I am sitting at work, and the time is passing so slowly! I just have another hour and 15 minutes or so, so maybe, juuustttt maybe, it won’t be so bad. I was actually pretty busy earlier, so I thought that would help the time fly by, but I was wrong.

Last night, Choxie threw up a huge glob of sunflower seeds! It was kind of gross. Don’t worry – she ate it all again.

HOLY CRAP – I just got a piece of the wasabi flavoring from my yummy almonds stuck on the side of my tongue way back in the back, and it almost choked me! My eyes watered instantly. The almonds aren’t hot, but I guess there are places in your mouth that are really sensitive to spicy stuff or something.

I’ve decided I really want to get Rock Band 2, so maybe we will have it sometime soon.

GOOD THING: anything I want for lunch today!
BAD THING: rainy weekend again 😦

If you’re looking for something to do Saturday during this holiday weekend, there’s apparently something going on at the Virginia Samford Theater/park called Broadway, Bluegrass & BBQ, and the tickets are just $10. That could be fun. What’s not to love about bluegrass and BBQ? I really want some Moe’s, now.