Thanks to Casey and Sheena, I have now started accidentally saying goofy words out loud in public to other people. I said “whatevs” yesterday to Brian’s sister, and she just started laughing and said “Did you just say ‘whatevs'”?! I have also said ‘totes’ several times.

I am watching Demetri Martin again, and it’s always so funny.

I slept until 10:30 today then went Christmas shopping. I got several things, but I’m not done, so I will go again tomorrow. I will make sure I wake up earlier tomorrow so I will have more time. I have to be back in time to get ready for the Christmas party!

I also bought us some stuff today that we needed at home and found myself some things that Ann can give me for Christmas. I’m hoping to find more for myself tomorrow while shopping for my parents and Ann. I am pretty sure I’ll have to go shopping again after tomorrow, but my goal is to be done enough to not freak out after tomorrow. I want to have enough for each person to be considered good enough. Boy, my dad sure is hard to shop for. He is the one holding me up this year. I feel like we did really good for him last year, but I’m blank this time around.

I love our house more and more every day!

Since my dad worked on weatherproofing our house, we have been able to tell it’s helped! The heat barely ever came on so far this week. I know it’s warm outside, but still.

Why do people think traffic lights are merely suggestions? I can’t believe how many people just flat out ignore when a light is red and keep on driving.

We had an awesome dinner tonight! I haven’t made Brian’s favorite in a while, so we had yummmmmy salmon with my favorite rice and green peas. It was so good! I love it so much. Oh, and the other night, we went to Dale’s with Dan & Carrie after taking dinner to the Stuermanns, and it was so yums, too. Every time I go there, it just gets better and better. It’s definitely an old person restaurant, but it’s good stuff. They have carrot souffle that is the best ever. I save it for dessert! It’s like the sweet potato casserole at Moe’s BBQ! I had salmon patties (weird to order, yeah, but they were good) with good, cheesy macaroni and cheese, carrot souffle, and a roll. Ah! I need to go back sometime. I also want to go back to Surin soon. I could eat their spicy beef noodle once  a week forever probably.

GOOD THING: no work today and tomorrow!
BAD THING: I love giving people gifts so much that I want to give them now!