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Guess what show I love? LONG ISLAND MEDIUM! I know it looks ridiculous, but I really do like the lady, and the things she does on the show are impressive. It made me cry today! I think they’re airing last season since a new one starts tonight, and I caught one I’d never seen before. A woman lost her baby after she lived 2 or 3 days after being born 3 months early. I can’t even imagine! I teared up on the couch. Either way, don’t knock the show until you give it a shot!


That’s what this show is:

But you already knew that.

GOOD THING: Today wasn’t as busy as I expected, but it was busy enough to disappear in front of my eyes!
BAD THING: My legs are semi-crampy again tonight.

sunday -1 hour

today is sunday! this weekend has been really good.

friday was casey’s birthday party! it was fun, and i am glad everyone that came was there. brian had fun, too.

saturday, i slept pretty late for the first time in quite a while. after waking up, i had a delicious biscuit (homemade by brian). after that, we cleaned the house, which took a long time. the only reason it took a long time was because i had about a million articles of clothing to hang up. i also went through several stacks of papers that i’ve avoided forever to weed out the junk. woo! the good thing is: if you wait long enough and ignore the stack, most of it becomes junk by the time you clean it up! 🙂

the reason we cleaned so much is because brian’s college roommate/friend, matt, and his wife, elise, were coming to our house saturday evening to meet and go out to dinner. they live in huntsville now, and matt loves to come to barber’s to ride his bike when they have special riding events. we had fun! we were only with them for 2.5 or 3 hours, but it was good times.

today, we went to church like always.we walked today since it’s walk/bike/carpool to church month. it was a good walk! sunday school was good; we had repeat visitors, and everyone participated in the conversation (including the visitors). contact was pretty good, too. after church, we met with brian’s parents outside the church and rode with them to mugshot’s for a big lunch. his parents liked it a lot, so that’s good. it’s always nice to have another place as an option.

after lunch, we rode to brian’s parents’ house. there, we visited poor pearl, who is still recuperating from her surgery. i also got a few plants from their yard to bring to my hard. after we walked home, i planted them in the backyard. that inspired me to work in the woods, and i made tons of progress. i even drug out this hugh metal thing (which we’ve finally identified as a feeding trough!) that’s been up there for who knows how many decades. we have to find a way to cut it in half before i can put it on the street for pickup because it’s probably a good 14 feet long. after carrying out tons of brush from the woods and getting tangled in some briars, my legs seriously look like i’ve been lashed with a whip and are burning, but they’ll be fine. i look like a sweet tiger!

after working back there, i sat on the porch and read a couple of chapters in one of the books i’m reading.

for dinner, i’ve already eaten some leftover ravioli from one night’s dinner, and i might eat another biscuit later with some apple butter or honey. mmmmmm

now, it’s tv time!

GOOD THING: lots of fun things this weekend
BAD THING: didn’t sleep much last night at all


We had spaghetti tonight! It was good. Choxie is now having her dinner, too. It’s fish and sweet potatoes like always.

This week has already been much better than last week, and it’s only Monday. This weekend was good, too. I went to a baby shower and church, and they were both good. Yesterday, Brian and I spent lots of fun time together and laughed a LOT. We were being pretty goofy. I think it was mostly me, but whatever.

Choxie will not stop licking my shirt!

I don’t understand why television shows will sometimes put captions for people when they are speaking normal English. It almost seems racist because it’s usually when a black person or a hispanic person is talking – even if it’s easy to tell what they’re saying. Weird.

GOOD THING: The rest of the night can be pure relaxation!
BAD THING: nothing


Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day! I celebrated by going to work and having my busiest work day of the year. Hooray! I wanted to run after work to de-stress (if that even works for me, I’m not sure), but it got dark on me before I went. I am just going to make sure I go tomorrow unless I feel bad or something.

I am excited because I ordered some pretty sweet stuff and got some deals online tonight for jewelry making supplies! I am going to start trying to buy a lot of stuff on Etsy from other people instead of Hobby Lobby unless they just have something I need. I can find better prices and quality online – even from cheap wholesalers. Also, I mailed off 3 necklaces today, and I have 6 more things to make this week! ANYWAYZ.

I am watching the new show called Heavy on A&E, and it was pretty good. The guy lost 155 pounds by the end of his 6 months, and the woman lost 77 if I remember correctly. The cutest part is that the man & woman from the show got together for a double date with her husband and a friend of hers for him to date. He was nervous because he hadn’t been on a date in 10 or 15 years, he said. So cute! The best part, though, is that the woman and her husband were half of that double date – because they were supposed to become separated when she first went back home. and, now that she lost so much weight, she isn’t embarassed anymore to sing in front of people on stage, so she’s back at being a rock & roll singer!

I can’t wait for new TV shows to come back! AND PARKS & REC!


Woo hoo! I love a good Friday, and a good Friday usually means: get off work at 12, good lunch, then a free afternoon that leads to a relaxing night of doing whatever I WANT to do! The other part of a great Friday is a no-obligation Saturday. I have all those things this weekend! I am so excited.

Also, the truffles I brought home from our Sunday School Christmas party just got opened about 30 minutes ago. They are AWESOME! And there are TONS of them. The box has 2 huge bags of them inside. Thanks, Sheena, for only caring about the alcohol out of your gift!

