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Today, Choxie woke us up an hour early – again – but it’s so cute, it’s not bad.

We went to church – Sunday School was good, and the sermon today was cool.

We went to Firehouse Subs for lunch because Camp Taco was closed when we tried to go there.

We had impromptu band practice today with 2 new people – Stuart seemed pleased, and we’re practicing again Wednesday.

Choxie and I both just woke up from a nap on the couch. Fun times. She’s now rolling around on her back down on the rug because that’s what she does when she wakes up.

GOOD THING: Brian and I both like the same baby names for the most part.
BAD THING: Our couch looks like it’s been dragged across someone’s floor thanks to the dog.


Someone needs to save me from my job. It’s so stressful this month – especially this week. I have only worked 2 days so far and have 3 left. Boo suck.

guess what

If I say my stomach hurts, I feel tired, I think something is cute, I am hungry, nothing sounds good to eat, my dog is adorable, or anything else, I am not saying that BECAUSE I AM PREGNANT. All those things happen anyway!

The only thing I can legitimately blame on pregnancy so far is my indigestion since it happens almost every day now. Oh, and my extra humps.


Indigestion stinks! Also, when I get really full, I stay full for something like 12 hours at least. Ick.