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wedding weekend

Howdy! We just got back from Georgia again. This time, we went to my cousin’s wedding! Here’s a picture of the happy couple:


My cousin is Samantha, and her husband is Michael. He’s a great guy! They had a nice down home kind of wedding, and it fit them perfectly. Her dress was great. The bridesmaids magenta/hot pink knee length dresses with brown cowboy boots, and the guys all wore jeans with brown vests. The bride even had fancy white cowboy boots! It sounds crazy, but it was cute. It was very country glamorous, which fits Sam to a T.

I had the best time at the wedding reception. There was good music, PERFECT weather to sit outside, and everything just felt relaxed. I don’t usually get to spend lots of time with my family, and it was the perfect chance to sit around and just chat with each other in a different setting. Awesome!

The next day, we were supposed to go to my other family’s reunion. We were about to walk out the door, and people pulled up to visit at my parents’ house. Oh, well! No one was exactly dying to go to the reunion, so we told the new guests to stay when they tried to leave to let us go on. My aunt & uncle just really love to visit Cora, and I’m happy they do! Everyone seems to love her so much. I love it. It’s very odd how babies being around can reignite the family feeling among a family that’s been together forever. I guess a new item of interest is always good!

One of the best parts of the weekend was that we made the trip both ways without stopping. On both trips, I told Brian to get off at the next exit because Cora was crying too much. By the time we could get pulled over, she stopped each time. A miracle! I’m proud of her. Also, while we were there, she slept almost 10 hours on Saturday night, so that was a good thing to experience since her sleeping habits have gotten a bit worse lately. It’s just a phase. I know it will get better!

GOOD THING: Choxie has meds and will get better soon!
BAD THING: My stomach hurts. 

up all night

That’s a good name for that sitcom since it’s about parents and their baby.

Cora’s always been a good sleeper (in my opinion). I’ve been told several times that around 4 or 5 months, the sleeping gets all crazy again. Well, 2 nights ago, I got up 2 times with her, which is odd. If she even gets up during the night, it’s just once. Well, last night, she woke up FOUR TIMES! I ignored her the last time, and she went back to sleep, but it still woke me up. She ate some the first 2 times, and she just went back to sleep after I put a pacifier in her mouth the third time.

The craziest part is this (2 things):
1. I am no more tired after getting up 4 times than I was after getting up 2 times with her the night before.
2. She is SO FREAKING CUTE AND SWEET in the mornings that I don’t even care how much I’ve been up. Now, if she’d woken up crying, it could have been different, but she was so adorable and smiley this morning. It was heaven! 🙂 

mother’s day

My first one!


Here’s my sweet sweet holding my face! I love it.

I had a good Mother’s Day. Brian made me brownies, got me really pretty flowers, and loaded up a digital picture frame with various photos featuring Cora. He also cooked me breakfast and let Cora watch him while he did. She likes to watch him cook! I also got a sweet card. We went to church together, too! After church, we picked up lunch from Taco Bell on the way home. We also had some good times playing at the house. One of the best gifts Cora gave me herself was a bath with no crying whatsoever! I tried something new with bath time, and she obviously approved. No more silly little baby hammock – we just want to sit up in the tub like a big girl! Score all around.



Are you dying to know what the secret is to helping Cora go to sleep! Wait no longer! It is softly rubbing her head – especially around her ears. She is always rubbing her hand – never stopping – when she eats, and she holds her head when she sleeps. I finally put it together that maybe she’d like it if I did it, and it seems to work. It’s not instant, but you can instantly see the change in her when you start. Score one for mom!


Cora fights sleep harder than I can even imagine a baby fighting it! I figured out how to help her go to sleep when she won’t, though. I can’t believe it took me almost 4 months, but I figured out a trick for her! It’s worked 3 times since Sunday. Yes!

half a day

When I want to post but don’t have much to say or don’t feel like typing tons, I always just do wrap ups of a day or a few days. That’s what you’re getting right now…a wrap up of just what’s happened so far today!

It’s Sunday. We woke up at a decent time, and it would’ve been better if the dog didn’t decide to have a licking party at 8 AM. She ignored me getting up at 6 AM to feed Cora, but I guess we can’t expect to sleep much anyway. We had a good, relaxing morning of eating breakfast (Brian made cinnamon rolls), feeding Cora, checking the internet, and just lounging around. I usually have to go to band practice, but I got a break today. Cora at at the perfect time to get to Contact, so we went and had a good time. The sermon was great! After church, we hit up the Taco Bell drive through for lunch and ate it outside in our back yard while Cora slept. Next came Brian’s haircut. He’s needed one for QUITE a while. We did that outside, too. Cora woke up in the middle, so I did the harder parts with her in one arm and with one hand. It went surprisingly well. She finally let us put her in her bouncy seat for the hardest part. Brian trimmed his beard and showered after the haircut. Then, we took a family walk!!! It is dang hot today. The walk was pretty much a success. We saw several people we knew. Some (but not all) were: Andy & Dawn Wolfe at Matt’s house, Laura Eanes in her car, Phella & Guy working in their new yard (we left them alone), and Catherine Owen at her van. Now, we’re drinking Gatorade and playing with Cora! The dog is passed out on the floor because she got hot and tired on the walk.

Sundays aren’t always my least favorite day of the week anymore!

GOOD THING: The walk was physically easier for me today.
BAD THING: definitely sweaty 

good report

Today, Cora was said to have a “FANTASTIC DAY!” It was her best day yet with Jo Jo, which is Brian’s mom. That makes me happy. She ate more than ever from a bottle, wasn’t fussy, pooped, napped well, and talked a lot with a new squeal sound. Here’s to hoping good naps equal good night sleeping like people say! It does seem to be true. We did try to video chat with my parents this evening, but she decided to cry from hunger about 2 minutes after we started. That seems to be her trend. At least I tried!