The Nate Berkus show is 98% terrible. I wanted it to be good, but it’s just lame.

I need you to help me stick to my running this time around. I haven’t done a good job of it since before summer! It was just too hot before, but I know I can run from now until at least April without getting too hot, so I can hopefully increase my mileage fairly soon!

GOOD THING: healthy lunch today with Sheena
BAD THING: legs are too sore from running Wednesday to run again today!

the office

“And where it says ‘state your business’ he wrote ‘Beeswax, None of Yours, Incorporated’.”

Gotta love Dwight!

GOOD THING: worked in the woods tonight and hauled all of it down to the street
BAD THING: back hurts


Today, it feels disgusting outside. After church, I swear it was the most humid day I’ve felt in at least a year. It has now rained some, so that helps for a while. I am in need of some fall weather.

So far today, I have gone to church, eaten lunch with Brian at Taziki’s, rested at home, gone to Target to buy a few small things for the kitchen and most importantly, an extension cord and bulbs so I can finally plug in the “new” lamps by our bed, and eaten dinner. We might run after our food settles. I am currently watching new episodes of Ninja Warrior.

Sundays are usually my least favorite day of the week because they’re incredibly boring, and the whole day zooms by before you’re ready for it to.

Choxie is eating the first meal out of a new bag of food that happens to be her favorite flavor. She doesn’t always eat all her food right away, but she is this time! Hopefully, she loves this flavor so much that she will eat more consistently. Salmon & sweet potatoes are delicious in my opinion, so it’s only fitting that she would love it, too!

I will try to think of something more entertaining to write next time. Sorry, guys.

GOOD THING: finally found a 2-tiered stand for the kitchen that will fit under the top cabinets
BAD THING: getting dark already and too humid during the daylight to work in the woods

whoa whoa

Today was crazay! Work wasn’t THAT crazy, but it was busy for a Friday. While at work, Brian called to see if I could run his camera by his work for an impromptu photo shoot, so I did that instead of work an extra 30 minutes like I was supposed to to make up for missing work for a haircut this week. I will just fix it next week. Anyway, after work, I had to run home and hurry to his work so he could do his job. It wasn’t that inconvenient since I wanted to go to the Summit today anyway. I went, and i was able to use a sweet gift card that Sheena gave me to help cover 2 new dresses! Now, I have 3 new dresses with birthday money. How do I know which one to wear first?! I also went to a million other place and hurried around all day mixed with cleaning really quickly in the house and cleaning up the backyard.

This evening, we met the Carters and half the Pattons for food at Sam’s Deli & Grill before an event at church about the Alabama Constitution. then, the Pattons (both now) came to our house for drinks and talking!

Now, Choxie is curled up asleep on the couch, I’m blogging while watching E! News, and Brian is surfing the interwebs in the office.

I can’t wait to sleep late tomorrow! I hope I can. I want to do other stuff tomorrow, too, but sleeping is the first goal of the day. Last weekend was not exactly restful since we were at my parents’ house where it is impossible to sleep late or even through the night hardly (especially since it was storming super bad this past time). I also want to sleep late because we have to get up really early next weekend to go train at the SIFAT campus to probably learn to drill wells! I’ll blog about that after it’s over because we aren’t sure what we’ll do yet. On the subject of next weekend, it will probably be busy because we invited 4 neighbors over for dinner that same night. I am making them Pioneer Woman lasagna! I don’t see how anyone could dislike it, so it’s a safe bet.

Our compost bin is working like a charm so far (I think). There is no bad smell, and it’s staying kind of moist with the help of some squirts from my water bottle. I haven’t put any food scraps in there except a sweet potato skin, some eggshells and part of a squash, but there are leaves, dirt, grass clippings and even some cloth that I added today.

GOOD THING: fun night
BAD THING: nothinggggggggggg


Stephen Colbert autotuned himself tonight!

I think this weekend is going to be great! I will update afterwards and let you know if my hunch was right.

If someone was visiting your house for the first time, what would you think was a cool hostess gift? My friend at work suggested some really creative things, but I can only remember 2 of them. I might have to Facebook her and ask for ideas again. One idea was just to bring a couple of the giant free trade chocolate bars like we sell at church. Some crazy people don’t like chocolate, but in the end, it’s the thought that counts anyway. Ideas?

I ran again today even though my lower legs hurt a little. At one point I told Brian I didn’t think I would be able to run much longer, and he offered to stop and walk, but I said no and said I would let him know when I wanted to stop. Guess what? I never did! I made it all the way home. Woo hoo! Sometime next week, I am going to go one to try to run the entire 30 minutes without stopping. I know I could do it already on a good day, but I am fine with taking it slow.

Sheena, I told you in the beginning that I wasn’t really interested in running in any races, but I actually think I want to now! I think I would like to see how it feels afterwards because I am enjoying this whole being proud of myself thing.

Holy crap. Donald Trump is on David Letterman, and he is saying some really smart political things. I’ve noticed David Letterman getting braver with politics, but this discussion is really awesome. Maybe you should Google it and watch the clip!