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no luck

I am very disappointed. I just tried to go shopping because Brian’s sister told me she’s pay for whatever I find and buy for my birthday. So, Brian went with me shopping, and no store had anything I even wanted! Dang it. I didn’t go to that many places, but as always, I put a curse on Urban Outfitters, who had a nasty clearance selection. While I was there, I figured I would give GAP a shot and look at their clearance section. I must say that GAP just plain old sucks now. They didn’t have anything in the entire store that I would wear, and they haven’t in a long time unless I just really missed something. I figured at least Target would redeem my shopping trip. I tried on 6 things, and none of them were any good! It is a sad day when you can’t find something at Target to buy. I tried clothes and stuff for the house.



Monday morning was one crazy morning. I’ve already told some of you about it, so there’s no way I’m typing it all out. Basically, I woke up sick, heard a scream and found out a neighbor’s dog drowned in their pool that night, decided to try and go to work even though I felt bad, then I couldn’t get out of my house because the power company had my driveway blocked. I finally drove basically across part of the yard and used the neighbor’s driveway. I made it! Then, I got sicker at work and left to come home for the day. I felt bad all day and even still when it was bedtime, but I woke up a lot better! I’m at work again today.

GOOD THING: feel better, duh
BAD THING: behind at work a little bit and I miss the dog since we got an extra day together this week


This weekend so far:

Friday – After work, I ate lunch, then took Choxie to meet Brian’s friends at work. They loved her! She was so good there, too.  She fools people out in public! After that, I took her to visit Sheena and play with Bella for the first time! It was initially an odd encounter, but they eventually loved each other. Sheena and Casey grilled out for us, and we all had yummy food! Casey got to use his new birthday grill! I was so super tired for some reason, so I made us leave kind of early. I pushed myself as long as I could; my body wanted to go to bed at like 5 PM!

Saturday (today) – We woke up and hung out around the house until Sheena and Casey came over. They followed us to a trail in Vestavia so we could let our dogs play. It was good. Oh yeah – I fell off some slippery rocks in the creek (or down a couple of levels/multiple rocks), but I’m okay, or course. It was pretty stupid. I fall a lot around Casey and Sheena for some reason. Afterwards, we went to Edgewood Creamery for some yummy ice cream and took it to the park! After that, we brought the dogs to our house to let them play in the yard for a while. They have fun fighting! For dinner, we met Julie & Kerry at Chili’s. I had ribs, and they were good. They came to our house for a little while after they made a stop at Wal-Mart because Julie wanted to visit Choxie. We watched a little of Superbad, but Julie got tired and wanted to go home. SOOO, we are sitting around at home resting, and we are definitely tired!

Tommorrow will be church and who knows what. I need to start getting the house ready for out of town guests because at least one of my college roommates are coming this next weekend, and we might have two coming. Fun times!

GOOD THING: migraine is almost gone
BAD THING: My neck won’t stop hurting, and Brian’s hurts, too!

monday monday

I like that song. Golden oldies!

Today is yucky! I am so tired of the rain. I just realized I’m listening to LZ’s The Rain Song coincidentally. Go figure! Anyway, I just checked the weather forecast, and it looks like the weather will be great after today for at least a week! That is good news. Mostly sunny and no rain! We’re looking at 70s and 60s every day for a while if they know what they’re talking about. I hope!

How was your weekend? Mine was different and busy, but it was good. I just wish it lasted longer. We went to Casey’s birthday party Friday night, went to Sam’s to shop for spaghetti ingredients in bulk, I cooked 20 pounds of ground beef and babysat the dog while Brian was out doing fun things (he asked to make sure I didn’t mind), then woke up early to heat up 20 pounds of beef Sunday morning, chatted with friends who picked it up, then lazed around Sunday, which means we skipped church. Sorry! Then, Brian and I went to Sabor Latino for lunch, the grocery store, the pet store and the bank. We got lots of errands done! After that, his sister came home! We went BACK to Sabor Latino for dinner, which was unplanned. We both got different meals, so it wasn’t annoying. It never is anyway! After that, she wanted to stop by our house to meet Choxie, so we all played with her for a little while before going back to the parents’ house. That was our weekend! Today, I really wasn’t ready to come back to work, but I had to, of course.

