So I’m back at work, and it’s not bad. We’re ordering in lunch, and it will be good because it won’t be a frozen dinner.

I had a lot of fun on my two days off from work for shopping. Shopping was fun and fairly successful, and I had fun being by myself. The weekend was great.

The Christmas party was shorter and smaller than usual, but it was still fun. Guess who loves white merlot………me! Yum. We slept pretty late Saturday after staying up until 2 Friday night. Brian went Christmas shopping with me Saturday just for a little while, then we went and ate party food leftovers. We did the same Sunday for dinner! Church was great Sunday – I actually woke up early and went to the 8:45 service before Sunday School before Contact! There was a solo in the traditional service that was so far over the top I couldn’t take it. Brian was coughing some during it, and each time, I thought he actually laughed out loud. After church, I found out he was fake coughing to cover up his laughter! I was right! Brian was totes laughing out loud at the solo, and I don’t blame him. Yes, it was from Handel’s Messiah. Yes, I like that piece and have it on CD, which reminds me…I should get that out this week. However, NO, I do not ever remember that part sounding so crazy sounding, so I think it’s safe to say it was over the top. Brian can demonstrate if you need to know what it sounded like.

I’ve found a new hot sauce that is super hot but yummy. I bring you…..SRIRACHA!

Watch out; it’s hot, but oh, so good.

Also, Dave reminded me that haikus are awesome. I might just have to start writing them again!

GOOD THING: Christmas!
BAD THING: nothing!