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Here’s to Brian! Image

Brian is an awesome dad and husband! I feel bad for other moms who don’t have help like Brian gives me. He provides dinner way more than I do these days. He always wants me to tell him what to do around the house to help out (cleaning, laundry, cooking, grocery shopping, etc.). I had to take Cora to the doctor Tuesday after work, which called for a really long day. Sitting in one little office for over an hour with a 6 month old feels like 5 hours. When I got home, he was nowhere to be found, so I called to see where he was. He said he was almost home. He walked in with an Urban Cookhouse Dinner for Four! I didn’t even ask him to think about dinner. That’s one tiny example, but he’s always thinking and trying to help. He has probably changed as many diapers as me, and he will also wash them and hang them up to dry. There’s tons more, but that’s enough for now. Thanks, Brian!


Here’s how this weekend went in the form of some bulleted info!


  • got a haircut
  • found a new swimsuit top that is perfect for what I need this year!
  • packed up and headed to the lake. We surprised Brian’s friend & coworker, Daniel, for his birthday. He didn’t know until his wife, Crystal, told him to get in the car that they were going to the lake for the night.
  • Dinner of burgers that Brian grilled, and Crystal made cupcakes!


  • Cora played in the water! She was adorable trying to splash it and pick it up. Also, I love her strawberry swimsuit so much!
  • Wine led to eating lots of cupcakes and pita chips.
  • I always love time floating around in the water.
  • At home, Cora needed a bath. BEST BATH EVER! She played in the water tons and didn’t cry. I think the lake helped!


  • Church was awesome.
  • We went to our neighbors’ daughter’s 2nd birthday party. It was very casual and perfect. Cora had a blast! (I guess) haha
  • I fed Cora some real food for the first time! (other than letting her suck some strawberry applesauce off of my finger one day). She ate only a couple of spoonfuls of avocado. She made hilarious “gross” faces, and we got it on video.

AWESOME WEEKEND! I’m sure I left stuff out, but that is what I remember.


Here’s how our Fourth of July went – or at least what I can remember. It’s been 2 days!

We woke up. Brian made orange rolls for our breakfast! I cleaned a little. I also washed several loads of clothes. Brian wanted to practice drums, so we took a family trip to the church. He played drums while I pushed Cora around the hallways until she fell asleep. Then, I took her to my office where I listened to music online and read a book. I quickly realized how stupid it was to sit at my desk on my one day off, so I went to push her around some more instead. After that, we went home to hang out before going to Five Guys for dinner. It was yummy! Afterward, we drove all around Homewood while Cora was asleep because that’s nice to do sometimes. We listen to music and explore roads we don’t know. I have no idea what else happened except some neighbors ended up setting off firecrackers in the street, and they were loud. Cora wouldn’t go to sleep that night until later, but when she did, she miraculously slept through all the firecracker noises. After they stopped, someone down the road was shooting off major fireworks, and they were loud but far away. They seemed to NEVER end. She slept through those, too! I did not, but whatever. 


GOOD THING: This week had a very nice Thursday. That is random, but it was good.
BAD THING: My mom is sick!

UPDATE:::Doy. My favorite accomplishment of the day was that I did some yardwork. I love pulling up ivy vines and getting rid of crappy plants! If I didn’t have Cora, I’d be out there all the time, and my backyard and the woods wouldn’t be so grown up this year. I’d rather not give her poison ivy, so I’ll just wait.

food for thought

Just a quote I took from someone’s Facebook page. I’m not saying anything, but I’m just putting this out there.


“I believe God made the St. Lawrence River, and the Rio Grande River, and the China Sea and the English Channel, but I don’t believe God made America, or Canada, or Mexico, or England, or China. Man did that . . It is doubtful that there has ever been a nation established for bad reasons. Nations are always established to escape tyranny, to combat evil, to find freedom, to reach heaven. Man has a…lways been able to desire to build a heaven. But it seems he has never been able to admit that he didn’t pull it off. So he keeps insisting that he did pull it off. And that is really what patriotism is all about. It is the insistence that what we have done is sacred. It is that transference of allegiance from what God did in creating the whole wide world to what we have done with (or to) a little sliver of it. Patriotism is immoral. Flying a national flag—any national flag—in a church house is a symbol of idolatry. Singing ‘God Bless America’ in a Christian service is blasphemy. Patriotism is immoral because it is a violation of the First Commandment.” – Will D. Campbell