I am successfully putting off several things I need to do, but I just can’t muster up enough ambition to do those tasks yet. I am brain dead today!

Hmm….I am having trouble thinking of what to write for you. Oh! Our church is going to start participating with a food co-op soon! We will partner with the East Lake Farmer’s Market and have some veggie/fruit baskets here at Trinity UMC for $25 a week once we get it up and running. Awesome! I don’t think Brian and I use that many veggies and fruit, so I’m interested in sharing that with at least one other couple/family. I would like to see the quantity first to be sure, but I don’t think there’s any way we can justify and use $100 a month on fruit and veggies. I’m thinking we could even get it 2 times a month at the most, so I might have to pair up with more than 1 other group. It’s still exciting either way!

Brian’s sister is moving to Missouri! I plan on going to visit multiple times. I don’t know when she’s making the trip to find an apartment, but maybe soon after that I can go. Her job starts August 1, so it will be this summer sometime. Toot! I haven’t been west of, like, either Tuscaloosa or some city in Indiana, so that is pathetic. I at least get to add some to that! The dumb part is that Missouri is only like 2 states over, so I still won’t even make it halfway across the US. I think we’ll probably turn one trip to see her into a road trip out west, though, so maybe that will happen.

GOOD THING: I only have 2.25 hours left today
BAD THING: rain! yuck


I just wanna say, I think I did the best parallel park job ever this morning. Seriously.

In other news, today is my 2nd installment of Metro Methodism. I hope it’s great! I’ll let you know how it goes. We’ll be at the Church of the Reconciler for a tour and a panel discussion on “The Church as Neighbor” and Highlands UMC for dinner. Toot toot!

Peace out, suckers.

GOOD THING: short work day today!
BAD THING: won’t get home until at least 7:30


My head started hurting early this morning, and I blame it on the weather/air pressure. I cannot stop chewing this damn Bic pen I found at work, which only makes it much worse. What is my problem with chewing on things?!

Something is wrong with my back and neck today. They’re all tight and sore. I thought it was from working in the yard and pulling up vines, but I just realized it’s probably time to go to the chiropractor. I think I forgot to go recently.

Does someone want to give me some money? I want to buy things with money other than mine haha.

My 2 college roommates asked about coming to stay with me one weekend this month, but I haven’t heard from them since! I have no idea what is going on. They mentioned next weekend, but now, we know our other college friend (Renee) is having a bridal tea on the 28th, which would make it a perfect weekend for them to come visit me so we could all go together. I can’t get in touch with anyone! I have no idea what’s going on.

GOOD THING: already 1:30
BAD THING: I have to be gone ALL day tomorrow, which means I’ll miss good time with the pup AND miss TV night…boo!!


I promise I will not always talk about my dog. I have had her exactly one week today, so she’s new! Forgive me. I loveeeee her so much already, though. I will always talk about her some, but I’ll try my best to mix that in with other, regular topics.

So, in OTHER news, tomorrow is Casey’s birthday. Yep. Partay Friday!

Thursday afternoon/night is my second Metro Methodism adventure. I hope it’s great! Last month, it was pretty awesome and included a Q&A panel of local ministers of some very unique churches around Birmingham (everything from a Hispanic congregation in Riverchase to a church that basically attracts what most people would consider “freaks” and includes a skate park inside…awesome!) Anyway, I know we’re going to at least the Church of the Reconciler Thursday, and that is a church downtown for homeless people. I’ve been there once to drop off some donations, but I’m actually learning all about it this week. That is pretty convenient timing since our Sunday School class is meeting there instead of at church this coming weekend to serve a meal and meet with the church.

