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My body is SO TIRED! Here’s what I did yesterday:

  • got up way early because Cora decided we should
  • worked a busy day at work
  • laundry
  • after work, I gave Choxie a bath. poor thing was cowering in the corner of the kitchen from the moment she heard the bath running since that’s the ONLY time we run a bath, but she did well. 
  • immediately bathed Cora after Choxie’s bath
  • cleaned everything up
  • ate dinner – that Brian cooked, thank goodness
  • got Cora ready for bed & in bed with Brian’s help
  • showered
  • went to sleep (or tried)

EEK! That’s a lot to do with no sitting down or resting. My achy body’s telling me, too!

GOOD THING: took Cora on a walk today and had a fun, impromptu visit to Phella’s house! 
BAD THING: Cora’s snotty these days.


Today, I went to the chiropractor. He has this poster in the waiting room. Be careful; it might blow your mind:Image