOOD THING: 1 hour of work left
BAD THING: 1 hour of work left


This whole earthquake/tsunami/nuclear disaster is getting me down since we [all] feel so helpless. At this point, I am most worried about the nuclear explosions/leakages taking place. Hopefully, there won’t be too many people or animals harmed before they can get things under control.

My college friend, Mami, is Japanese (from Tokyo) and has since moved back home. I had no idea the earthquake happened until later the next morning, and it took me a few minutes to realize I knew someone over there. I immediately tagged her in a tweet to ask her to let us know if she was okay. I then remembered she had a Facebook page, so I checked that; she had JUST updated letting people know she was safe, as well as her family. Even though the earthquake was almost 12 hours before that time, she was still experiencing scary tremors every 15 minutes in Tokyo, which is 230 miles from the epicenter. However, she was worried about her husband, who was on a ferry at the time in Hokkaido, and she hadn’t heard from him. Minutes later, she told us he was fine, but he was confined to staying on the water until they could come to shore safely. Thank goodness! I am so glad she and all her family is safe. Others are not, so we should all keep praying for them.

GOOD THING: My friend is safe!
BAD THING: lots of people without homes and family members

sunday -1 hour

today is sunday! this weekend has been really good.

friday was casey’s birthday party! it was fun, and i am glad everyone that came was there. brian had fun, too.

saturday, i slept pretty late for the first time in quite a while. after waking up, i had a delicious biscuit (homemade by brian). after that, we cleaned the house, which took a long time. the only reason it took a long time was because i had about a million articles of clothing to hang up. i also went through several stacks of papers that i’ve avoided forever to weed out the junk. woo! the good thing is: if you wait long enough and ignore the stack, most of it becomes junk by the time you clean it up! 🙂

the reason we cleaned so much is because brian’s college roommate/friend, matt, and his wife, elise, were coming to our house saturday evening to meet and go out to dinner. they live in huntsville now, and matt loves to come to barber’s to ride his bike when they have special riding events. we had fun! we were only with them for 2.5 or 3 hours, but it was good times.

today, we went to church like always.we walked today since it’s walk/bike/carpool to church month. it was a good walk! sunday school was good; we had repeat visitors, and everyone participated in the conversation (including the visitors). contact was pretty good, too. after church, we met with brian’s parents outside the church and rode with them to mugshot’s for a big lunch. his parents liked it a lot, so that’s good. it’s always nice to have another place as an option.

after lunch, we rode to brian’s parents’ house. there, we visited poor pearl, who is still recuperating from her surgery. i also got a few plants from their yard to bring to my hard. after we walked home, i planted them in the backyard. that inspired me to work in the woods, and i made tons of progress. i even drug out this hugh metal thing (which we’ve finally identified as a feeding trough!) that’s been up there for who knows how many decades. we have to find a way to cut it in half before i can put it on the street for pickup because it’s probably a good 14 feet long. after carrying out tons of brush from the woods and getting tangled in some briars, my legs seriously look like i’ve been lashed with a whip and are burning, but they’ll be fine. i look like a sweet tiger!

after working back there, i sat on the porch and read a couple of chapters in one of the books i’m reading.

for dinner, i’ve already eaten some leftover ravioli from one night’s dinner, and i might eat another biscuit later with some apple butter or honey. mmmmmm

now, it’s tv time!

GOOD THING: lots of fun things this weekend
BAD THING: didn’t sleep much last night at all

fat tuesday

Today is Fat Tuesday! I started my day off with a donut. At work, we always have a Fat Tuesday lunch, compliments of my mother in law, and it gets better every year! This year (today), we had leftover Fish Market fish, chicken, salad, green beans & hush puppies from an event at the church last night. On top of that was our real Fat Tuesday lunch of sandwich meat, bread & fixings, good, fresh fruit, a fruit and cake trifle, bean & corn dip, chips, cake & icing balls, broccoli salad, king cake and probably something else that I forgot. Anyway, I am very full! I actually didn’t eat any king cake, so I did try to hold back a tiny bit.

Tonight, we are going to Moe’s BBQ with our friends Dan & Carrie because their baby is old enough to get out of the house and go into the public! She has taken her out before, but probably not to a restaurant. We’ll see how it goes! I’m just pumped that I have a great coupon that will get our dinner super cheap tonight.

Other than that, I don’t have much to say about the rest of the week.

However, this past weekend was awesome! Well, Friday was. Saturday was pretty terrible. Sunday was good again, and so was church. Woo! This weekend’s gonna be maybe even better!

GOOD THING: This month is passing by faster than I assumed so far, which is great for me.
BAD THING: Waiting stinks.

busy busy

This week is pretty dang busy. At work, Monday was my busiest day of the year – EXCEPT – it wasn’t nearly as bad as expected! I’ve coordinated the Lil’ Lambs Consignment Sale 11 times now, and this was the easiest time ever. No complaints! On that note, we ran out of seller numbers in 2 days (which should mean it was extra crazy even though it wasn’t). We’ve never run out that quick! It’s fine by me, because that means I only had 2 days of constant phone calls.

Also this week, I’ve had stuff to do every single night, which usually puts me in a bad mood or at least wears me out – depending on what it is. All this stuff is fun except cleaning, so I’m just tired – no bad mood! I can’t remember what Monday was, but I know I cleaned some for the rest of the night, so that took the time away. Tuesday, Kat came over, and we crafted until 8:30. I just watched TV after that until time to go to bed. Tonight, I will go to the church and meet with friends like always to chat. After that, I might go eat with Brian and his parents because Urban Cookhouse is having a fundraiser tonight for a big farm here in town that was ruined in some winter weather. Tonight, ever dollar from take out meals for 4 will go to the farm and its owner. Sweet! Thursday is TV night! It will be fun, duh.

I can’t wait for this weekend! I can’t sleep late Saturday or Sunday, but I will still enjoy every minute of it. Woo!

I showed up to work today, and everyone is talking about snow. What the?! I don’t ever watch the weather, so that was news to me. We’ll see what happens, I guess.

GOOD THING: my pectoralis minor doesn’t hurt anymore! haha – strained it lifting laundry, but the chiro hooked me up


We went to visit Dan & Carrie’s new baby tonight, and she is so funny! I don’t know why, but I think her face and expressions are just funny. I do not mean this in a bad way – she is very cute. But she makes me laugh! There were lots of people there, so I didn’t hold her, but I can’t wait to visit them after they get home so I can really see her!

I also hope it snows like crazy in a couple of days. They’re saying we could get up to 8 inches, even though I don’t believe it. However, even half of that would be sweet! If it snows a lot, I am not going to work on Monday because I will be playing in the snow. I hope that is okay!

Another good thing is that I sold 2 necklaces online this week, 2 sets of magnets at work, and a friend wants 5 necklaces soon to use as gifts. Woot!

I took Choxie to the dog park today, and she had tons of fun. She actually ran with another dog lots, chased balls and frisbees, and jumped super high lots of times in a row for a huge stick. Woo hoo! She got so tired, and I was happy about all of it.

I am also tired of hearing about Camille Grammer.

GOOD THING: work should be less busy next week
BAD THING:still haven’t cleaned the house