Here’s how this weekend went in the form of some bulleted info!


  • got a haircut
  • found a new swimsuit top that is perfect for what I need this year!
  • packed up and headed to the lake. We surprised Brian’s friend & coworker, Daniel, for his birthday. He didn’t know until his wife, Crystal, told him to get in the car that they were going to the lake for the night.
  • Dinner of burgers that Brian grilled, and Crystal made cupcakes!


  • Cora played in the water! She was adorable trying to splash it and pick it up. Also, I love her strawberry swimsuit so much!
  • Wine led to eating lots of cupcakes and pita chips.
  • I always love time floating around in the water.
  • At home, Cora needed a bath. BEST BATH EVER! She played in the water tons and didn’t cry. I think the lake helped!


  • Church was awesome.
  • We went to our neighbors’ daughter’s 2nd birthday party. It was very casual and perfect. Cora had a blast! (I guess) haha
  • I fed Cora some real food for the first time! (other than letting her suck some strawberry applesauce off of my finger one day). She ate only a couple of spoonfuls of avocado. She made hilarious “gross” faces, and we got it on video.

AWESOME WEEKEND! I’m sure I left stuff out, but that is what I remember.