Sunday, Sheena and I had lots of laughs at church. They were the best kind – the kind you shouldn’t be having during church! I love laughing so hard I cry, even when you have to try and keep it silent. Just ask Sheena about her sweet knee reflex!!!!!!

I really hate when I drink out of a Styrofoam cup. I feel like such a hypocrite! I know that’s ridiculous, but it’s still annoying to me. ANYTHING is better than Styrofoam.

The people I work with are pretty darn fun. I love it! We have funny lunch breaks.

Brian’s sister comes home Sunday! We haven’t seen her since Christmas Day. That actually isn’t out of the ordinary, but it still seems worse this time since she was in England instead of in Georgia.

Yesterday afternoon, Brian and I cleaned out our water garden. The water in it had been sitting since last summer, so it was nasty looking and smelled (not from far away – just if you stirred it all up). Anyway, we pumped out all the water and cleaned the pool part itself. We left the water out so it’d dry up in order to get rid of the mosquitoes that have already hatched. Yuck! As soon as we can figure out where to bury the extension cord we need to run the pump, we’ll fill it back up and get it running. That should deter most mosquitoes, and the birds will love the running water, too! I’m going to go buy a couple of water plants for it later, too.

Ok – work time.

GOOD THING: less than 3 hours left of work for the day
BAD THING: busy busy!


According to a friend’s suggestion and lots of online reading, I’ve decided Choxie is a Plott Hound. Some of the pics on Google Images are way wrong like always, but if you look up pictures and info on real dog sites, I feel like it’s safe to say she’s definitely a Plott Hound. She may have a little of something else mixed in, but everything about her: webbed feet, brindle coloration (including half-white back feet!), long ears, her bark and actions, etc. all point in that direction. The physical stuff is obvious. So, I read up on those dogs, and it sounds like she’ll be great! Hardly no shedding, very affectionate and an “excellent family dog”, medium-large sizing, and loyal, of course. Included is also lots of energy and determination. Yay for training! hahaha…we’re seeing that part already with her going nuts and trying over and over to eat all our rugs.

Anyway, I’m excited to know what she is (most likely), and I love her!

GOOD THING: Brian got his new tripod in. (Good for him…neutral to me!)
BAD THING: Choxie likes to eat my doormats!

first vet visit

Choxie did SO WELL at the vet’s office! She was surprisingly calm with the kids who ran up to her and all the other people coming over and talking to her and stuff. She just sat and watched! She was also good with the giant bull mastiff that must live at the vet’s office during the day. She didn’t cry with her shots, and he told me she’s “ahead of the game” as far as house training and tricks and eating well! TOOT TOOT. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t know how to pitch a fit and be too aggressive, but she’s working on it. Give her a break! hahaha jk. She showed out in a bad way with Sheena last night, but she’s still not bad for a puppy I think. Did you know ivy and azaleas are toxic to dogs? There are lots of other regular plants, even some regular weeds in the yard, that are, too, so check that out if you have a dog. I have to try extra hard now to watch what she eats in our back yard. I was already thinking of getting rid of our azalea bushes, so I might just do that, but they shouldn’t be too big of a problem. I need to try and cut the most ivy I can off our fence and out of our yard and the woods later. I dont’ want to poison her!

Gosh, I’m so ready for the weekend. This week has been really tiring with the new puppy and work. This week at work has been crazy, and next week might be, too. Gross. Speaking on that topic, I will inform you now that March 27 & 28 is our spring consignment sale at church. Come if you need discounted kid stuff!

GOOD THING: Friday!!!!!!!! I can’t emphasize that enough this time. I’ll try. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BAD THING: gotta get up extra early Sunday!








Awwwww. She’s perfect. We love her!

GOOD THING: Choxie has a name! We go to the vet tomorrow for the first time.
BAD THING: I’m so exhausted from putting so much energy into her the past 2 days, but it’s worth it.