Our long weekend was good! I started it off early by getting some errands done Friday before Brian got home from work. I also planted some free plants in a hanging basket for the front porch! That will look much better than the dead ones from a few months back. I haven’t bothered with it since they’re so high that most people can’t see them anyway.

We went down to the lake. I thought we were coming home Saturday evening, but I was wrong! Brian kept wanting to stay really bad, so I decided to let him have fun and hope the weather got better each day. It kind of did; we did eventually get to wakeboard, and we went out in the boat several times. Some other things that happened were: Choxie jumped in the water all by herself and swam after Brian in the kayak! Choxie puked up a brick of goose poop she’d eaten! We visited with some family friends that dropped by the house! I got to wakeboard for the first time with my new board and bindings! They were awesome and so much better! I went basically 4 days without fixing my hair and without makeup! I got to sleep around 12 hours each night! I got Captain D’s for dinner one night and rented Twilight (yeah, yeah – we were curious, and the options were limited)! I can’t think of anything else, but it was fun. The weather was kind of crappy, and I felt dirty the whole time because of mud and stuff, but that’s okay.

After we came home, I took a shower in my own house and put on makeup so I’d feel more normal, then we went to Longhorn for dinner and ate for free with my giftcard I won last week! After that, we went to Game Stop to buy Rock Band 2!

Work today kind of stinks because I’m not ready to start using my brain again, but it’s fun to see everyone, of course.

Tonight, we’re going to the dollar theater with Casey & Sheena. We haven’t seen them in like 3 months!

GOOD THING: Tomorrow will be Wednesday already!
BAD THING: stomach still feels weird after a few days, but it’s getting better