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party time

The Sunday School party was SO AWESOME haha. I can’t even describe it on here, but I wish it would’ve lasted longer. You would’ve just had to be there.

new tv

I finally watched Glee, and I’m a fan. Bonus: They did a Journey song in the first episode. Sure, it’s got some corny stuff in it, but who cares. As I’m writing, I’ve just started the 2nd episode, so there’s a lot I don’t know still. I already hate the teacher’s wife, though.

I watched the first (and only so far) episode of Modern Family, and it’s LOL funny.

I still have to catch up on some of the new Project Runway, and I want to see what Flash Forward is like.

BAD THING: bad dreams every day this week.

allergies suck

I feel like crap!

more gross

I would like to add to yesterday’s yuckiness the fact that I quickly and accidentally inhaled a highlighter lid while at work. It wasn’t the regular long, skinny kind, but it wasn’t tiny. Let’s hope it comes out and doesn’t mess me up!

Yesterday, I took Choxie for a walk for the first time in 8 days because I have been feeling bad on top of evening plans several nights last week. She didn’t do that great because she had been cooped up in her crate all day and hadn’t been on a walk with me in a while, and I didn’t do that great because I was still weak from feeling bad, but it was okay. The best part was the weather; it wasn’t really hot, and it even sprinkled on us for about the last half, and I love walking when it’s sprinkling. But, we walked right over a SNAKE! It was a copperhead, too, and it was about 3 feet long. I didn’t see it until I was about 2 steps past it, and then I realized what we’d both just basically stepped over, so I freaked out after the fact. The dog didn’t even notice it, which isn’t very good, but I think it’s because it must have been dead. I couldn’t tell, and I couldn’t find anything to throw at it because I do enjoy messing with stuff like that. It looked like the very end of it’s tail might have been ran over, but the rest of it’s body was just fine, and it’s head definitely wasn’t smashed. BUT, it never ever moved, so I’m guessing it was dead. Who knows? But I’m so glad we didn’t step on it. I hollered at a group of high school girls across the street that were walking towards the road to warn them about it and then decided to run for a while because I wanted to take advantage of my adrenaline.

This morning, I woke up and looked at the clock. I thought it said 9:22, which would mean I was already late for work, so I called in ASAP and let them know I could be there by 10. Well, about 15 minutes later, I looked at a different clock, and it said 8:36, which confused me. I called work back to say I had looked at the clock wrong and tell them that I would, in fact, be on time. That was kind of crazy.

I am so behind on reading my Bible, but at least I am out of Genesis now. I know it’s still possible to finish when everyone else does, but I don’t particularly care enough to try to do that. If it happens, it happens, but I’m just going to read it at my own pace. I am very proud of Brian for keeping up so far, and I like hearing him tell me about what he’s read. (That goes for Casey, too! Good job.)

GOOD THING: finished Genesis finally
BAD THING: can’t stop blowing my nose today


I feel gross today. My hair is terrible, my skin is bad and my sinuses are being weird. 😦

best weekend ever

That’s not just a TV show! This past weekend was the best one I’ve had in a while. Since it’s Thursday, I might not remember it all, but here’s some stuff I remember about it.

Friday was good because I spent my afternoon shopping for stuff for the house. I started at the Salvation Army looking for storage furniture, but I just got a mirror and a little decorative cabinet – all for less than $13. Then, I found some curtains for the dining room at World Market and got a pair of shoes at Target. That night, we ate at Brio. It’s so good! I’ve been wanting to go for a while, and it was awesome as usual. Saturday, I got up kind of early for me. Brian went to the lake without me, and I stayed and got some stuff done. I got some throw rugs for our house at Home Goods and shopped around at some other stores. I also stopped by Arby’s for an afternoon snack of curly fries and a jamocha shake! Mmm. I came home and ripped up the carpet from our stairs to the basement, too. It’s dirty and grosses me out, so I just threw it away. Now I just have to figure out whether I want to recarpet it or just paint the stairs. Brian and I rented Taken at the grocery store and watched it that night. That movie was awesome! I can’t remember anything else about Saturday, which is weird, but it was a good day. Sunday was also good. Church was good, and we ate lunch with Brian’s parents. Brian and I both had great walks/runs – the weather was perfect, and we both went farther than ever! I even jogged more than I usually do. Plus, the dog was awesome on her walk/jog. She didn’t pull at all, and she was very calm – even when I put her leash on in the kitchen. I didn’t even tell her to sit or anything, and she sat, I hooked it, and she never tried to jump up and eat the leash once. That was her demeanor for several days this week. I think she’s growing up just enough to give us a break sometimes! There are lots of other good things about the weekend, but that is what I can remember.

This week at work is also great! It’s back to it’s regular pace, so that’s a huge relief.

I feel bad today, and I’m kind of loopy because of the cold/allergy medicine I decided to start taking this morning. Hopefully, it will make me feel better soon.

GOOD THING: slow work day
BAD THING: sinus drainage – ew!

friend link

My lovely work & church friend Lisa has a blog, and her latest blog is a brief summary of something she taught her Sunday School class this past weekend. I think it’s a great, short, and meaningful read, so check it out! To me, it’s nice to stumble across a short devotional/lesson from here and there sometimes, so I’m offering it to you.

GOOD THING: Sunday School dinner tonight
BAD THING: throat is so sore today

dying for it

I’m sure you’re just dying for me to do another blog post, so here it is.

Tonight was the second week of my new Bible study, and it’s awesome.

Meeting early at the church for dinner with fellow church people is also proving to be fun again this year. I didn’t do it at all last year, but I did when I took another study 2 or 3 years ago. I’m enjoying getting to know some people better and playing with their babies! They’re all so cute. I’m not scared to hold a baby in public anymore! With all the chaos in that dining room and so many babies around, people don’t have time to stop and critique the way I’m holding a baby or listen to what I’m saying to a baby to keep it’s interest – so I feel like I blend in enough to not worry about it.

Choxie is growing up a little bit. She’s still crazy at 2 or 3 points in the day, but she’s much calmer at other times. She’s mostly crazy early in the morning, a little after we get home, and another time sometime before bedtime. Other than that, she’s been sleeping more and more content just chewing on a toy on her bed. She likes to sleep on the back of our couch now like a cat.

Work is somehow still really busy this week, and I know I keep saying it will slow down soon, but I’m pretty sure it almost has to slow down after this week. Unless something unexpected comes up, I can’t think of anything that could even come close to requiring as much of my time as things have been lately.

It’s only one more week before all the good shows come back on Thursday nights!

I just got 4 little itchy bumps above my elbow. They seriously better not be more poison ivy.

Today, my poor friend Jeanne had a terrible day. She got in a car accident on her way to work this morning, and she was on the road our work is on. She almost made it! She also has a bad ear infection, a couch with mysterious bleached spots on it now, a super busy work week, and probably some other stuff I can’t remember. I was going to buy her lunch today to try and make her feel better, but she had to eat lunch with some other people today.

If you know anyone with kids that would be interested in shopping at an awesome consignment sale, send them to Trinity this Friday and Saturday! There is so much stuff there, and it’s all cheap.

GOOD THING: today is over
BAD THING: 2 more days this week!

video to check out

neato burrito.

i was the winner

I love this: