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new gum and blog

I recently bought this gum

and chewed the first piece just now. It tastes great at first! Then it turns to mint, and it’s still good after that. The first flavor is super awesome, though. The nice part is this: I love good tasting gum – like berry or melon or fruit flavored, but I usually have a complaint about how those flavors tackle bad breath compared with more minty flavored gums. This takes care of both!

Here’s the funnier part of this post. I was doing a Google image search for the gum and stumbled across a blog that really made me laugh. It’s apparently all about taste testing some chewing gum, and it even has a rating system. Check it out! I bet any gum you want to try is reviewed on there haha. It makes me laugh that someone actually does this.

Oh – I don’t agree with their review of this gum, either. They complain that it’s mushy, but I don’t know a gum that isn’t. It seems just as mushy and no more mushy than any other gum. Whatever.

GOOD THING: only 1 more hour of work left today
BAD THING: super tired

party time

Tonight was my friend Julie’s 30th birthday party, and it was fun. The friend of hers that threw the party actually had something come up and couldn’t show at the last minute (legit story), so Julie called last night and asked me if I would meet her there early so she wouldn’t be at her own party by herself waiting on people to come. I was happy to! Actually, when we got there together, there were already 2 people waiting, so I don’t know what the big deal was. Either way, people came very soon after, and the rest of the night was fun times.

Brian didn’t get to go because he was at a wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner (for his cousin, Darrel). I just met him back at home! Tomorrow is busy; I have to go to a funeral at the same time that Brian has to be at the church for wedding pictures, so we’re on our own again. After that, I will join him at the wedding, then reception, and then Casey & Sheena’s house show. It should be fun! Also, my cousin MIGHT be spending the night at our house Saturday night; we’re just waiting to hear from her on that subject. Thank goodness Sunday doesn’t have anything on the schedule other than church. This weekend is busy! But it’s all fun (well, except the funeral, but I’m glad to go and support friends.)

Today was silly because I was at work from 8-12. At 12, I turned off my computer and immediately realized I hadn’t done half the stuff on my To-Do list. I had to turn my computer back on and stay late! That was my own fault. The rest of the afternoon was spent shopping for various things and just killing some free time. All in all, it was good, with the exception of almost fainting because I didn’t eat lunch early enough and then couldn’t find ANY fast food place nearby after I missed the CFA I was looking for. Dairy Queen finally saved me even though it isn’t what I would’ve chosen. At least I got some chicken fingers. I basically wasted the fries and toast because the toast was SOAKED in butter.

I am having trouble finding Choxie a bright orange collar, but I will find one eventually! Someone suggested we get one for her for when she’s at the lake in case she wanders into the woods and some random hunter tries to shoot at her like a deer. She doesn’t really wander into the woods, but I definitely don’t mind getting her a new, different-colored collar for a change. They’re only like $6, so it’s no big deal. I haev my eye on a cute yellow green one that I will hopefully pick up tomorrow for her.

We’re watching Star Trek TNG right now, and that is not a complaint, but there’s a random character on this episode that freaks me out a little. He’s pretty awkward.

GOOD THING: new dress!
BAD THING: I wanted more than that one dress hehe.