Today is hump day, and I am ready for the downhill ride of this week. Monday and Tuesday were SUPER busy for me at work, well maybe like an 8 on a scale of 10, but today has been terribly slow. That is not a complaint, but I do wish the clock would advance a little quicker since that’s the case.

Tonight, I plan to paint the first coat (with Brian’s help) in our living and dining rooms, and I think Brian is going to hang our new light fixture over the dining table. I am ready for the house to start looking livable. I also have more clothes and a few little things left to bring over.

I took my pink plant home from work to cut it down some. That was kind of sad since I left it with just a few little branches, but it still looks better now that it doesnt have 3 feet high stems that are too heavy to stand. It will grow back bushier hopefully! I did try to root a few stems, and that didn’t work at all. I might try again soon when some of the plant grows back.

Last night was my Circle’s Christmas party, and I ended up with a cute ornament from the ornament swap. There was some really yummy food, and I got to take some of my favorite home. It’s sooooo good. I also completely forgot to bring home the muffins and Little Debbies that I took to the party, so at least I left with something.

I am wearing a new shirt today that I got Friday on sale. It’s very comfy and cute in my opinion.

I have a severe problem with waking up on time this week. I have overslept about 15 minutes every morning for about a week now. I need to get it together!

I have even THOUGHT about Christmas shopping yet. I have no idea what anyone wants, and I don’t even know what I want for myself. I’m very behind this time around.

GOOD THING: only 1.5 more work days this week.
BAD THING: too much to do!